My Gratitude For You Today

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. The energy of our country expands and is lifted as people raise their vibration into a state of Gratitude. You can feel the difference. There is peace, gentleness and love. The smell of turkey roasting in the oven, the laughter of friends and family. It is a wonderful day. Our focus is one of gratitude, love and joy!

From my family to yours, I wish you a blessed, joyous Thanksgiving. It is a day to celebrate all the ways we have been gifted. Whether it is food, funds, family or fun, it is a day to give thanks for all that we have received. I am grateful for the healing and profound growth that my clients have experienced. I am also grateful for the open hearted sharing and trust in me.


From my family to yours……  Today I celebrate you. I congratulate you for opening your hearts and raising your vibration. I am in deep gratitude for you. I love to write. Writing makes my soul sing! Having you reading my posts gives me a purpose. I am inspired daily by life,


your questions and experiences. Thank you to those of you who have been brave enough to share, or ask. For those of you still waiting in the wings for the perfect time, it is perfect now. Right now is even more perfect! Whenever you are ready, I will be here and the timing will be absolutely perfect!

I am so grateful for my family who has traveled so that we can experience wonderful times together. 2014 has been a wonderful year. I am grateful for the safe travels to and from

Colorado 4 times this year. I am so grateful for all of you. I am also grateful for my mother and all she has shared with me. I am grateful that after 92 years that my mother is still vibrant and healthy. I am grateful I will get to see her in December! What joy!

I am grateful for the over 41,000 hits this blog has had. Thank you for sharing my posts with your friends and family. 

I am grateful for Digital Romance, Dr. Donald Ketterhagan, Devi Ward, Linzi Levinson, PK Spearman, Hollis Chapman, Eric Jones and the morning crew and all the wonderful radio show hosts that have had me as their guest this year. Thank you!

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for opening your minds and hearts. Thank you for your courage to grow and heal. 

Much Love to you All!
Enjoy the many Blessings that continue to flow,

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