Divine Intervention and A True Story of Love

As a channel and intuitive, I am often guided to speak to people I meet. One day five years ago, while at Walmart I had a profound message to speak to a man. I could feel his physical pain in his stomach, back and legs. I asked him how he felt. I also had a message for this man, named Joe. I heard that he had been single a long time. He wasn’t very happy. I told him that love was coming for him very soon!

Three months after me giving him this message, he received a wrong number on his phone. He called the number back and left a message for the woman named Brandi. He teased her saying that he would love to go to Napa Valley with her! Joe and Brandi began dating and his walls began to crumble that he had built around his heart. Because of the message I gave him that love was coming for him, he had the confidence to step forward more boldly than he ever had before. Five years later the two are still together enjoying life, love and sharing the experience of raising Brandi’s two children. Joe had long since given up the idea of having a family, yet here he is enjoying a rich family life and the love that surrounds him. The message here for everyone is that there is hope. Never stop believing in love. Don’t ever give up on love. If you are ready to have the love of your dreams and are committed to opening your heart and doing the internal work to get there, send me a message and let’s talk about how we can work together to clear the path for love to come to you today! You can book your free discovery session right here on my website or send me a private e-mail.  JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com  

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