Enlightenment: The End of Suffering

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether you recognize it or not, the purpose for all humans is to attain enlightenment. For many, suffering is what is in the forefront of their mind. How then can we focus on enlightenment and what will it do for me? 

When I was 16, I read the book, Siddhartha. It was the story about Buddha’s shift into enlightenment. Upon completing the book, I knew that was what I wanted. I wanted to be the embodiment of love and light. I knew there was more to life than going to school, working and then dying. I witnessed my father, his nose-to-the-grindstone life, his death before his 72nd birthday of leukemia. Although he searched, he did not find it. My father studied about Lemuria, Atlantis and anything he could read about The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce. My father was a seeker. My mother was not. My mother suffered and still does.
My father invited a Hindu man over for dinner to show us how to read minds. I will never forget this man, his quiet demeanor and how fascinated my father was with him. He was the first Indian man I had ever met personally (I was 10 at the time). He quietly left the table, instructing my mother and father to write down a phrase on a piece of paper, then burn it. When he came back from his meditation in my parent’s bedroom, he told us exactly what had been written on the now burned piece of paper. All he did was touch the paper to determine what it was. 
Now and Then
TODAY: I feel free. Positive, loving and at peace. I have no fears at all. 
I meditate every day. I pray, do mantras and chant inside my mind. My focus is on the positive. I no longer feel alone, lonely or afraid. All my fears are gone.
BEFORE ENLIGHTENMENT: I was in total fear. I suffered from insomnia, Fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease, Epstein Barr. I was sick a lot. My body was wracked with pain. Emotional issues plagued me. I was depressed, needy and lacked confidence. I had the need to have a man in my life to feel complete.
What I Recommend:
Everyone needs a spiritual practise. Something that they do every day at the same time. I recommend prayers of gratitude followed by meditation. I do chanting every day. I sit with my mala beads (prayer beads) that I use to count 108 mantras spoken silently in my mind. This will bring you into your physical body and center you. This quiet repose is needed for vitality and fully functioning health of mind-body-spirit. I teach my clients The Divine Presence Process Meditation (below). It is what I did every day for 11 months and led to my enlightenment. 

In 2007 I met two Ishaya monks, who taught me Ascension. It is a mantra system of five spheres. The mantras are spoken silently in the mind, while tapping into your heart center. This Ascension system quieted my racing mind. Now I teach a mantra to my clients. I give a personal, appropriate mantra for where they are. This mantra plays in the background of the mind all day silently. It gently re-programs the unconscious mind to settle down and become peaceful. Brain waves then become congruent instead of sharp and pointy. This calms the mind and then the body is at peace as well. Our mind is like the central computer for the whole system. When our mind is quiet, our bodies heal deeply. We begin to sleep peacefully. We thrive instead of just exist.


I would be remiss if I did not mention The Oneness Movement. Thousands of people trekked to India and studied to be teachers and Deeksha Givers. Although I traveled to India previously, I became a Deeksha Giver in North Carolina. Not that the place matters, it does not. Each of these events contributed to the opening and transformation that I experienced when I became enlightened. 

I became a Deeksha Giver in 2008. Deeksha is a Blessing given to the receiver through the crown chakra (top of the head). Each time I gave a Deeksha to someone, I was also given a blessing as well. At the end of the meditation above, I send you a Deeksha. If you are sensitive you will feel the vibration. I still give Deeksha to those who are interested. Each time you receive Deeksha light is channeled into the crown that opens up the receiver shedding more light on the third eye and the brain.

What Happens When You Become Enlightened?

The biggest thing that happens is that the ego becomes quiet. Instead of running the show, the ego self is diminished. You no longer take things personally. Fears fall away. Emotions instead of creating havoc in your life move swiftly, and are gone. You no longer stay stuck in a paradigm of pain or suffering. You begin to witness the emotions as they come up. You feel them fully, then it is gone. It is not that you don’t feel emotions, they come up, you look at them from a place of witness and they move. Rather than avoiding feelings, you FEEL them. Loneliness is totally gone. You don’t miss people, or suffer a loss, as you live in a state of non-attachment. It does not mean you can’t love, you love without attachment instead.

Guidance comes through easily. You easily tap into The Divine Mind. You are connected to your high self or Divine self. Instead of living in turmoil and chaos, life is peaceful, and the search ends for happiness, because you have already arrived. You are happy anywhere, with whoever you are with. You live in the present moment.

How Enlightenment Helps Others

When you are enlightened it is easier to help others because your ego is not involved. You receive messages that are clear and unfiltered by your own past. Rather than judging a situation, you see clearly without judgement. Guidance is given that is true, helpful and direct. Compassion for others is easy. You feel love for all as you see The Divinity in each person. 


Body pain is often diminished. Our emotional states are what bring us physical pain. For many, like me, there is no pain at all. Physical pain if I stub my toe, is momentary. I have no joint pain. I don’t take medicines for headaches or anything else. I keep my body clean.


Can be an experience of enlightenment, allowing you to become One with The Divine. Sex can be incredibly spiritual. If sex is entered into through complete appreciation of your partner, there will be no regret experienced. 

If you are looking to have an enjoyable experience, and you feel guilty about sex (perhaps you are having sex outside of a marriage, or committed relationship), your thoughts can create a negative sexual experience. If any guilt or worthless feelings result from the experience, your experience will be far from an experience of enlightenment. 

We need to be in alignment with is right for you, when you do, you will draw to you a partner who is a match to you. If you have a mixed vibration with the subject of sex, like most people (being inhibited for example) you will attract someone with a similar belief system and thought patterns about sex. Being in alignment with Source energy, regarding sex means to be in a state of total love. You can’t have a limiting belief about sex and operate outside of that belief. Your beliefs govern your experience.

Sex is an expression. Your enjoyment of it will reflect the thoughts that you hold regarding sex. It is a natural part of life experience. It inspires you towards unity with your partner. Sex can expand consciousness. Orgasm is a state of total allowing. The floodgates are open and Source energy and higher energy rushes through yourself. You exist in perfect resonance with Source energy and your higher self. Experiencing your self fully at the same time.

In it’s truest form it’s expression is sacred. Sex gives you an opportunity to be in alignment with who you truly are.

Sex needs to be void of control to have an experience of Oneness or enlightenment. It needs to be of a positive focus. Sex is the closest way for us to create complete Oneness with an individual. Men who appreciate women for what and who they are, and are sensitive enough to perceive and sense a woman’s energy, learning and listening to a woman at all times, rather than just when they want sex from a woman. Being fully present in the moment with each other is key.

Prior To Enlightenment

You may feel overwhelmed with emotion as you begin the process of enlightenment. Sometimes you feel that you have already processed something and it returns with a vengeance. Things that you have already completed (you thought) may return, or come up to be released. It could be another aspect of the same issue. 

Sometimes you may feel that you are taking one step forward and two steps backward. It is okay. Just allow yourself to be. Sadness may come up. Allow it to flow through you. Feelings may come from out of nowhere that are returning just to be moved through.

Signs Of Enlightenment and Being Self Actualized

  1. You move through emotional issues more easily. You feel your feelings fully and they are gone.
  2. Your mind begins to quiet. Instead of racing thoughts all the time, there is quiet. Inner peace prevails.
  3. You stop missing people and feeling so needy.
  4. When discussing issues with others, you don’t own it. You can be detached from the issues and the ego of winning.
  5. Creativity abounds. Writing, music, creativity is a huge sign of reaching your full potential.
  6. Confidence (rather than false self – ego) is evident. You know who you are and have nothing to prove.
  7. You stop thinking about and being concerned with what others think of you. 
  8. You are not married to being right.
  9. Loneliness is a thing of the past.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became enlightened and self actualized in 2012. She is an author, life, love and sex coach. Orgasm For Life can be found on Amazon. She also is wonderful at helping you focus, get organized and become empowered. Her early life was challenging. She struggled with low self esteem and codependency. Now Jennifer is a powerful, strong woman who empowers women and men to get to know, love and accept themselves. This is the source of true happiness. When we love ourselves, our capacity to love and experience JOY grows also. Jennifer can be reached through her private e-mail here: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com  or visit her website:

JenniferElizabethMasters.com You can become a part of her community on FaceBook here.

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