The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You MAKE

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I grew up with the Beatles. I sang their songs, I watched them on television and I certainly bought their albums. I have my favorites, of course. The Long and Winding Road (McCartney) is one of my favorites. Let it Be, is certainly one of their greatest songs. Track eight, The End, on Abbey Road album is the one that has the famous quote from Paul McCartney, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

There are many ways to look at this line from the song. It was intended to mean, what you give you get. In other words, as you love, so shall you be loved. When you give generously, love is given generously back to you. When we hold back and are inauthentic, or fake, we can’t access the deepest part of our soul. It is in being completely open, and risking it all that we can have it all. Paul McCartney and Linda shared, a deep love. Paul refers to Linda as a loving wife. Of course that love continues even after death.

What About Me?

Can we have deep love and understanding with anyone? I believe so. The key is authenticity, honesty and trust. When we have this foundation, pheromones, attraction, connection opening up to allow the other person in all the way. When we open our hearts and become completely vulnerable with the other, we have the deepest connection. When we are afraid of being hurt, or are wounded, we hold back and don’t receive this type of deep connection and subsequently, love.

How Can I Become Vulnerable?

Forgiveness of those who we feel have hurt us is key. When we are hanging onto old hurts and are still suffering we cannot allow another into our inner sanctum. When we turn ourselves inside out in order to please another, we are not being authentic. We are being codependent. Codependency is an addiction on a relationship. We are codependent when we place more importance on the relationship rather than ourselves and our own personal satisfaction with life. Addicted love is not healthy. 


When we have made what we consider poor choices in the past, we don’t trust ourselves. We feel insecure about ourselves and fear that we will repeat the same pattern all over again. Many people do. Even with much deep work, I did. Energy clearings (to clear repeating patterns) and having a coach to help keep you on track helps in a big way. As you have someone to bounce ideas off. You have someone who will support you in your growth process and guide you along the way. When you have a break through you will know it.  Trusting yourself is para mount to opening up completely. Until you do, you won’t be able to trust anyone else either.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, life, love and sex coach. Orgasm For Life can be found on Amazon. She also is wonderful at helping you focus, get organized and become empowered. Her early life was challenging. She struggled with low self esteem and codependency. Now Jennifer is a powerful, strong woman who empowers women and men to get to know, love and accept themselves. This is the source of true happiness. When we love ourselves, our capacity to love and experience JOY grows also. Jennifer can be reached through her private e-mail here:  or visit her website: You can become a part of her community on FaceBook here.

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