The 3 Secrets To Self Mastery

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Can you Imagine a life without struggle? Imagine for a moment that you are in harmonious interaction with life. The word struggle no longer exists for you or your life. You flow effortlessly. Things happen easily and effortlessly for you. Events occur that may have presented challenges for you in the past, but you are able to navigate these challenges easily, knowing you are supported by The Divine and The Universe. 

You have an internal knowing that moves you beyond doubt into steadfast and unshakable faith. You know you are supported. The evidence of this support is all around you, in everything you do. The bliss and serenity is evident inside of you. Stillness is what guides you. You are Guided and inspired daily, motivated by this invisible force within you. You are in alignment with your Divine purpose and the will of The Divine. You have become a Master. The most powerful degree of your life.

You no longer push or force things to happen. You allow others to have their own experience of life without trying to “help” or change them. You know that the path that you are on requires a letting go of resistance and force. Non-action is your path. The state of BEING is a state of non-resistance. Surrender is a state of allowing. 

“The true path to mastering life is though non-action”

Whether you study or follow a tradition, spiritual path or religion a common thread flows through all ancient wisdom and philosophies.
Relaxing into life and “just being” is the path to mastering life through non-action. The Western World thrives on action. Most people are in a state of “DOING” fourteen hours a day. This state pushes your energy instead of flowing. DOING is similar to the salmon swimming upstream. The salmon pushes against the flow, forcing with their own energy to move forward in a direction that is counterintuitive to being in the State of FLOW. DOING is exhausting. When we are in a state of DOING we are often also attempting to get others to do our bidding, we may even try to CONTROL others.

There is ease and Grace which flows through life when you begin to ALLOW or JUST BE. Self-Mastery has a strong foundation that everything else flows from. Non-action (Self-Mastery) requires you to do three things. Once you shift these in your life, ease begins to flow rather than dis-ease. The three non-actions are: TRUST, APPRECIATION and to  JUST BE.


Allowing: Each person is having their own experience. Allow them their experience. Perhaps their actions or inaction does not match yours, but that’s okay. You allow everyone to have their own experience rather than trying to make them behave a certain way. Others make choices that may impact you. You choose for yourself rather than for others. You no longer attempt to control others or your environment.

Surrender: Surrender is an act of relaxing into faith. You have faith that things will work out for the best, because they always do. You let go of the need to push, prod or make things happen, because you know life is happening automatically. Surrendering to a higher power allows light into a situation that appears without resolution in your mind. Allowing nature to take care of itself is surrender. There is always a higher wisdom at work. When we surrender we allow the natural order to take care of itself. Miracles happen when we surrender.

Flow: Being in the state of flow is like taking your hands off the steering wheel and allowing nature or a higher power to right itself. Flow offers no resistance to life and circumstance. Our minds create stories which create beliefs and absolutes which block the natural flow where ease and Grace occurs. When you offer no resistance things take care of themselves effortlessly and magically. This is where miracles occur.

Courage: It takes courage to take the first step out of your comfort zone. When your fears grip you, but you step into the void of unknowing, you trust a higher power to step in and take over, carrying you to the next invisible step across the cavern of unknowing. Your will merges with that of Divine will helping you cross in safety.

Positivity: Leaning in to the positive trusting that all will be taken care of, as it always is, brings light into an otherwise scary or challenging situation. Choosing to stay positive allows the infinite opportunities to flow through, bringing ease and flow. Negativity blocks us from forward movement. It is easy when we have little or no information to turn towards negative thoughts. These thoughts do not empower, they cause us to be small, fearful often hitting a wall. 

Gratitude: There is no faster way to shift your mindset and heart than to find something small to be thankful for. Even if you feel you have nothing, you are alive. You might even have food, a roof over your head or people who love you. No matter how difficult things are for you right now, I guarantee if you sit for a moment and give thanks for what you do have, you will be surprised at how much you have. When you express gratitude your heart opens, you raise your energetic vibration to that of LOVE. When you are in a state of Gratitude and LOVE, more good will flow to you. Gratitude always nets you more to be grateful for!

Perspective: The way you view yourself and life is everying! A small shift in your mind-set to gratitude changes your perspective on everything else. You are expanding the light within you, opening to receive more, all of this shifts your energy field and perspective. You will begin to see things differently. You will begin to look up, rather than down where all you see is dirt, negative and sorrow. A slight shift in perspective allows miracles, magic and the impossible to occur.
Forgiveness: The act of forgiving does amazing things to your heart. It lightens the way you feel about yourself and everyone else. Your burdens become fewer and you begin to feel love for others where there was none. You see things from a different perspective – didn’t I say perspective is everything.

Compassion: The ability to see things from another’s perspective allows you to try on their shoes. You feel compassion for others and their plight. Compassion opens your heart even more.
Inner Peace: Letting go of past hurts and suffering leads you to appreciate your life and the beauty of it all. Forgiving others, being grateful for what you have all opens your heart to receive more. Stillness comes in where there was once mind chatter and chaos. Bliss, happiness and joy bubble up from out of nowhere. When you appreciate life you begin to live in a serene state of blissful peace and fulfillment. 


Meditation: Sit in silence focusing only on your breath. There are many forms of meditation I hear all the time, “I can’t meditate.”  Meditation is simply sitting in silence, taking one step inside your heart and breathing. Meditation is not prayer. It is being with yourself, your Divine and the quiet. Meditation is stillness. Sitting still, breathing slowly and mindfully. Mindfulness is simply breathing and being mindful of what is happening. You can watch my meditation video on Divine Presence Process MeditationYou Tube here.

Presence: Giving presence or offering presence is being without the act of doing. The simplest act of breathing slowly and deeply will ground you in the present. You are not focused on the past, nor the future. You are in this moment now. Breathe slowly and deeply and you will come into the present moment. Now. Again. Now.

Realisation: Raising your awareness, being the witness and breathing allows you to be present. In this state the stories that used to fill your mind become less and less. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions have less power over you. The fewer illusions (stories) the more realisation that you have. Grounded in the present fully, in reality, rather than fiction or ego.

Clarity: The state of being present brings greater clarity and focus. When the mind chatter falls away, you no longer see through a haze of mental constructs and stories. You begin to see and experience truth. 

Connectivity:  Since you are a multi-dimensional being, you are connected to all that is, including the Universal or Divine Mind. All the information of The Universe and The Divine is yours when you live in the present without the mind chatter. A pool of resources become available to you when you are connected. Your intuition, manfestation and intelligence takes on a brighter hue.  The limitless pool resides within you. Hence, everything you ever need is inside is true.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters became self-realized and enlightened in 2012. What does this mean to you? Learning from an enlightened being raises your vibration pushing you into the limitless potential. Jennifer helps you connect to your inner resources and all that is, through focused work. If enlightenment is your goal, working with someone that knows the ropes, what it takes to get there, speeds your process for healing. Self-love is the fastest path to enlightenment. Sign up for your evaluation to see if Jennifer’s work is right for you.

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