How I Manifested A Miracle!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

People like Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor and movies like The Secret talk about the Law of Attraction. I would like to share my personal experience that occurred this past week here in Boulder, Colorado with my daughter. I am sharing this so that you understand how thoughts can create both positive and negative results. This is the story about the creation of a modern day miracle with the results to prove it.

In 2012, my ex-husband, my daughter’s father died in his sleep. He was 52. I had foreseen this event and even tried to prevent it from happening, by telling him what he could do differently. Rich left behind his pick-up truck. Ariel drove his truck for her first year in college. It was big, expensive to drive and very challenging in the snow of Colorado with only a rear-wheel drive.

Since her truck was a connection to her father, Ariel had a challenging time letting go. I encouraged her to sell it before winter set in November 2015. After struggling to pay for gas to and from school and work, she finally decided it was time to let the truck go. A friend posted the 2003 truck on Craigs List. After dropping the price three times, she was very discouraged as many people had told her, “You will never sell a rear-wheel drive truck in Colorado!”

We had many discussions about her truck. I even steered her to think positively about the sale. The people she lived with were extremely negative since they were in the automobile business themselves. They had experience, so they knew, she said. 

A belief can be very strong. Beliefs are what create our lives. If we believe something will never happen it won’t. If we believe in something fervently we can create wonderful events in our lives.

Mass Consciousness of Negativity

When I perform energy clearings for clients, I unplug them from the mass consciousness (negativity) for a reason. Mass consciousness can taint what we believe. It can create fear in our lives. I had to overcome all the negativity of a group of people (mass consciousness) who had contaminated Ariel’s thoughts with theirs. I had seen on a daily basis how miracles happen every day in my life. I create my life with positive beliefs. I know and believe that The Universe always has my back, always supporting me and various other thoughts and beliefs. This is  part of what I teach in my workshops.

When Ariel told the people she was living with that I was coming to Colorado to get her a vehicle their negativity continued. “What is she going to do without any money to buy a vehicle? Your mother knows nothing about cars. She can’t buy you a car!” The vitriol was intense and dark. I could have let what others were saying get me down. I knew what I was capable of. I had seen the results over the past fifteen years. I had the faith of a mustard seed.

My Personal Success At Manifesting

I had manifested thousands of dollars in a day. I had manifested a free place to stay in one of the most expensive cities in America for the week of Christmas for my entire family last year in Boulder, Colorado! I manifested a place to stay for three weeks so I could vacation with my entire family last summer. I had manifested men, my Twin Flame, marriages, houses that I dreamed of and a business to live for! I had become a master at manifesting. People called me and asked me to manifest for them. My adult children told others who asked me to manifest for them. I got the results they wanted.

I Didn’t Let What Others Say Get Me Down

I didn’t buy into what others said. In fact, I gave Ariel a phrase to repeat so that she could move beyond what they were telling her. I had prayed for a miracle to occur so that my daughter could get a car easily. Still on Saturday, November 14th, Ariel woke up with anxiety. She could barely breathe she was so worried. She was sure she would not being able to sell her truck and buy a car to drive for school and work. I told Ariel to repeat a phrase and ask for the process of selling her truck and getting a new car to be easy and effortless. 

The True Meaning of A Miracle

Miracles happen in the face of everything to the contrary. Miracles are truly miraculous because when you look at the facts you see that it is impossible for something to occur in reality. 

Just The Facts Ma’am!

  1. Ariel had never borrowed money. She had no credit card and absolutely no credit score. She is a college student and a bad risk for a loan.
  2. I had just been turned down for a credit card (not that I wanted one) but just for the heck of it, I allowed a sales person to put one through. I was denied. I wasn’t surprised. The last three years had been a struggle supporting a household, business, daughter and menagerie as I was growing my business.
  3. Since Rich died, I had to support Ariel by myself. I was a small business owner with business expenses. I had a house full of animals. I traveled a great deal, which was expensive. 
  4. I had just put all my savings into my new website and branding for . Thousands had just been spent on my business. I support myself, business, animals and my daughter through my coaching and healing. I didn’t have a lot of available cash to put down on a vehicle.
  5. Ariel’s truck was a two-wheel drive vehicle and a rear wheel drive at that. It had a heater that didn’t work, an expired tag on the back and several dings from when Rich backed into a tree and hit a deer on a trip to Boulder, Colorado. The truck was not pristine.
  6. Ariel didn’t want to drive some “shitbox!”
  7. We had one day to sell her truck and buy a car. Snow was coming and I was only in Colorado for one weekend. Ariel had school on Monday so we had to buy the car on Saturday. We were down to the wire.
  8. The pressure was intense for Ariel. She felt there was no possible way for all this to happen with her mother who knew nothing about cars and had poor credit.

I didn’t focus on what others said about me, my perceived lack of skills, expertise, or knowledge. I assured Ariel it would be easy. I reminded her to ask for ease and Grace. I remained calm and in steadfast faith. I kept telling Ariel, “Everything is going to be okay.”

We went to one dealer. At first, I looked around and saw Subarus that were priced in the high teens. I knew we could not afford any of those. Ariel went inside and asked if they traded cars? The salesman named Tom, asked, “What are you looking for?” Ariel replied, “Anything under 10,000.” 

Tom suggested a couple of manual transmissions. Ariel absolutely did not want a stick shift. She had learned on an automatic transmission. Ariel would only have a day to practice before she had to drive in the snow. We were told that there was a 2002 Toyota Camry that was reasonably priced with a clean driving record, one owner, and no accidents. Ariel test drove it.

Feeling Excitement

Ariel had envisioned herself driving in a silver car. She knew this was the one. Though is had 167,000 miles on it, the drive train had been replaced as had the rotors on the front, head gasket and brakes were all new. The car looked good and drove quietly. The interior was in good shape. Though there were a couple of scratches on the outside, they were minuscule.

Ariel called a friend who was a mechanic. He met us at his shop. After looking over the engine, brakes, tires he deemed the car excellent for the mileage and year. He said it had been well taken care of, and that it would last Ariel about three years. 

We returned to the dealership and said we would like to buy the car. Ariel told Tom she was a broke college kid and the truck meant a lot to her, as it was her Dad’s. Tom said they would be flexible. I co-signed for Ariel and we went off to our favorite pie place to celebrate Ariel’s new car purchase! We acted as if….. it had already happened.

We returned to the dealership where we signed a stack of paperwork. Within twenty minutes, we walked out with the keys in hand a loan for the difference in the trade. We had created a modern-day miracle. No matter what the naysayers said, I had faith that the car purchase would be effortless and easy and it was.

Manifesting Money and Men/Love

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Testimonial From A Client

Jennifer,  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do, You have taught me so much, I have started manifesting, 

When i decided to start fresh, and get rid of all of my old furniture from my marriage, I did not have a couch or a chair in my living room, I knew that i would find something that i could afford,  I was without any furniture in my living room for about a month, but I was happy and I did not lose hope that i would get furniture,  First i manifested a large rocker recliner , that my neighbor had sitting out on the curb, perfect shape!   

A few days ago i manifested a couch! again sitting out by the curb 2 houses down, It still had the original tags and in perfect shape,( My sister and I must have looked very strange carrying a couch down the street) My rich neighbors explained that they had bought the couch and forgot it was still in storage, and now had no use for it , but did not want to go through the hassle of selling it.   Since my living room was not big enough for both the couch and the chair, I advertised the chair on a local site for a very low price and someone offered me more for it!   My next manifestation is an 2016 Nissan Altima , I am already thanking God for it,I will have it after the 9th of Dec.  I sent a picture of my couch in another E-mail, 
God Bless you Jennifer AK

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