How To Get Them To Commit

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

If you have a history of attracting people who will only go so far with you, it is time, to be honest with yourself. It isn’t them; it’s you. Our relationships are the best mirror into our soul. We attract what we are. 

Our relationships are the fastest way to discover if we have committed to ourselves. Before you cut me off and go to another blog, hear me out. I have had personal experience with this subject. I have been married and divorced four times for good reason. I had a lot to learn about myself. Once I totally committed to myself, I began to attract men who would also commit to me. Healing our past is part of our commitment to ourselves.

There are many ways to commit to ourselves. We can commit to our health, eating healthy foods, steering clear of those things that aren’t good for us. It is easy to see where we aren’t committed to our health, all we have to do is look at our physical body, our hair, nails, and how we feel. Taking responsibility for health is certainly a very positive way to commit. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I as happy alone as I am partnered?
  2. Do I seek a relationship to fill me up and complete me?
  3. Am I looking for someone to fill a gap that I feel within?
  4. Do I give too much to others, ignoring my needs?
  5. Do I put others before my needs and self-care?
  6. Do I forgo meditation and spiritual practice when partnered?
  7. Do I continue to exercise when I am in a relationship?
  8. Am I honest always? Or do you spend time in denial of issues?
  9. Am I consistently on time?
  10. Am I true to my word?
  11. Am I authentic?
  12. Do I spend time with people who support me emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  13. Do I spend time nurturing my soul daily?
  14. Do I exercise daily?
  15. Do I respect myself?
  16. Do I have judgment toward myself and others?
  17. Do I love myself – even all my flaws and faults?
  18. Do I worry about what others think of me?
  19. Is my home neat, tidy, orderly?
  20. Do I get to bed early?
  21. Have I healed my addictions – even my addictions to my recovery method?
  22. Am I fiscally responsible? Do I pay my bills on time?
  23. Am I looking for someone to rescue me from my life?
  24. Do I accept disrespect and abusive treatment from my partner and others?
  25. Am I abusive to myself in any way?
  26. Do I allow others to behave badly and still want to be with them?
  27. Am I controlling?
  28. Am I fearful?
  29. Do you know yourself well enough to know what you want and won’t tolerate?

When we accept poor treatment from another person, we don’t respect ourselves. Self respect is a hard thing to recognize as missing. I didn’t see it until it was pointed out to me years ago. I was told by my then husband, “I don’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself!” It was a hard thing to hear. Since that time, I have worked diligently to avoid those who mistreat or don’t respect me. I stand up for myself and expect to be treated with respect and will accept nothing less. I am not a bitch about it, I just walk away from those who blame, abuse or treat me badly. 

If your date says they will call on a certain day and don’t their actions don’t match their words and they can’t be trusted. When you stop accepting bad behavior, you will find people will either stand up and improve their character, or someone else will cross your path that is far better than the person you thought you couldn’t live without. 

Our outer relationships are the key to what we need to work on personally. You can blame others till the cows come home, but that won’t get you where you want to go. Look inside you and hire

someone that has healthy self-esteem and is perfectly happy alone or partnered that can help you find the love you desire. You have to give to yourself before anyone returns it to you.

Commitment to you has to happen before someone will commit and be faithful to you. How long will you wait to commit to your healing

Client Testimonials: 
After working with Jennifer recently, I must say that I am grateful to the Divine for placing her in my path via a Google search. A few weeks ago, I was in an interesting place emotionally. I was in-between coming to terms with some past emotional trauma but not fully understanding what it meant to “let go of my past.” Following our initial 30 minute “discovery session” and subsequent first session a week later, I finally understood what it meant to embrace the present while letting the past be whatever it was.

As she opened my Akashic record and began to peel back the layers of my current and past lives, I shook, trembled, and buzzed as Jennifer cut the cords to the negative emotional patterns that had affected me on a personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual basis. The guilt, shame, and depression I experienced for years immediately left and I felt lighter! It was as if life had finally smiled at me and the Universe had finally said, “it’s time for your healing. Embrace it and finally, learn to live life and enjoy it!”

I’m truly grateful for Jennifer’s work, and I know that this is the beginning of something beautiful in my life. Thanks again, Jennifer, and I send you much love and many blessings!


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