3 Healing Therapies You Don’t Want To Try

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are strange things afoot in the medical and healing industry. Old practices that have been almost forgotten will see a resurgence. My Guidance has given me a strong warning to let people know in advance, these practices are not helpful and are not to be used. 

A 3,000-year-old practice that originated in Egypt was thought to remove foul blood from a person’s body. President Washington was drained of 80 ounces of his blood in his last days after being caught in a sleet storm while riding around on his farm. He died afterward.
The medical profession is contemplating a resurgence of this bloodletting ancient practice. I do not concur. This practice isn’t beneficial. In fact, anything that is less than 75% beneficial I don’t recommend. This practice calibrates at 10% or less. Don’t do it! It could kill you. Death isn’t what we’re looking for when we do any healing practice.
It is said that the Maya would pierce their tongue, lips, and genitalia to experience trance-like states to witness their ancestors. I have some ideas for you that are far safer if you want to experience and witness your dearly beloved on the other side. Set up a session with me and I’ll bring them in for a party!
Watch as this ancient bloodletting makes a comeback. Not with me, it won’t! Did I say I don’t recommend it? 
Courtesy of Harvard Medical School
Yup, those ugly blackish brown things that are like water snails that attach themselves to your toes while river rafting or swimming in natural lakes. I have experienced them in childhood. There is no benefit to leeches except the wonderment and delightful expression on your face when they are GONE!
Believe it or not the medical profession and others think that using leeches is a good thing. Leeches are used to remove gout, osteoarthritis of the knee among other things. 
Leeches are not recommended any more than bloodletting. 10% or less beneficial. Remember anything below 75% isn’t recommended. 
Consuming Crystals, Gemstones & Gemstone Dust
Some people are recommending the consumption of crystals, gemstones and gem dust for health and healing. Whether you consume the gems, dust or rocks you need your head examined if you are doing this! 
Yes, some people advocate the craziest things, but it doesn’t mean they actually work. As a hands-on healer distance or in person, there are other much safer methods. 
Note to self: Don’t eat rocks! 
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