Friendly Drinks, Or Alcoholic Society?

Las Vegas is The place for addictions from gambling, over-eating, to drinking alcohol. We can be rejected or put down for not drinking with friends. Taking care of ourselves with a healthy diet and not drinking can cause others to shame us.

Where Do Addictions Come From?

All addictions come from a rejection of ourselves. Not loving who we are, not feeling enough, looking for someone else to love us is an addiction, codependency is the need to have someone else that loves us in order to feel loved.

We look for something to make us feel better. It could be sex, overworking, shopping or reaching for the piece of chocolate layer cake to make us feel loved.

No Matter the Substance

Because we have a void inside us, we search for something to make us feel loved and whole. Not until we lovingly accept ourselves completely as we are do we fill the void inside. No matter where the void came from, it is our responsibility to fill it from within. A substance will not change who we are. No amount of overworking, shopping or fantastic sex will fill the void inside.

Love Heals All

The way out of the emptiness is through. We need to look inside at the issues and triggers from our early childhood. The patterns from childhood need to be re-programmed. Our unconscious mind needs to be repatterned. An energy clearing allows the space for new programming in the form of mantra tracks to be laid and take hold. Repetition of the, “I love me,” mantra daily repeated while doing mundane tasks will help. I highly encourage you to get an energy clearing to remove the heavy low vibrational self-sabotage and feelings of worry, not being good enough or blocks to love.

What Does An Energy Clearing Do?

For you, a first-time energy clearing can allow you to feel clear, calm, anxiety-free, focused, lighter, happier. Your emotions will be in balance so that communication with those around you comes from a calm centered place. From a first time client, “I already feel different!” T.S. Book your session NOW!

Who Is Helped By An Energy Clearing?

Everyone. No matter if the issue is with your health, addictions, mental or emotional state an energy clearing will help you to feel calmer, less anxious, worried, upset and fearful. Most people begin to feel calm within the first few minutes of beginning a session with me. My voice is calming, loving, nurturing, the energy that surrounds you feels safe, loving yet powerful.

In Just Three Months

Clients have had remarkable and profound changes:

  • Insecurity and codependency were gone!
  • A lifetime fear of illness, doctors, and anxiety were GONE!
  • Feelings of being lost cleared feeling stronger, more settled and confident
  • After 40 years of a sexless marriage found a loving partner who enjoys sex!

Results vary according to the work and effort you commit to making the changes. When you follow the prescription for healing Jennifer gives you, the results are profound!

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