I Have Money Why AM I Not Happy?

Beyond Money, the root of all Happiness

My life has been one of huge contrasts. From wealth and extravagance to modest and simplistic.  Living a luxurious lifestyle with all the trappings on a private estate in England, I could not have been more miserable, lonely and unhappy. 

By contrast, when I lived a more simplistic lifestyle, spending time meditating in nature daily, I found true happiness and joy. It was not the poverty that brought me happiness, but the joy I found inside myself. It is the smallest of events that bring me the most joy. This inner peace comes from self-love, acceptance and letting go of what does not serve you

Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things. I love fine food, appreciate beautiful cars, furnishings, and clothing. Those material things do not light me up, ignite my fire or make me feel alive. Happiness is fleeting when it comes from things. A new car or brand new home might make you happy for a short while, but this happiness is fleeting. Lasting happiness comes from something unseen.
Grand Canyon, Arizona, 2013

I have had money, lost it and had money again. Living the simplest of lifestyles, focusing on myself rather than someone else, personal growth, spirituality and internal happiness have brought me the greatest joy and bliss in my life. Guiding others to come into loving acceptance of themselves is what lights me on fire! It does not matter any more where I live, what type of housing I live in or what material things I have. I am happy. I am completely happy alone and no longer have feelings longing, emptiness or loneliness.
Mojave desert, California at sunset, my home

I used to think a relationship would make me happy. A relationship actually brought me more pain and suffering, until I fell in love with myself. Our partners trigger us and bring up our unresolved issues. They provide us the mirror to our soul. We project our issues onto the other person. We often blame our wife, husband or partner for making us feel badly. Yet it is our own past trauma that hasn’t been cleared. 

Jennifer and Karma, Santa Barbara, California

When you don’t love and accept yourself, you attract someone else who is doesn’t love and accept themselves. We have to take responsibility for our own happiness instead of expecting our relationship or partner to do it for us. No one can make you happy, but you. Until you are happy with you, I hate to tell you, but you won’t be permanently happy with anyone, or anything. You will be left longing and wanting and won’t know what you are longing for. 

I tried therapy, a psychiatrist and burying it. None of those things helped. Avoidance may mask your issues for a while, but eventually your body will become sick from holding onto all the emotional baggage, resentment and unforgiveness. Cancer is what usually grabs people’s attention, but by then most people don’t have the energy to do the soul searching and healing required to heal their disease. Resentment and anger cause cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr disease. Self love heals them all. Until the emotional and mental aspects of cancer are healed within the body, traditional chemotherapy and surgery will only be a temporary band aid, not a cure. Healing the past is the only way. 

Begin loving yourself today:

  1. Let go of condemnation of yourself & others.
  2. Stop being critical of yourself and others.
  3. Live in the present. Let go of the past.
  4. Be grateful for what you have. Every day.
  5. Forgive yourself and everyone else.
  6. Let go of perfectionism. it is kinder to you.
  7. Let go of control It is fear based. 
  8. Focus on you.
  9. Don’t blame others.
  10. Take responsibility for your feelings.
  11. Be aware, watch what you say and think.
  12. Allow yourself to feel your emotions fully, crying cleans out the old and makes you feel better.
  13. Meditate daily.
  14. Use positive affirmations.
  15. Be positive.
  16. Don’t complain, no one wants to hear it anyway. It just makes you feel bad.
  17. Love what you are doing, do what you love!
  18. Learn to laugh at yourself, you might be surprised how much fun you are.
  19. Get moving. Exercise makes you feel good.
  20. Get outdoors and breathe deeply.
  21. Sing, dance, and play. Life is supposed to be fun
  22. Listen to your heart instead of your mind.
  23. Give yourself space to heal. Nurture you.
  24. Keep your thoughts loving.
  25. Keep yourself filled up with love from within. When we come to the party already full we aren’t needy, grasping or controlling.

Opening your heart and letting go of control, perfectionism, condemnation, and criticism will release a lot of negativity for you. Returning thoughts to loving thoughts, and staying positive is key. Use a simple mantra when you begin to think or say negative things. My favorite is, “I LOVE ME!” It is simple and reminds us that we already have all we need inside, we just need to remember.

As a life, love and relationship coach, hypnotherapist, channel and Master energy healer I have a vast array of healing methods I use with my clients. If you are committed to living a life of happiness and are tired of suffering, give me a call or send me a quick e-mail. E-mail me here. Read some of my testimonials from ecstatic clients below. (770) 480-5500.

Praise For Jennifer

In March 2012, I began coaching with Jennifer. I got my heart broken repeatedly and I didn’t know why. After several clearings, I discovered that I had past life issues that needed to be cleared to attract the love I wanted and knew I deserved. Jennifer helped me to set goals and helped me realize my thoughts were focused in areas that did not support me. I found myself through Jennifer’s coaching. I became this strong woman that was buried deep inside me. I have found my confidence and inner power through my work with Jennifer. I knew what I wanted and Jennifer helped me to discover that I deserved it. After 3 months with Jennifer, I called her to say HE had arrived! 

He was someone I had always known, but never noticed before. We started to really connect. It was like magic. It literally happened overnight. He is everything I have been dreaming of and I know this man is here for me forever. He is so into me and says all the things to me that I had prayed for.I am a much stronger woman and have learned so many great tools from Jennifer that I will continue to use every day. I’m confident, strong, happy, peaceful and healed (finally). Thank you, Jennifer will continue to do clearings with you when things in life come up. Blessings Cindy M., Knightsen, CA

Having known Jennifer both personally and professionally for more than eight years I can share she is extraordinary. In all her relationships, she brings a level of truth and authenticity that is rarely seen. Jennifer is compassionate and understanding, always allowing her clients and friends the chance to embrace new ideas, opportunities, and experiences to grow and learn. Countless times I have depended on her wisdom and gifts to navigate the storms and disappointments of my day-to-day life. Her insights and love shine through in everything she says and does. If you are looking for a standard bearer of Truth, authenticity, and love in your life, I highly recommend Jennifer.
William D. Atlanta, GA

Jennifer, Many blessings to you because you and your services are a gift straight from Source. Thank you so much for the love you put into your work because I can feel it. I was very blocked before and knew it, I just didn’t know how to clear myself (my biggest blocks were fear and limitation). Thank you for healing me and helping me on my spiritual journey because I know I’m aligned for greatness. I will definitely come back to you when I need the assistance. With so much love, namaste.
Tiffany U.
Miss Jennifer Elizabeth Masters..! YOU are an angel on the physical realms of this Earth! I’m so thankful for all that you have done! Bless your kind soul:) YOU are a BLESSING!
Brittany T.

I highly recommend Jennifer if you are ready to make some changes for the better in your life.”Jennifer has a gift that I am so fortunate to have received. She is highly qualified, trustworthy and truly comes from love as she guides you through a very deep and personal journey. Through Jennifer, I have learned so much about myself and can now see things in a much more positive, loving way that may have, in the past, taken me a lifetime to process. Leslie W.

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