The Long And Winding Road

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was 16 I knew that there was something more to life than just an education, career, family and death. I longed to be enlightened like Buddha. It has been my soul’s driving force in this life. To say I have arrived, would be false, enlightenment is
only the beginning. We continue to grow and expand beyond being enlightened. Joy and Happiness is what we all strive for. I have found it and I wish it for you as well. It is my purpose to help as many people while I am on this planet find their true purpose and happiness. Knowing how, is the key. In this article I will share you the secrets and keys to navigating our long winding road so that you can learn from my roadblocks. Perhaps my story will inspire you. Life is a joy, once you know how to truly live.

Life is one long winding road. It does lead to a door, which will open to you. After that more and more doors open. Joy, happiness and thriving as a healthy human being is what we are all meant to do. Many people struggle with life, feeling that it is hard. We make it so with our beliefs that it is difficult. 

Yes, I have been married and divorced 4, count ’em! Four times! Yes, and I used to be ashamed. After my fourth divorce, I opened new bank accounts and was asked for two forms of ID. I pulled out all my credit cards, debit cards and driver’s license. I had five different names and no two matched. Now I laugh. This was part of my self discovery. Each and every part of my life took me one step further along my road of self discovery and expansion. Each failed relationship was not a failure or a mistake, it held a gift and a lesson, where I learned more about myself. Each relationship reflected back to me my inner fears, voids, confusion, beliefs and patterns from childhood.

After enlightenment we continue to grow and expand. We continue to be upgraded and downloaded with new information. Our bodies heal. We begin to look more youthful, aging slows. We are vibrating at a high rate (LOVE), which helps us to heal all past illnesses. Pain no longer exists. When we hear that love heals all, this is true, although the phrase is far more expansive than the romantic love that we strive for. When you come to a place of loving acceptance of self, relationships are not needed in the same way to fulfill you. You are already fulfilled. 

How Can I Use My Life Experience To Teach Me?

Life Is Your Mirror

Our lives reflect back to us our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Whatever is happening inside of us reflects back to us in our relationships, situations and life events. Life is a game. Just like a board game we can make turns that take us away from our soul’s purpose, slow our growth down, or we fail to learn from the lesson. When we don’t get the lesson, it will repeat until we do. (Which is why I married so many times. I kept blaming others for my unhappiness. When the unhappiness was coming from inside myself.)

Whether it is through our careers or relationships, life continues to show you what you are reflecting out into your world. If you are negative, negative experiences will be shown to you. People might be mean, angry or abusive. If you are afraid, situations that cause you to be afraid will be given to you.

The Success Driven Life

Let’s say you are a very driven person. You strive for perfection. Everything you do – you try your best to be perfect. You are driven to success, because you believe that when you are successful you will be happy. You work long hours, perhaps on multiple projects. You push yourself beyond what your physical limitations are. You may end up with health issues, heart, depression and severe loneliness, obsessive compulsive behaviors, worry, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea. You name it, your body begins to break down because you are abusing yourself. 

Most of Us Have It Backwards And Upside Down

Everything that happens in your life is to spur you forward, to help you grow and evolve. Every relationship we have is a mirror into our soul. Our relationships show us what is happening inside us. It is never about the other person. But we incorrectly blame others for upsetting us, making us angry or treating us badly. It is because we don’t think we are worthy, deserving or lovable that these things are being shown to us.

Look Inside You

I have met thousands of people who are uncomfortable in their own skin. They are afraid to look within. Most people are afraid to go deep. They run away from themselves and avoid confrontations or deep honesty. Yet it is only with being honest with ourselves that we recognize the truth of who we are. Life is not hard. It is our belief that it is hard that brings challenging situations to our door. When you begin to believe that life is working FOR YOU, that life becomes one of ease, reflection, and contemplation.

We Work Too Hard

Americans and Europeans are the few societies that don’t stop and rest in the afternoon. Rest and repose is what allows us to stop the madness long enough to see what is really inside of us. When we are going and doing all the time, all we can see is the chaos that we have created by all the crazy thoughts that we are allowing to run amok inside our heads. Hard work does not bring us happiness. Success does not make us happy if we are not already happy. Marriage does not bring us happiness. Children may bring us some happiness, but they do not fulfill us, they may even further confuse and challenge us. We fulfill ourselves.

Nothing is Forever

Change is inevitable. When we let go of relationships and learn from them, we recognize that they are in our lives to teach us something. People leave, they die and change is always present. When we try to hang on for dear life, we suffer. When we fight change, we suffer. As my dear friend and former teacher Vasestha used to say, 

“Change is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Life Becomes Art

A woman I have been working with for several months has been challenged with work. Her work environment was becoming increasingly more difficult. Her new assistant manager was not treating her fairly. The environment was becoming unhealthy for her. Her partner has been encouraging her to move with him to Florida, because where they have been living has been a challenge for him to find work. He found work that was fulfilling in Florida. She refused to go, preferring life in Colorado. Today she was fired from her job, with a lame excuse. Her drawer was $5.00 over. The same day she was suspended for her overage, another girl was short by $100. 

Life Showing You The Way TO GO!

She could look at this situation as being unfair. OR, she could see that a door was closed for her to let go of Colorado and join her loving boyfriend in Florida where he is happy and has found work. They could rent a three-bedroom home for less than they were paying for a two-bedroom apartment in Colorado. She could very well find work more easily there as well.  When you open your eyes and get out of your own way, life shows you which was to go. Life gives you the direction. Should this woman choose to stay in Colorado, life will become increasingly difficult for her until she gets it. It is time to leave and join her partner in Florida.


Most of us are ruled by our possessions. We have mortgages, cars, life insurance, health insurance, fitness memberships, summer homes, vacation rentals, jewelry, closets full of clothes and house stuffed to the gills with collections, statues, artwork and televisions. It is not until we begin to unburden ourselves that we recognize that all this stuff is just stuff and does not bring us true happiness. The joy a material item brings is so fleeting that we have to keep buying. The latest cell phone, iPod, computer or outfit is our latest fix. Millions are spent on makeup, fitness, and products in an attempt to make us feel happy. All to no avail. Until you spend money on a guide to help you search and excavate deep inside you, the happiness will continue to elude you. Most people spend millions over their lifetime on possessions, but fail to focus where it really matters on their soul’s growth.

The Cost of Loneliness

On my personal journey I spent over $100,000 on divorces, custody and legal fees. I spent over $200,000 on travel workshops and further education to India, Bali, around the

world. How much have you spent trying to be or find happiness. How many lost loves, sexual encounters or dating sites have you been on and still feel lonely?

Material Goods and Big Lessons

I received guidance in 2009 to get rid of my stuff or “they would do it for me.” I had been warned at least three times by psychics that I had too much stuff and that it was bogging me down. Within three weeks of this warning three 100-year-old oak trees landed on my home. On top of that landmark event in my life, I found mold everywhere. In my closets, drawers and on all my furniture. I had to move out and let it ALL GO! Every last piece of clothing, furniture, and piece of paper. All the records, bills, and files. GONE! 

The Power Of Letting Go

Letting go leads to surrender. I surrendered to The Universe. I totally let go. I grieved at the loss. Then it was amazing. I felt lighter. I felt clean. I felt relief. Shortly after this event I went to Bali. That trip was on the heels of a trip to India and the culmination of many other events (and daily Divine Presence Process Meditation) and led to my awakening. 

(Author’s note) In 2015 I will lead a small group of committed people to a two-week retreat to Bali and one to Scotland. 

Since 2009, I have let go of most of my belongings twice more. Once in Georgia before moving to Boulder, Colorado and once again in Boulder to move to California. Now I live very simply with very little in the way of furniture. I have enough to be comfortable. I could be considered a minimalist. When people come into my home, they feel the zen-like quality and then say, it doesn’t feel like I live here. Home is wherever I am. Whether I am in Boulder, Colorado, Toronto, or London, England my heart and soul are with me. I can be at home anywhere. My belongings are just things. I am grateful for what I have, but my belongings do not torture me, nor do they own me. 

Coming Into Alignment

Each of us is Divine. We all have Divinity within us. When you feel small, you think small. When you believe you are imperfect, you feel imperfect. The truth is you are already perfect. There is nothing to do, nothing to prove and certainly no one to prove it to. Recognizing your own personal Divinity is the biggest step you can take in your soul’s growth. Although for many it happens after months of working with me as your spiritual pathfinder.

Why Do I Teach and Talk About Sex When I am a Spiritual Teacher?

I was guided in 2012 to teach and write about human sexuality. Millions of people are motivated by sexuality, rather than personal growth. This motivation will lead them to the core of who they are – Divine. 

Each of us is mind, body, spirit. Our sexuality is the core of who we are. You cannot separate your sexuality from you, although many try to do so. I have met thousands of women who swear off sex thinking that they are closer to God that way. To be honest, that is a pile of bullshit so thick and so deep! Denying who we are is not living fully. When we shut down sexually, our first and second chakras (energy centers) shut down. Creativity can be shut down. Our ability to get our message and work out into the world can be prevented. 

Keep thinking that way and it will take you to the grave as shrill, negative and unloving humans. Our purpose here on earth is to love. We are to give and receive love. Being celibate is not loving to you or to God. Who created your beautiful body after all? 

Life – The Universe Is Always Working FOR You

Most of us spend our lives making statements about ourselves and our lives. For example, “Life is hard!” “I’ll never find someone who will love me for who I am!” “I’ll never be rich!” What we fail to realize is that these statements are sent out into the Universe and boomerang as situations in our life and relationships to show us that whatever we say, we are correct. Whatever you believe to be true is true FOR YOU!

If the Universe is always and in every way working for ME, how then can I have a better, happier life?

  1. First and foremost show and give love and acceptance to you (all of you). To have someone love you completely, unconditionally the way you are, you must love and accept YOURSELF the way you are – completely.
  2. Be true to yourself. Be authentic and honest with you. Stop lying to yourself about how you really feel or are.
  3. Take responsibility for yourself and your happiness. No one is responsible for making you happy.
  4. Be kind to yourself and kindness will be shown to you.
  5. Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.
  6. Be positive. Think positive.
  7. Ask questions, rather than make closed-ended statements. For example, ” How can I effortlessly and easily find someone who will love and cherish me.”
  8. Spend time in gratitude for what you have.
  9. Spend time in meditation and reflective silence each and every day. Relax, be comfortable and quiet. Silence is where wisdom will come to you. When your mind is filled with chaotic thoughts there is no room for wisdom to flow in. Make room by being quiet. If you don’t know how to meditate use my video below. Quieting the mind is as simple as turning your eyes upward toward the ceiling, without moving your head upward. Hold your eyes in this position as long as 5 minutes before you begin. Meditate from your heart, rather than your mind.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became enlightened and self-actualized in 2012. She is able to assist you, come to a loving acceptance of yourself. When you are committed to yourself growth and selfdiscovery, she helps you overcome the following:

  • low self-esteem
  • depression
  • apathy
  • loneliness
  • suicidal tendencies
  • chaos
  • lack of focus
  • living in the past or future
  • unhappiness
  • sadness
  • nervousness
  • fears
  • health issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Epstein Barr Syndrome
  • arthritis
  • sexual dysfunction
Working with Jennifer you will see your self esteem rise to great heights. Apathy dissolves along with depression and sadness. You become totally present in the moment. Jennifer has healed all of these issues above as well as breast cancer in herself. She has the tools to help you do it too. She is certified as a Hypnotherapy Trainer, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, A Master Energy Healer. All of these are used in her catalystic coaching.

How does she do it?

Great question. Jennifer is a catalyst and a spiritual pathfinder. She helps you align with your true high self. She helps you come into loving acceptance of you. When you love and accept yourself, your world changes drastically. Instead of attracting relationships that don’t work, you fine people and situations that support you. Life becomes a joy to experience. Loneliness dissolves. Your mind quiets and you feel serene, peaceful and your creativity soars. 

If you have struggled with life, love and relationships all your life, isn’t it time you took the first step? Contact Jennifer now through her private e-mail. She has room for two committed clients now. Her book is filling up, so don’t wait. Once her new radio show Straight Up Sex Talk begins, there will be less time on her calendar. She gives each of her clients her undivided attention and is fully present with you.

Buy Jennifer’s Books Here:  Orgasm For Life

Yourself Fearlessly!

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