So You Want To Talk About Sex, Do You? Well Baby…..

When I talk to women about orgasms their faces light up, followed by peals of laughter. “Yes! I want that!” Men’s eyes dance when I hand my business card with my book cover on the back, Orgasm For Life. Yes, they want that too. For those who want an intimate workshop experience, I am facilitating an Esoteric Sex four-hour retreat, September 8th. Experience a sensory awakening and deeper intimacy with clothes on for couples in La Crescenta, California.

When I was guided to write a book about sex, I never knew what was in store for me. People want information and many have no idea where to go. Young girls who have never had sex before are going to adult stores to buy a vibrator and getting misinformation. Both men and women need accurate, loving guidance that is science and research based. As a love and sex coach, the next step for me was to take my work to where the people are. I chose Venice, California where people gather, go to the beach, yoga studios and also to dine. Each Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM, we gather at the Mystic Journey Meditation and Crystal Gallery at1702 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90291.

What Can You Expect?

Each week we’ll have a different subject. This week we are discussing why 80% of women fake orgasm 50% of the time?

I’ll begin with an introduction, a short breathing exercise to get everyone centered and grounded from the stress of his or her day. I’ll explain the guidelines. No questions are silly, weird or embarrassing. The environment is safe, judgment-free, relaxed and compassionate. Men and women are both welcome. All adults are welcome.

Comfortable Clothing 

We will all remain fully clothed, though some might want to take their clothes off. I encourage you to arrive in comfortable clothing in layers. Our discussions can get pretty heated, so make sure you will be in clothing that is light and breathable.


I’ll read an excerpt from Orgasm For Life and will be giving away one free autographed copy of my book at each class. Which reminds me, I better order more copies! I will present the subject matter in a fun and informational way. I recommend you come with an open heart and mind.


I’ll help those with fears of body image, being seen naked or other fears to eliminate them. I may do a Neuro-linguistic Programming process or energy clearing to eliminate fears, anxiety, or blocks about being loved, in a relationship, abandoned, vulnerable, or naked in front of your partner. Yes, believe it or not, many people are afraid to be seen without their clothes on. Remember, there is no judgment here.

Questions and Answers

Though I have plenty of wisdom garnered through my life experience, there are some things I have not experienced. I am open to sharing what I have learned and experienced offering best suggestions for increasing pleasure and eliminating pain.  You don’t have to share or ask questions if you don’t feel comfortable. You can always e-mail me after the workshop if you prefer to ask the questions in a more private way.


There is a $25.00 fee payable at the front desk of the Mystic Journey Meditation Gallery. A lovely young woman will assist you getting checked in. What does that fee cover? It pays the room rental and covers the cost of books and my time.

Enjoy the beautiful crystals as you walk around to the loft located at the back and upstairs in the gallery. We end promptly at 9:00 PM so that the young ladies on the desk can close up the store. Yes, you may purchase crystals and artwork while at the gallery, they are gorgeous!

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