Use This Potent and Powerful Full Moon In Cancer For Romance and Great Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Photo by Luiggi RCK 

The moon affects births, moods, emotions, tides, menstruation and everything in between. A full moon in the emotional water sign of Cancer is one of the most potent and powerful energies we can experience. Love-making, nurturing, loving and letting go together can be an amazing experience tonight! Let the loving and releasing begin!

A Grand Cardinal Cross is being activated with this full moon that will be in place through the year 2020. 

In January 2020, Saturn will couple with Pluto and conjunct initiating a new economic boom cycle.

Corporations, large organizations, new earth energy will be bringing in people and environment first and profit second in this new earth.

Our Divine Destiny is to take care of the earth.

Politics are playing out these roles right now. January is all about your foundation, taking care of you. Are you kind to you? Do you make sure you have plenty of rest, exercise, take extreme self-care? Pluto opposing this moon brings in our personal needs rather than egoic will. 

Trump is the disruptor. He is ruled by Uranus. Uranus is awakening us to our emotional needs. It may not seem like it, but he is who we asked for. 

What do you need to feel good? The whole reason you are here is to be creative. 

How can you be more creative? Tap into your inner child. The childlike innocence and purity will take you there. Play, have fun, focus on your unique talents and abilities. Nourish your talent. You came here to be you. Follow your own personal star. Channel your cosmic child and talent within you. Stop allowing others to dictate to you how you should be. 

The abuse of power that we see in the world today is moving out. There is a polarization occurring that is playing out in our political arena. We may be projecting out our inner demons onto others and then blame others for what we are doing. We may not be aware of. We might not like what others are doing – but used to be that way ourselves. 

This first full moon of the year is asking us to be very conscious and be aware of the shadow, power struggles, and emotions. We can find ourselves feeling righteous. Righteousness can condone bad behavior in an abusive way. This shadow is being illuminated. Don’t get caught up in power struggles and power plays that you see in the workplace or world.

It is an innovative and inspiring combination. It is a time of fulfillment, nurture and belonging, creating this with your loved ones and family is a powerful use of this energy. 

Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn will be affected greatly through this astrologically expansive energy. It’s all about collaboration, partnering and asking to be nurtured. This is a perfect time to be moving forward, meeting with a study or literary group. Potlucks that nurture your body and soul with loved ones during the next two weeks is a lovely way to utilize this energy.

The planet Venus is exalted in Pisces (very sensitive energy) combined with Venus the planet that rules love.

A full moon is a time of coming to fruition. This cancer moon is nurturing, more grounding. Cancer is about the home and nurturing. Healing the inner child and looking at those places where we need to access the tender, gentle space. Being more vulnerable and authentic will allow you to step into a sexy, spiritual bonding with our partners.

Cancer shows it’s inner emotions and Pisces energy is creating a poetic vibe. We will be able to access wounded places within during the next two weeks. 

How can I expand my relationships in a personal genius type of way (to impact the collective)?

What new things am I bringing out into the world?

What messages are inspiring me?

How do you view your relationships?

Are you awakening together in your relationships?

Are you gathering together with those of a like mind?

Are you opening your mind right now?

Are you loving yourself more than the need to fit in?

Don’t give your power away.

Watching a romantic movie, dining over candlelight, massage and accessing something holy between you is a powerful way to use this Cancer full moon. When our spirits and souls experience each other, we expand together. What could be more lovely?

Find your voice. Speak your truth. Take care of and nurture yourself. Be patient. The more you do your homework, the more successful you will be. Careful planning as your strategy will assist you to be successful in this beautiful year! There is no one like you on the planet. Be kind to you. Be your own champion and cheerleader!

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