Masturbation For Health, Longevity

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Masturbation is the first sexual encounter for most boys and girls. From the time we are born our sexuality plays a large part of our development. 

I have to say, I was horrified when I witnessed my beautiful 4-month old baby humping a teddy bear in his crib! I was shocked to see an innocent child with sexual urges. Now I know differently. We can no more separate our sexuality from our body than we can our soul. It is part of who we are. In fact, our sexuality is the core of who we are. When we are not expressing ourselves sexually, we are denying who we are as a human. I know of women in their 90’s with sexual urges. Sex is natural. 
When we have low self esteem we usually don’t function at a very high level sexually or emotionally. We can be shut down, inhibited and for a lot of women unable to experience orgasm. 
Most women have never looked at their genitals in the mirror. Yet it is the core of our womanhood. Our vulva is what makes us a woman. Why not look at it, love it and examine it. Women who don’t masturbate often don’t experience orgasms during sex and have no idea what an amazing sensation a climax can be.
Who Masturbates?
95% of men masturbate even with partners. 89% of women admit to masturbating as well. Self pleasuring can release sexual tension when you don’t have a partner or when your partner won’t have sex with you.
What Is Masturbating?
Masturbating is the art of self sexual pleasuring for the purpose of bringing oneself to orgasm or climax. For men it can involve rubbing, stroking with one or both hands of the penis and scrotum. For women it is the stimulation of the clitoris and or the vagina. Women might add a G-spot wand or a vibrator for a more intense experience.  

Is It Normal To Masturbate?
Sexual arousal is natural and normal. When you don’t have a partner or have a partner who is not interested in having sex, masturbation is a safe way to release the sexual tension. At one time, religious organizations taught that it was harmful and would cause hair to grow on your palms. If that were the case, millions of men would be running around shaving or having palm hair removal done at salons. Thankfully, there are no such disastrous ramifications. Some churches still frown upon sexual pleasure when you are not married. 
When Is It Not Okay To Masturbate?

Masturbation is a private affair. When you masturbate in public it is considered perverted behavior and is a punishable crime. So is exposing one’s genitals. 

Why I Recommend Masturbation To Women

40% of women have challenges coming to orgasm through sex. Masturbating helps women understand what feels pleasurable to them. They can experience orgasm through masturbation often for the very first time. Orgasm brings us face to face with our Divinity, as it lights up 80 centers of the brain. Nothing else lights up our brain like an orgasm. We are meant to experience pleasure. Most women don’t understand their bodies, or even what they like or don’t like. Masturbation allows women to get in touch with giving themselves pleasure and seeing what works and what doesn’t. 

Loving our bodies, especially our genitals is an acceptance rather than rejection of who we are. Self gratification is a loving, caring act. It is totally natural. Denying sexual urges denies your true self.


Women age because our hormone levels dwindle down to nothing. The simple act of regular sex or masturbation if you don’t have a partner increases production of vital life giving hormones which keep your face and body looking youthful. For this one fact, I recommend sex at least twice a week and masturbation for those who prefer sex alone.

Taking estrogen can cause cervical, ovarian and breast cancer.

Naturally produced of hormones are very different and completely safe.

It has been scientifically proven that people that continue to have sex throughout their lives, on a regular basis (more than once a month) have more productive, happier and longer lives. In fact, a recent study done by Queens University in Belfast, proved that those who have the highest frequency of sex either with themselves or someone else live twice as long as those who do not.


Because people sex is fun! Women who are in sexless marriages (on a starvation diet of sex only once a month or less) are generally cold, disconnected women. They may be resentful, angry or bitchy. All of these personality traits are the genotype for cancer. Case in point (a nameless woman married to one of my brothers 16 years without sex). Needless to say she has had 3 breast cancer surgeries. I rest my case! The added benefit of having regular orgasms is that you prevent yourself from ending up looking like the Queen here.  I can’t stress this enough women. If you are so shut down emotionally that you can’t open up enough to be kind to your husbands and love them the way you committed to, what the hell are you doing married anyway??? 

It is an opportunity to feel vital, loved and beautiful. When someone makes love to you, they are adoring your beautiful body. 

Masturbation To Enlightenment

It is not widely known, but there are gurus in India that have achieved enlightenment through masturbation. Each time we have an orgasm we are touching our Divinity and brushing with God. No

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wonder so many people say, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! when they are in the throws of ecstasy.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became enlightened and self actualized in 2012. She is able to assist you come to a loving acceptance of yourself. When you are committed to your self growth and self discovery, she helps you overcome the following:

  • low self esteem
  • depression
  • apathy
  • loneliness
  • suicidal tendencies
  • chaos
  • lack of focus
  • living in the past or future
  • unhappiness
  • sadness
  • nervousness
  • fears
  • health issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Epstein Barr Syndrome
  • arthritis
  • sexual dysfunction
Working with Jennifer you will see your self esteem rise to great heights. Apathy dissolves along with depression and sadness. You become totally present in the moment. Jennifer has healed all of these issues above as well as breast cancer in herself. She has the tools to help you do it too. She is certified as a Hypnotherapy Trainer, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, A Master Energy Healer. All of these are used in her catalystic coaching.
How does she do it?
Great question. Jennifer is a catalyst and a spiritual pathfinder. She helps you align with your true high self. She helps you come into loving acceptance of you. When you love and accept yourself, your world changes drastically. Instead of attracting relationships that don’t work, you fine people and situations that support you. Life becomes a joy to experience. Loneliness dissolves. Your mind quiets and you feel serene, peaceful and your creativity soars. 
If you have struggled with life, love and relationships all your life, isn’t it time you took the first step? Contact Jennifer now through her private e-mail. She has room for two committed clients now. Her book is filling up, so don’t wait. Once her new radio show Straight Up Sex Talk begins, there will be less time on her calendar. She gives each of her clients her undivided attention and is fully present with you.

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