Merchant Brokers Group – SCAM

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Entrepreneurs receive calls from all kinds of sales people. The past two days I have been inundated with calls from a credit card processing company that sounded too good to be true. They claimed to have a triple-A rating on the Better Business Bureau. They were offering rates that were next to nothing with no monthly fees. When they asked me for my social over the phone I put the brakes on! I knew something wasn’t right. No one should ask for your social security number over the phone. 

I researched them on the Internet and found a professional looking website, completed in 2015. When I called the phone number listed on the site, it did not work. No ringydingy! 

Here is their website:

I checked them out with my bank. They had never heard of them. Make sure that you check out anyone you do business with. Do they have a website that has been up for a while, or created today? If they tell you they have a triple-A rating with the Better Business Bureau, call them to check out if that is true. Also don’t share bank account information with anyone over the phone. They called me back today from a different number from New York, using the name, Chase Credit Card Processing. 

When I checked out their address in Chicago, there was no such address.

Merchant Brokers Group

155 North Wacker Drive
Suite 4250
Chicago, IL 60606

This article was posted for your information. Please be aware before giving out personal information over the phone to strangers.

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