Breaking Through Resistance For Success

Author’s Note:

Saturday evening, September 30th, the dream I held in my heart for six years became a reality. With your help, I became an International Bestselling author! Thank you for buying this inspirational book! Your reviews on Amazon mean so much to me, they assist my ranking as an author to go up, when you mention my name in the review. Reading this book and writing a review continues to raise the rank of this book.

Everyone has a story inside that needs to be told. Each of us is a leader in our own way. If you haven’t been able to bust out of the resistance so far, Conceived To Lead will certainly help you do just that. With thirty-five different accounts of how each female entrepreneur did it her way, this book will inspire you and light a fire of passion inside. I am asking for your help if anything I have ever written has spoken to you, to spend 99 cents today on and help us beat other women in the category of women/memoir like Hilary Clinton for example with her memoir.

I didn’t always have a success mindset. I used to feel like a failure. I ignored the messages I received and certainly couldn’t find the easiest way to do anything, I used to choose the most difficult route. Fast forward to today, I know that the only one that holds me back is me. I have two new books coming out in the next two months. The first book, Conceived To Lead; Dismantling The Glass Ceiling Mindset is a compilation and hits Amazon on September 30th. I am very excited about this book as it was a joint venture, the first I have chosen to do. I have been offered many opportunities to co-write with others but this one spoke volumes to me because it is about leadership and breaking through the glass ceiling that we create for ourselves.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing my portion. On Saturday the e-book is only 99 cents! What can you get today for less than a dollar that is worth anything?

The truth?

The sky is the limit. The ones who limit us the most profoundly? OURSELVES!

My chapter in this compilation is chapter thirty-three, entitled, “The Reluctant Leader.” I turned down the book option presented to me for over twenty years before I finally wrote the book the universe asked me to write. Why? I didn’t think anyone would want to hear a story about abuse, depression, anxiety or sexual trauma. Writing Odyssey Victim to Victory was cathartic for me. Not only did it allow me to stretch myself, it also allowed me to heal so much of my old story that I was still hanging onto.

I think you will love my chapter, as it is my best writing yet. The stars aligned and it flowed with ease. When we are doing what we love things flow effortlessly and easily. Enjoy this book and please honor me with a review after you read it. Carla Wynn Hall and Candy Z the editor would also really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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