Sex is Meditation

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sexual energy is the primal force of the universe. It is creative. It is sacred. Animals have sex to procreate. For humans, sex is creative at all levels, mind, body and spirit. It is a way to unify two physical beings as ONE. There is no other activity that ignites and electrifies the brain in so many centers. Like fireworks in the night sky, the point of orgasm is one that brings us closest to our Source. It is also a way to raise our vibration. It is more sacred than a prayer. 

When we feel arousal, attraction, excited, enthusiastic, sexual energy is at work. When two people come together during sex, there is a union of flesh and spirit. Sex is a sacred creative act of meditation.

Many people say they cannot meditate. If you have had sex, you have meditated. The next time you engage in sexual activity, notice how you are completely in the moment. Focused on the energy and excitement of what you are feeling. All your senses are engaged. You are smelling, feeling, touching, hearing your partner’s breath, feeling their heart beat beneath you. Your cells are ignited. Pain is suppressed and at the time of orgasm you are completely in the moment experiencing, engaged, enthralled, ecstatic energy flowing through your veins, igniting your cells down to your very atoms. Your kundalini energy rises from your root chakra (perineum) that rises through your central channel (spinal column) pumping up into your amazing brain, culminating in wave after wave of ecstasy in the frontal cortex of your brain, where you experience God.

Now you can say you do meditate!

Letting Go

  1. To have the best experience during sex, let go of all expectations.
  2. Stop thinking and wondering how well you are performing. Thinking rather than feeling is a sign you are in resistance. Resistance will block you from experiencing complete bliss and ecstasy.
  3. When we resist or hold onto expectations we are in our ego. Our ego is our small self, not our Divine Self. 
  4. Controlling another is ego driven. We cannot control another, and why would we want to, control is an element of fear. You fear loss, so you control another. You dominate because you want to control. You are in fear. Let go of fear.
  5. Sexual energy is Divine. It is sacred. There is nothing dirty, bad or wrong about sex. It was created by Source energy itself. It is not meant to be suppressed, stuffed or blocked. When you live a celibate life you are not living fully.
  6. Sex is playful, fun and joyful. It contains an energy that you cannot experience anywhere else. When you tap into the joy of experiencing sex, you reach a different kind of high, one that will sustain you, maybe even keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning. Such joy is bliss. 
Self Pleasure Is Safe Sex

There is nothing wrong with masturbation. Many women have never masturbated. They can’t tell their partners what feels good to them, because they don’t know. In many cultures and religions control has been placed on humans by making masturbation a sin. If we weren’t meant to masturbate, our hands would not reach our genitals. 

Sending you my love now and always,


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She empowers women to have and live a life of passion, joy and inner peace. She is certified in 5 different modalities which she uses in her coaching practice. She became enlightened in 2012, which means she is not coming from ego, but her Divinely connected heart and Divine guidance in all that she does, and the way that she lives. Her book Orgasm For Life is available on Amazon. Orgasm for Life is a book which will guide you to real bliss, deeper intimacy and healed relationships. It is available on

Her coaching is like no other. She has been where you are and

has healed her body, mind and spirit. Her experiences are vast, which she brings to the coaching experience She is compassionate, loving, authentic. You can e-mail her to set up your loving discovery session to see if her work is a good fit for you. She works with those committed to heal the past to live a life of joy, passion and unconditional love in all areas.

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