3 Reasons To Heal Old Trauma Now To Be Happy

I made an amazing discovery today while lying on my Acupuncturist’s table. After a car accident in August, I was referred to a Physical Therapist to heal the side-effects of a concussion. I have been going three times a week and was seeing very slow results, but very subtle progress nonetheless. When I am in a therapist’s office whether it is a chiropractor’s or acupuncturist’s I pay attention, stay present and mindful to do my best to breathe deeply and move through the pain.

Deep breathing allows us to stay in the moment, and move through the pain, rather than going into a fear or attempting to stop the pain with our minds. When we try to run away, we don’t process the old issues, we stuff them. Stuffing old issues can cause health problems down the road and who wants more of those? I certainly don’t. I want to live a vital life until the day I die.

While lying face down the Dr. was massaging into some really tight knots in my shoulders. The tissue was very tight and his pressing into the knots was painful. I started to hold my breath but resolved to move through whatever was surfacing instead. As he pressed deep into the knot in my left shoulder I had a vision of myself as a child of three. A memory surfaced that I had never seen before! I saw myself standing at the age of three in front of a downtown Toronto, Christmas window. I was wearing a woolen hat with the straps undone and hanging. My little matching grey woolen coat though itchy was very pretty. In a flash, I recognized what had just happened. The Dr. tapped into this memory:

When I was a child living in Toronto, we would wait excitedly until the city’s largest department store Eaton’s decorated their windows for Christmas. Eaton’s spared no expense at Christmas creating beautiful fantasy scenes that children and adults both enjoyed. Each year was a different theme. My little brother and I would stand there for ages watching the little mice, moving clocks and trains with snowflakes and sugar plums all around. Even in the cold Canadian winters, we enjoyed ourselves.

My father used to tease me and squeeze my left shoulder tightly which would make me drop to my knees as it was a combination of pain, tickling and nerve damage. He would laugh hysterically. The only way my father could show his love was by being roughly physical, he wasn’t a tender kind of father. His play was always roughhousing.

What I experienced was a cellular memory. My father must have squeezed my shoulder in his excitement of taking us to see the beautiful Christmas window. The knot the Dr. pressed on was the exact spot my Dad used to squeeze with such delight. The dots were connected when the Dr. pressed into the same spot sixty years later. This connect-the-dots experience took me on a trip down memory lane. I immediately connected my long departed father and his hysterical laughter when he squeezed my shoulder and the image/vision of myself at the age of three together, as if it went ZING!~ Like an electric charge whizzing through my body.



Why Heal Trauma?

  1. The cells remember until the emotion is cleared and/or processed.
  2. Trauma continues to keep us in a victim cycle drawing more victimization to us.
  3. We continue to repeat patterns until the cellular memory is cleared.  We can’t attract a healthy loving relationship if we feel or think we are a victim.

Trauma Stays With Us Till Released, Cleared or Processed

The way to happiness is by moving through our old traumatic experiences to the other side where peace exists. When trauma is removed from the energy field it is also removed from the cellular memory. Whether it was healing the abandonment of being adopted, having an alcoholic mother or father, molestation, abuse, bullying….. fighting in a war, being kidnapped, raped or sexually assaulted all of these events created a deep lasting wound in our psyche. Even a divorce that hasn’t been cleared can leave a gaping hole that prevents you from attracting love to you.

Ignoring doesn’t make it go away. In fact, people that don’t process their grief die of pneumonia. Those who don’t process molestation end up suffering from intense triggering, often a hatred of self, sex and block love from their lives by pushing people away. Triggering is also from old trauma. All of these things can be cleared so that we live a happy productive life.

You don’t have to experience the event over again. I can clear the program from your energy field while we chat warmly about what you are doing in your life. I am so excited to witness this incredible discovery so that I can help others remember what they want to and clear what they want to release. What I know for sure is that after all the trauma I experienced, I am on the other side of unhappiness, depression, fears, anxiety, fear of sex, self-hatred, self-loathing, lack, perfectionism and people-pleasing.

Why not begin 2018 with a new expanded version of yourself. I currently have room for three new clients going into 2018. Once my book is full, I will not be taking new clients for a while. Send me an e-mail and I’ll set up a thirty-minute consultation to discover how we can work together to get you to feel strong, positive, happy, confident, beautiful, loved and your authentic radiant self! I can’t wait to hear from you!


With Love,


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