What Is An Energy Clearing?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Feel lighter, focused, calm, peaceful with mental clarity in one hour. Here’s how:

Since 2007, I have been working with people’s energy fields clearing negativity, depression, anxiety, trapped emotions, self-sabotage, suicidal programs, suffering, internal conflict, limiting beliefs and blocks. The overarching theme of an energy clearing is a lightness, calmness that people experience coupled with clarity being able to sleep like a hibernating bear. In this article, I will explain how I do this work and what it means to you.

Who Can Benefit? Everyone can benefit from having their energy field cleared. Every negative thought we think every worry we have creates an energy which attaches to our field and weighs us down. Each time we have an argument or challenging event our energy field becomes a trap for heavier energies which create anxiety, depression and further negativity for us.
Think of it this way: Imagine your car of fifteen or twenty years old covered with the dirt, grime, and dust of each event in our lives, divorces, arguments, criticism, emotional outbursts laden with these layers holding us in a state of negativity. Every time we encounter a challenge we react, feel emotions and often travel down a rabbit hole of negative emotions, worry anxiety, and victimization. If we don’t wash our cars we can’t see out the windows. Our car begins to choke and sputter due to the dirt, dust, and debris in the engine, filters and oil. Our auric field continues to carry what we experience through our lives until we get it cleared. Immediately after a clearing people report feeling infinitely more positive, physically better with greater mental clarity. 
It doesn’t matter how spiritual you are, we get attachments, thought forms from others walking by, we pick up negativity from co-workers, parents, children, and lovers. We have upsets, grief, shame, molestation, abuse, sadness, anger and so many other intense emotions that rattle our cage and radiate out from us unconsciously.  Past events where we were abandoned, rejected, humiliated or put down cause us to continue to attract more events that don’t support our highest good. We have beliefs that keep us stuck from childhood, patterns our parents set up for us that continue to broadcast into the universe bringing us what we don’t want. I began this work because a friend had an energy clearing done and told me how fantastic she felt afterward. I had to experience an energy clearing for myself. One clearing made me feel more peaceful, centered, calm giving me clarity and grounding me.  The second went deeper and allowed me to release another layer that bubbled up. With each session, my energy field was lighter, more positive and I felt more expanded. Anxiety, worry, depression, anger, conflict, fear was eliminated as well as sabotaging patterns that kept me stuck. I knew this was work I had to do for others. I became certified twice that year moving into mastery with my work.
How Does It Work?
An energy clearing can be done across the world in your absence and have the same powerful effect as being in the same room with me. There is no space-time component with energy. A family member can benefit from an energy clearing in their absence. 
I receive information pertaining to you that gets to the root of your issues quickly.  Clearing Conflict From A Business Associate Relationships can be challenging. Having a loved one cleared, or clearing the joint field that the two of you share cleared can lift the issue so that you can move past being stuck in conflict. No conversation needs to happen unless you want it to about the issue. Following is an example of one client who had a conflict with a business associate. Marrianne, has a web-based business with multiple clients. One of her clients had a serious conflict with her and became combative. They had an appointment scheduled in person after a particularly abusive phone call. Their appointment kept getting postponed. Marianne was quite fearful of meeting her male client in person.  I suggested a clearing of their joint field (morphogenic field). She booked an appointment and I cleared the two of them together.  The end result was a meeting that went smoothly without conflict, agitation or negativity. They resolved their issue and were able to move on without contention. An energy clearing of the joint field (morphogenic field) can enact positive change without conflict so that you can more easily reach resolution and move on.  Why Get An Energy Clearing?
Just like you take a shower daily, or wash your car, your energy becomes heavy, dense and holds onto negativity. Like a cloud around you the negativity builds and drags your vibration down. An energy clearing gets rid of the beliefs, trauma, trapped emotions, blocks, and programs that don’t serve you.  What programs Might Be Negative? Generational programming of poverty consciousness, sexual molestation, or addictions can be cleared. Perhaps your father was an alcoholic and you keep attracting men who are alcoholics. Getting this programming eliminated will help you move beyond this negative programming of attracting those with addictions.
How Can You Benefit
Everyone can benefit from an energy clearing. We have arguments, experience betrayal, conflicts, hurts, fears, breakups, and divorce. Everything we experience leaves breadcrumbs, programs opened and running, we create beliefs that don’t serve us that debilitate us and cause us debt, and more challenges. Just like taking a shower, or vacuuming up dirt on a carpet an energy clearing removes unwanted, unneeded and debilitating programs and unnecessary suffering from your life
An energy clearing frees you to be the YOU that you are meant to be. 
What Programs Can Cause Increased Suffering?
Some of our programs come from past lives. We might have been murdered, killed in battle, or committed suicide in a past life. These past lives are still connected to your soul. Once the past life is cleared the issue goes away and no longer plagues you. We might have a parent that is an alcoholic, abusive or cruel. Though that parent did the best they could do, you formed beliefs that don’t serve you that are still running your life. You might feel that all men will leave you because your father left. You may keep attracting men that are similar to your father.  Issues of abandonment, rejection, feeling unloved, unaccepted, humiliated, insecure, unworthiness over fifty different emotions can plague us unconsciously until they are cleared from our field and energy body.
You might feel and have a program running that all women cheat, lie or steal because that was what was done to you previously. Beliefs that there isn’t enough, you aren’t enough, or you can’t find love are some of the programs many people have. Everyone has programs running that don’t serve them and cause them some sort of difficulty. How Do You Feel? An energy clearing will allow you to feel a deep sense of calm. You will feel incredibly lighter, uplifted and positive. Most people report that their mental chatter quiets. Most people sleep better after having their energy cleared.You will become relaxed feeling mentally clear, focused without all the anxiety and worry that they had before we began.
Most people have a resistance to love and a desire to suffer.
Akashic Records – At The Soul Level
I open your Akashic Records and clear from the point of origin. The Akashic Records are the record book of God where everything that has ever occurred is recorded for all time. Clearing from this place allows a deep clearing at a soul level to occur.
No one else is doing this type of work encompassing hypnotherapy, energy clearing AND The Akashic Records. My coaching clients get the benefits of all the work I have done over thirty-some years and five different healing modalities rolled into one powerful blissful remedy for the challenges of life.
I connect with God, your angels, and Guides. I ask for guidance on what you need most and begin clearing those issues. I repair your
auric field which gets damaged from anger, arguments, fear, trauma, prescriptions, alcohol and drugs. I clear attachments and negativity as well as any programs running that are causing you harm.
What Can Be Cleared?
My daughter has come to me in distress after a break-up and asked me to clear her. On several occasions while having a fight with her boyfriend she has texted me, “Clear me please!” When I do, she calms down and is able to communicate without the emotionality that was previously present.
In one clearing, I clear hundreds of issues, contracts, webs, chords, psychic hooks, which include everything that doesn’t serve you. Any past experiences that upset you, anxiety, worry, fears, heartbreak, grief, emotions and self-sabotage are just some of what can be cleared. I cleared a young woman in Colorado that had attempted suicide 12 times. I found 30 lifetimes of suicide in her energy field. Once I cleared this she stopped trying to take her life. 
I have cleared the energy of a friend who was shot by police from his best friend’s energy field. He had been addicted to meth as had she. Once I cleared the attachment of her departed friend she was able to get off crystal meth in less than 30 days.
Alice, a client in Glendale, California came to me for healing of a horrible kidnapping and rape that occurred over forty years ago. She was stuck in victimhood, paranoid that someone was spying on her. Any kind of betrayal, trauma, molestation and sexual assault can leave you feeling like a victim. It can taint your entire life. She was just getting an estimate ready to spend thousands of dollars on a surveillance system for her home. 
The transformation Alice experienced with just two sessions with me enabled her to get her landscaping company fully launched and profitable. She attributed my work with her on her huge success. Prior to the session with me, she couldn’t move forward. She was stuck in paranoia.
Seeing the great and miraculous benefits to my work, he asked me to do an Akashic Record reading for her. While doing the reading she asked me questions about her children. Her comment was, “You’re explaining my children to me in a way that helps me understand them better than I have before and I have lived with them their whole life!” She knew her children could benefit as well from my work. Alice asked me to clear each of her children remotely. As I did the clearings on her children I gave her guidance on each one. 
I began with a clearing on her special needs daughter who had serious anger issues. I explained her anger was something she felt comfortable with and I gave her the details as to why that was the case. Her parents had fought throughout their entire marriage. Anger was something she felt comfortable with.
As I cleared her son, I gave details on what he needed from her. It was the third clearing for her youngest daughter that gave her the most pause. I told her she had an issue with her left foot. Mine had been hurting the entire time I was clearing her. After the clearing she confessed to her daughter she had work done on her and that I mentioned her left foot hurting. At exactly the time I felt the pain, her foot was hurting also!
How Will I Feel?
Within minutes of me opening a clearing session, my clients report feeling a sense of calm wash over them and feel lighter, more positive with an ability to see the good in their experience. 
Some people report a tingling sensation.
Some people tell me they sleep through the entire session. 
Some feel nothing and then feel happier, and totally free of mind chatter!
Is There A Downside?
There is no downside. In fact, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to feel better than you do right now? Your suffering is decreased and self-defeating beliefs and programs will allow you to be free to live your life at a higher energetic level to create what you are meant to. It is nothing short of miraculous. 
Is A Clearing Permanent?
If you wash your car and drive through a mud puddle, a residue from that puddle will remain on your car. Similarly, if you have an upset, become fearful, angry and yell at your partner, you create holes in your auric field. 
As you begin to change your behavior, meditate, become more positive, loving, compassionate on a daily basis your field becomes stronger and you will hold your clearing longer – even permanently. Beginning on Monday, April 18, 2016, I am offering specials on my clearings. Buy three get two free. I am also opening up a Master Mind group clearing with Q&A at the end of the session for those on a tight budget. Sign up for my newsletter and get the details!
Practice Self-Love Loving the self is the key to all healing. I have been called The Self Love Guru because the focus on my work is self-love. Everything comes from a lack of self-love – even depression and addiction. When we love ourselves unconditionally, our health, relationships, and life shifts in powerful ways. Instead of focusing on problems we begin to see the gifts and lessons along the way. We see signs that guide us rather than feeling that we are unsupported. Instead of fear we begin to strengthen our faith. Rather than living in fear, we are empowered and joyful. I highly recommend everyone take my Love Yourself Fearlessly six week course, my signature program. In one session, people are changed. In three, they begin to see changes in their lives. To contact Jennifer Elizabeth Masters e-mail here for your FREE Discovery conversation of twenty to forty minutes. Or visit her website and sign up for her newsletter here.
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a sex and passion coach helping women express their highest potential in work, love and play. If your life, love or world isn’t what you want it to be, contact Jennifer now! For information about her premium programs like Orgasm For Life Boot Camp for the mind-body and spirit, e-mail her here for a free Discovery Session. Download my Free APP on I-Tunes Download My App on Google Play

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