Is Your Vagina TOO Hot?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Hot is great. Lying on the beach in the hot sun can be sexy and alluring. Stay out too long, however can leave you sunburned and blistered. The same thing is true of drinking a hot cup of tea. Hot is good, but boiling hot can be dangerous. There is such a thing as too hot. If you have ever tasted hot soup straight off the stove you might have burned the roof of your mouth, like I did recently. It takes a week to heal from blistering heat. 

What happens when your partner complains that your vagina is too hot for sex?


With a vagina that is too hot what do you do? I promise you that you will have answers to your too hot for sex body. I am going to introduce you to The Science Of Life, that has been on the planet for thousands of years. I ask you to keep your mind open. There are infinite possibilities out there for healing. This one might be just what you need to hear about right now. 


When I was in India, I had the amazing experience of having an Ayurvedic massage, complete with the sacred oil poured on my third eye (forehead), laying on a table made of ancient Ayurvedic wood, cut from one piece of tree. Ayurveda is something to consider when it comes to complete balance of mind-body-spirit. The entire personality, body chemistry, emotions and soul are taken into account with Ayurveda.


One of my clients came to me with this very issue of an overly hot internal temperature of her most personal place, her vagina. Immediately I knew that she needed to balance her diet to calm down the internal

vaginal temperature. She is also trying to conceive. You can’t conceive when your body is too hot or out of whack.

What I have discovered is a system you may already know about. If you don’t I hope you will be open minded and do your own research to help you and restore balance in both your personal health and that of your relationship.

When you begin to study the different body types, Pita, Vata, Kapha, they make such sense and help us understand our partners as well as ourselves better. The different personality types are based on

the 5 Elements. Earth, water, air, fire ether (astral or space).

The personality type we are focusing on today is PITA.
Characteristics of PITA DOSHA
The primary function of the Pita Dosha is transformation. 
Qualities of Pita That Manifest in Both Body and Mind: 
Pitas tend to be leaders. Intelligent, strong and often argumentative when out of balance, they have a fiery nature that manifests in body and mind. They tend to be intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, acidic. They usually have excellent digestion, often leading them to believe that they can eat absolutely anything. When out of balance they can have indigestion, ulcers and burning sensations.

Physical Qualities

Pita Dosha characteristics involve a medium build often (but not always) with red hair, prone to graying or thinning. They have excellent digestion, which often makes them believe they can eat anything. Sleep soundly for short periods and have a strong sex drive. Pitas suffer from skin rashes and burning sensations.


Sharp intellect, focused, orderly, confident, like to be in charge. When in balance they are good decision makers. When out of balance or stressed the Pita becomes irritated, angry and short-tempered. They are precise, sharp witted and direct – to the point of being outspoken (sound like anyone you know?) I am a PITA.
Pita is a combination of fire and water. It is dependent on a balanced state of these elements in our bodies. 

There are many things that can cause high internal heat in the body. An imbalance in the diet is the biggest. The fastest way to change internal vaginal heat? Diet. Eat cooling foods, rather than hot or heat producing foods. Towards the end of this article is a list of cooling foods and then a list of prohibited foods if you are way too hot inside. The key is to keep our bodies in balance, rather than too cold or too hot. 

The Science of Ayurveda uses foods, spices to balance and heal the body. The premise is that each of us has a personality type which

determines the types of foods we ought to eat to keep our mind-body and soul in balance. When we eat these foods, our health improves our moods balance out. We become less aggressive, emotional and angry. 


You might wonder why you want to go to the medicine of an ancient civilization to find out what your issues are – clearly medicine in the Western World is not supporting you. We need medicine that uses food first to heal, rather than medicine to mask symptoms rather than heal. 

There are several great tests on the Internet to discover your Dosha (body chemistry type). I have taken all three. The best one I found is I am providing both here below, so you can take the test yourself, to find what Dosha you are. 

When stressed Pitas might become angry or blame. Pitas are natural born leaders, tend to be persuasive, rather than passive, sound like me? When you uncover your type, you can also find the cause of your underlying psychological and physical issues. The truth is Ayurvedic principles have been used to balance emotional, physical and psychological challenges which lead to better health and happier relationships. Understanding you and your partner’s DOSHA will help you both. 
Find Out Your Dosha
The first test is on The Chopra Center website. It is excellent and has many products to support your Dosha type. 
The second is from Lisa Coffey. Lisa has studied Ayruvedic Science and written several books. Her test is good also.

The one I liked the best, because it gives percentages of each DOSHA that you have within you is Dosha

If your extremities are always cold, you need to eat more heat producing or warming foods. Drinking icy drinks is not recommended for people with a cold constitution.

Why Is Excessive Vaginal Heat Detrimental?

One would think that heat in the vagina is a good thing. We want sex to be hot. Sometimes, however, the internal heat in the vagina is so hot that it causes a man’s erection to subside. It can also cause a woman to be very dry inside, or have difficulty becoming aroused. Entering a woman when she is dry can be painful for both parties. 

In Ayurvedic medicine, this condition is considered PITA DOSHA. Some of the side effect this condition produces are an acidic body, hot tempered anger, critical attitude and bad hair. Changing your diet to counteract this condition is simple. Eat foods that are on the Pita Dosha diet. 

In Chinese Medicine, this condition is called INTERNAL FIRE. For good reason. When you eat heat producing foods, what happens? HEAT! When you have internal fire, you may experience

hot flashes, sweats and moodiness. Oh, that sounds awfully like most women’s menopause! AHA! You get the picture. 

If you get angry easily, are critical, angry or intense, you probably have too much heat in your body. Like with a steam engine, your moods are trying to tell you there is too much heat, by letting off steam. Unfortunately, your family and co-workers suffer from your intensity.

Cooling Foods

Foods that are best to cool a hot constitution are sweet fruits, like apples, pears, pomegranate, mango, pineapple, plums, watermelon and grapes. Ripe melon also has cooling qualities. Vegetables to

eat are cucumbers, beets, asparagus, carrots. Follow the link above for more detailed information. Dairy, milk and butter (ghee which is clarified butter) are good for you. 

Foods To Avoid – They Raise Body Temperature

Avoid yogurt, cultured buttermilk and sour cream. Chicken, peaches, citrus, tomatoes, olive oil and olives, cumin, cayene, ginger, black pepper.

Dr. Oz had a segment on the Pita diet. Here is his rejuvenation meal plan to make things easier for you.


Eat turkey instead of chicken as it is not heat producing but neutral. Lamb is warming, but not heat or fire producing. There is a difference.

When you eat right for your body type, whether you follow the blood type diet, or the Ayurvedic system, you are consuming foods that help you rather than hurt you. Each of us is responsible for our own health and happiness. Staying in balance is what life is all about! Live Long and Prosper!
Please e-mail me if you have questions, suggestions about articles, or subjects you are interested in. Want more of a subject I have already written about, please let me know HERE! THANK YOU.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author, speaker, love and passion coach. She is passionate about helping you find the joy and happiness in your life. When you feel contented and fulfilled you will be happy whether you are in a relationship or not, whether you have money or don’t. Happiness is an inside job. It does not come from wealth, success or a relationship. When we think a relationship will make us happy, it only does so for a short while, then we return to our “normal” state. When you become happy with you, everything changes. 

Having a fulfilling job that you love is key to your happiness. Jennifer is intuitive and helps you find your path that fulfills you. As a compassionate healer, she is direct, with integrity and honor that will help you find your way faster. 

Much Love,




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