Introduction To Sacred Sex and Tantra

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Are you interested in having a better sexual relationship with your partner? Are you longing for a deep connection or to bring spirituality into your sexual expression? Do you wonder how to make sex sacred? Have you wondered about learning Tantra with your partner, or even alone? Does the idea of having multiple orgasms or sex for more than an hour, or longer, make your heart beat stronger? If so, tomorrow night’s show is for you. 

My guest on ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Thursday, July 16th, is a Tantra teacher with Ipsalu Tantra.  Prem Savrova has been a long-time friend as well as a meditation partner.  He contributed to my post about male semen retention. Since I am not a man, I felt his input would be in every one’s best interest. I am grateful to Prem for his wisdom and knowledge. This show will be exciting, informative and of course fun! Join us won’t you? 

If you have questions about Tantra or bringing spirituality into your relationship and sex life, you can e-mail me privately here.  I want to serve you better. To this end, I have a survey I would love for you to contribute to. For this survey, click this link here. I will be writing about my survey findings. 

Tantra is the art of living free. It is our birthright. It is all about raising energy, restoring energy and expanding our energy. It is all about celebrating being fully human.

”A New Man is striving to be born, a new consciousness is knocking on the doors. And the future is going to be that of Tantra, because now no more dual attitudes can hold man’s mind.”Osho

Do you long to have a deep connection with a partner who loves and accepts you for who you are? 

Do you wish your partner would take better care of himself/herself and don’t know what to do about it?

Do you long to have deep meaningful conversations with a lover who can understand you, and share their deepest feelings and secrets? 

Are you unsure of how to enjoy your sexual expression fully? Perhaps you need help finding your way to orgasm?

Maybe it is time you partnered with Jennifer. Check out her website. If you haven’t done it alone so far, a gently prod, or push, or clear direction from someone who has been where you are may be exactly what you need right now. Contact Jennifer now!

Referrals from peers mean so much:

From Coach and Spiritual Mentor Christmas Miller

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an multi-talented individual who provides excellence in her work with her clients. She is a people person and has a unique way of helping individuals see their greatness within. Jennifer’s professionalism and her love of people makes her an excellent choice for guidance.” 

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