Dealing With Grief And Loss

Each of us encounters some form of a loss from our children graduating and moving away, the loss of a pet, child, spouse, divorce or breakup. Even the loss of a friendship can be something that we grieve. Allowing ourselves space and time to cry is imperative for our physical health. When we hold our emotions in we create stress in the body. 85% of the health issues people have today are due to stress, including heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Experiencing a foreclosure, fire or mold in your home, which I did back in Georgia where we lose everything is a tremendous loss as well. Decluttering our home and giving away things we no longer need can also bring up the experience of grief and loss. We don’t realize the many experiences in our lives that we stuff rather than process.

In this video, I discuss my personal experience with the loss of my Beloved dog, Karma which hit me months after her death. It is important to feel our emotions fully. We have to stop what we are doing and cry when tears surface rather than stuffing the emotion down and distracting ourselves with busyness.


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