Does Great Sex Come Naturally Or Do We Need to Be Taught?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex may be as natural as drinking water for some, but others may struggle with what to do when and what goes where? 

Knowing anatomy and asking your partner what feels good to them can give you the knowledge you need to ask more questions. Don’t be afraid to talk about what works and what doesn’t. The bedroom is a great place to play “Show and Tell.” 

Great sex is learned. A loving partner or a Tantrika can teach you skills to be a lover that can take their breath away. Learning how to make love is a beautiful gift to give to another.

Books can help teach you as well. Letting go of your ego is required to learn to be a better lover. The worst sexual partners I had were the ones with the biggest, you know, egos!

Gently guiding rather than acting like a drill sergeant works wonders. 

Showing your partner what to do to make you feel good, with some gentle encouragement can go a long way to getting you where you need to go with mutual enjoyment

Everyone has their hot buttons. Don’t be afraid to point them out or show your partner what you like. If your partner is too shy to tell you, explore and ask, “How does this feel? Do you like this?”

Most women need oral or digital stimulation for a while (20 – 40 minutes). Kissing can get you both turned on and feeling passionate which always feels good. Kissing is something both parties can enjoy. You have to like who you are kissing, of course. 

25 Ways To Create Better Sex in 2016

Sex doesn’t have to stop as we age

As we age, our bodies may not be as lithe, supple or as flexible as they used to be. Dryness can become a huge issue,  after menopause, chemo or illnesses. Make sure you use lube, or she will be a very sore little lady afterward. Organic aloe lube is sold at certain pharmacies and drug stores. I recommend lubrication without anything that heats up as it burns sensitive tissue.

Erections may not happen as easily or passion may be missing. Making the best of what you have is what makes sex great. There is always time to learn new things, techniques and enjoy something different when what used to work, doesn’t. 

Toys and Books

His kingdom for a great ass!
In Orgasm For Life, I describe all sorts of ways to turn on each person. I highly recommend you read it. If passion is lacking, Orgasm For Life will certainly turn you on. I know, I was turned on the entire time I wrote that book! If it doesn’t, it is time for an EKG!

Sex toys, like vibrators for both men and women, can help to stimulate when you are at your wits end. Toys can also spice up a sex life that is lagging and dull. Don’t be afraid to use vibrators men, just get something for your woman that doesn’t look bigger than you. 

Most women prefer something that is flexible, rather than acrylic or seriously hard. Real penises bend a little, remember? You don’t need to buy a vibrator that is a dildo. There are all sorts of hand-held vibrators that work like a charm. Try it, she’ll like it!

Ass Grabbing and Healthy Bodies

For you ladies!

I love a great ass! An ass that has some substance to it that I can grab excites me. A flabby butt that sags isn’t exciting. So if either of you has a flabby butt, do some lunges. That is what I did. Flabby, sagging butt is GONE! 

Did you know that grabbing your guy’s ass and squeezing it is a great turn-on? (for most men) Give him a back massage with a body buff. Run your naked body over his – all over. He’ll love it. 

Our gluteus maximus has many nerve endings in it. As does the anus. If you aren’t into anal play, that’s okay too. Do what you love and you will have a good time!

Don’t forget that we need non-sexual touching at other times. If the only time you reach for your woman is for sex, she will begin to shut you down and out. Non-sexual touching is part of a loving relationship. Even holding hands can release oxytocin the feel good or cuddle hormone. 

I do lunges daily to music. Personally, I don’t like them, but I sure do like what they did to my lady-butt! Ask my guy; I think he likes the effect of the lunges too!

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