I Absolutely Love and Adore My Family!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

My wish for you this day is the love and peace you so deserve. Christmas is about joy, I wish you so much joy!

I love my family. This year all of my children and their partners will get together for a week of Christmas celebrating, rock climbing, hiking, game playing, and painting. We celebrate like nobody’s business. Our Christmas is unorthodox, just like we are.

We don’t drink alcohol. We don’t go to church. We are however extremely spiritual. We treat each other the way we wanted to be treated and speak our truth. We have all come a long way on this journey of life. I am so pleased with how evolved my entire family has become. 

Near SouthPark, CO
We are conscious. We are self-aware and loving. We don’t always agree with what the other might say, but at the same time, we are in a place where we can be okay with what others are doing and creating with their lives. We don’t have to agree all the time to be overjoyed to spend time with one another. 

David with Ray and Jennifer
My family is one of my biggest joys. I am happiest when I am with my adult children. In fact, I usually make at least four trips to Colorado where we spend time together every year. 

I left my home on Tuesday and have been making my way with my dogs, heavy gear, boots, warm sweaters and presents to give. Giving to my family is a great joy to me. This year we decided to keep the spending low, but the joy quotient high. The emphasis isn’t on the gift, but the love we feel for one another instead. 

Adam taking center stage running the art studio
We do activities together. We walk our dogs together. We hike, paint, take road trips and play Cards Against Humanity. Why? We all love adventure. Couple all these activities with a joy of simply being together and you have some wide open hearts! 

We laugh and enjoy each other’s company while communing with nature, being creative and just being together. Adam loved to paint and began following his dream to do so when we first moved to Boulder in 2011. He encouraged us all to pick up paint brushes two years ago. Painting at Christmas has become a tradition for our family. I have three of the paintings hanging in my home today. 

Bill Gates, Adam Gates, Ariel, me and Josh

So today, I finish up my 1,100-mile trip and land in Boulder, Colorado. We are all so excited to see one another. We don’t dread our time together, it is just the opposite. I don’t tell my kids how to live their lives, and they accept my weird ways. What they don’t know is that I am going to treat them all with a hypnosis session this Christmas. 

Ask yourself; I am happiest when ___________________.

I am happiest when I am with my family having fun, cooking, painting, walking, playing enjoying what I have created with God.

hiking with my ex-husband Bill Gates, Adam, and David

 I have a great relationship with my boy’s father and had a great relationship with Rich until he transitioned. I don’t fight with anyone anymore. Life is too short, have a ball!

Adam’s heart painting is the backdrop for my videos on YouTube. 

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