New Moon In Leo Brings Sex, Love and Creativity

At 2:45 AM PST on July 23rd, a powerful new moon in Leo will appear in the night sky. Maybe you can use this strong Leo energy to do some finger painting in the nude? New and different is what this Leo moon is all about. You can’t get more new and different than nude finger painting!

The energy of this Leo New Moon will continue to spark creative projects, innovation, and heart-centered living well into August. The Leo new moon energy is very strong and intense. Things can be speeded up causing us to feel an impetuous churning which can fuel restlessness and impatience hopefully you will have put away your paints by then. Justice, fairness, and fights against oppression can be expressed.

A Strong assertive action is part of this new moon in Leo. Challenges can occur if we are not able to quiet our minds and turn inward. Going inside can help us find our power center and internal calm. It is important for us to stay connected to our inner power, breathe deeply and stay peace-filled. When we are too busy to meditate or remain mindful a lack of focus can cause us to feel scattered or restless rather than centered and calm.

With this Leo New Moon, it is a time to step into our power. Sudden changes in direction in our government administration can occur. Leo’s ego can fuel rage, drama and even love. Watch spending as debt, deficit, and issues with taxes can surface. Strong angry words directed towards other countries can stir up tension and unrest.

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