Sex Pot – Going Green For Orgasms

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex with pot? You might be wondering if I have lost my mind? Is this post supposed to be SEX POT?  No. This is a subject that many people are discussing. I have been wanting to open up about my own personal experience with pot way back in Toronto in the 80’s. 

I grew up in the hippy days of Love Ins, and the pot smoking 70’s. Marijuana was different back then. There weren’t 100 different strains. As a matter of fact, there was only one and it was green!

To get high in order to avoid feelings or avoid life is not what this article is about. Marijuana used in a sacred or medicinal way is what I am writing about. Celebrating life, rather than escaping from life is living fully. 
Medicinal Marijuana
Marijuana can reduce pain, depression, cure cancer, stop children from having 100s of seizures a day, stop the effects of many chronic diseases and help a woman who is non-orgasmic, get to multiple orgasms. The body of evidence is piling up almost as tall as the marijuana plants themselves. 
Back in the 70’s and 80’s pot was filled with seeds that popped, not that I would know, of course! Joints were rolled and very few people used a pipe. Marijuana was not used for medicinal purposes, but recreational use, because no one studied the positive side effects. There are many reasons why people like Martha Stewart or even John Stewart smoke it. Today people prefer one of the two strains Sativa or Indica. Sometimes it is a mix of both.
When we lived in Boulder, Colorado the American mecca for pot, we be-friended a man who had formerly been an alcoholic. He had a very rough childhood, molested by his mother. His brother committed suicide at 21. He smoked weed because he could not function in life without it. He had terrible PTSD from childhood. 
He had reformed, given up alcohol completely and switched to pot. He became a connoisseur of marijuana. It was one of the things he talked about endlessly. He educated me on the different strains. He said that Sativa was a head-high and that Indica was a body-high. Sativa will open your mind, expand your horizons and quite possibly make you chatty. 
Indica hits your body and can make you a couch potato. In other words, if you want to enhance your sexual encounter you probably don’t want to smoke 100% Indica, as you might be locked unable to move, smile or even open your eyes. 
Today pot is smoked by 65% of the population, although the government reports very different statistics saying nothing has changed since the 80s. I know very few teens who have not smoked marijuana today. From Oprah Winfrey to Lady Gaga, President Obama to President Clinton. There is even a list of the 50 most influential marijuana smokers on the Internet. Although, Clinton lied about his sexual escapades he also lied about not inhaling. We all know the purpose of smoking pot is to get high. You don’t smoke it if you have no intention of getting a buzz.
I have written about my personal feelings about pot. I like my life straight. I am really happy with life as it is. I know that my kids and most of their friends smoke it. 
Personally, I prefer to have a clear head. I am not anxious, depressed or unhappy. Many people smoke for those reasons. People also smoke to relieve PTSD.  I am open minded enough to see that marijuana can be beneficial if used wisely. For me, though, I have never been a stoner. I might have a glass of wine once or twice a year. I smoke pot even less. I have been offered to smoke hundreds of times and say no. When I do, it is a very rare occassion. Then it is only one puff and my kids have to pick me off the floor. The other downside that I have seen with pot smoking is that it opens holes up in the aura. When there are holes, the physical body and soul are without the normal protection. You can get attachments and entities on you from pot smoking. 
I do however, recommend it to couples who are having challenges getting to orgasm. Pot has it’s place. I like a clear head to write, meditate and live. 
What Pot Does To Your Body
Smoking weed can make you incredibly aware of your sexuality. You may feel tingling in your vagina, breasts and a heightened awareness of everything. It can relax you. It could also make you incredibly sleepy and dopey, depending on the strain. 
Pot releases oxytocin in the body in great doses. Oxytocin is released upon sexual arousal, during breast feeding and labor. Oxytocin is the feel good hormone also known as the cuddle hormone.
The key is that pot is different with everyone. Your response could be different depending on your mood, partner and where you are physically.
Multiple Orgasms
My first experience having a multiple orgasm was while smoking pot. My senses were enhanced. I relaxed and my inhibitions fell by the wayside. This was well over 20 years ago, so my remembrance of all the details are hazy. That should make most people laugh. I do remember the sex though and the guy. It was the most amazing sexual experience I had had. 
I had another experience while on a sales training for Lanier dictation equipment, also while in Canada. Our whole sales force was taken to a lodge where we had a hay ride, and I had quite the roll in the hay!

For women who are uptight and non-orgasmic, marijuana could be THE TOOL used to lighten your mood and relax. However, the downside of smoking the green stuff is that if you are afraid, it will heighten your paranoia. If you feel quirky, it will heighten your quirkiness. Whatever mood you happen to be in, will be raised up to the power of 10, especially if you don’t smoke it regularly.
Pot is a way to help a woman loosen up and get beyond her road blocks about orgasm and sex. It certainly worked for me.
Best Sativas for energy: Flow and Skunk 1 (very stinky)
Relaxing Sex: Blueberry
The rest are not for the faint of heart. The names, I did not come up with. So forgive me……   A few flying “F” words. 
The following is an excerpt from an article on ALTNET’s home page:
What’s in a name, you ask?- Some strains, by name alone, suggest a fun roll in the hay, like: “Fucking Incredible,” “Burmese Fucking Incredible” and“Matanuska Thunder Fuck.”
Just like Viagra- What strains are specifically heralded for their Viagra-like effects?   For seduction and mental wooing, Kirkman recommends “Voodoo” as the key to unlocking unbridled passion. To unleash the sexual beast within, Kirkman recommends “Godbud,” and “ Afghani Bullrider.”

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