Generosity And Compassion For Sex Addicts

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The following information is not for the feint of heart. If you know someone is a sex addict there are reasons for this. I do my

best to write articles that are uplifting. Once you get to the end, of this article, there are answers, help and hopefully, you will have more compassion and understanding for yourself or your loved one. There is light and help at the end of the tunnel. 


The reason I do what I do, is because of what I have experienced. This was the path I chose. Each of us has a life path. Along our path we discover that without a purpose we feel lost, ungrounded and unfulfilled. Believe it or not, we chose our life before we incarnated. Some of what we experienced was extremely painful. There was a reason for the pain. We called it forth so that we would learn, continue to search,

excavate, evolve and grow. Those of us that have experienced the intense pain, grief and shame of sexual molestation have endured the worst type of suffering known to man. Our souls were fractured as a result. A rift between truth and fantasy begins when sexual molestation occurs. We have to make up stories about our molestors to make living with them palatable. To be able to endure life at all we often appear to be schizophrenic, bipolar, have personality disorders or have severe depression most of our lives.

If you have a sex addiction or know someone that does, they need more love not less. They need more understanding not less. They need compassion, love and healing. There is a reason for the pain. Yes, they have intense pain. The reason is that most sex addicts are this way because way back in their childhood they were molested by the very people that they trusted. Has horrible as it may be to imagine, molestation often occus before a child turns three years of age. When trauma occurs before the age of 3, they usually won’t remember the incident.  The patterns are imprinted without any memory. The soul fracture happens without the mental memory.

Even as I type these words waves of energy are hitting me. This has been secret information up until now. We have not been privy to this understanding before now. There is a direct connection between our search for love through sex and sexual molestation.
Sexual molestation causes sex addiction. 
When children are molested by those that they trust, a crack occurs in the soul and the emotional psyche. A false belief is set up because of this pattern. First of all, we become victims. Our parents most often are the perpetrators, but there could be others. Sadly, in some families, molestation of children goes back 7 generations or more. It could be a trusted grandparent, clergyman or babysitter. For many, of us molestation happens with more than one person in our lives. It is as if a neon sign appears on our forehead. This message or signal goes out into the universe and pedophiles recognize the signal. They are attracted to it. Which is why many victims of sexual molestation are often molested by more than one person. They/we often go on into our adult lives and continue to attract others who will victimize us. Some people molest others. When you understand the patterns that occur, it helps you to understand how our relationships suffer as a result of this atrocity.

Our Molestors

Those who molested us, were most likely victims of molestation. This pattern often stays in familes for many generations until one person stops it. Which is what I did for my family. Unfortunately, my own personal denial of who it was that did the molesting of me originally, caused my own children to be put in harms way

unbeknownst to me, until recently. No one wants their children to be molested. We have to be diligent, alert without being hypervigilant. Child molestors are fractured souls. They are in deep pain and suffer greatly. Some go to their graves with this in their hearts and may even be afraid to die. It is very sad.

  • Trust equals pain
  • People who love you hurt you
  • Suffering sorrow, grief, shame, humiliation can also equal sex. 
  • Love equals sex. 
  • Sex means love
  • Love equals betrayal of our trust
Trapped Emotions
I began doing healing work because I was in so much personal pain into my 30’s. My life was filled with misery, anxiety, low self esteem depression, physical pain until I healed. I could not receive love because I had a block to it. My heart was closed and protected as a result of the fracture in my soul. It is why I became a hypnotherapist, energy healer and life coach. Sex can heal. Sex can be therapeutic. 
I knew there were thousands more out there like me that needed what I learned from my own journey. People that could not do this alone. Even after clearing myself thousands of times having acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, NLP, and many other healing methods used to heal myself, I found that there was a missing piece. 
Feeling Numb?
Emotions become trapped in our cells, even within our genitals that can cause us to feel numb. Many women won’t experience the complete bliss and release of a sexual encounter until the energy is cleared and released. Many people feel emotionally dead or even numb. 

My first book, Odyssey Victim to Victory was written to help others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is the story of my personal journey, realization and healing that totally changed my life and took me out of the dark. Sexual abuse and victimhood no longer define me. This book is a beginning of many people’s journey into happiness, out of depression and victimization. For me, I was non-orgasmic into my fifties until I totally and completely healed the energy trapped in my physical body through Tantra. (This Tantric healing is detailed in my second book, Orgasm For Life.)
What Are The Signs Of Trapped Emotions?
  • sex addiction
  • rage
  • irrational emotions
  • emotional reactivity
  • being shut down emotionally
  • depression
  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • low self esteem
  • betrayal in relationships
  • Obesessive Compulsive behaviors
  • control
  • fears
  • lying
  • cheating
  • unable to connect with another deeply
  • unable to orgasm
  • serial monogamy
  • obsessive masturbation
  • pornography addiction
  • attract partners who betray you
  • attract partners who victimize you
  • hate sex
  • can’t get enough of sex
  • have a thing for anal sex – either really hate it, or can’t get enough of it
There are others, but you get the idea.
There is Help
As a result of recent events in my own life I am offering a very special series. This is specifically created to heal sexual molestation and sexual addiction. It is a series of energy clearings, emotional release work and spiritual reparenting for people who have these issues. Currently I am doing a series of three sessions for $450. The total must be paid prior to the first session and only available through May 31st, 2015. I use 5 different healing methods for this release work. None of which is spell work. I work only with Divine energy. 
SOS Healing Package

Each session builds upon the next. This series of three will only be availble through the end of May at this price. This offer is only good for people who are committed to doing the work necessary to heal these issues. I walk you through the process. Most of it is gentle and easy energy release work. The worst thing you might experience is the release of tears and letting go of the sorrow and grief. Your inner child is also healed. You will feel happier and more hopeful about life and relationships afterward. 
SOS Healing Package

Yes, there was a reason for this article post today. I have the utmost compassion and respect for each of you on your journey. Please know that this work does not involve on screen masturbation, it is not a date with me. It is healing work only. Please know that I am professional, compassionate, understanding and have been working on these issues for a very long time.
You can e-mail me here with your questions. 

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