Mars Retrograde Ends, Are We In OZ?

Mars The Planet of War

Friday the 13th Mars the planet of war, turned direct. Don’t get too excited though, the aftereffects could last until January 2nd.

The planet Mars governs war. Attacks, both physical and verbal could be a part of your journey. The warring energy culminated this week post-election as Donald Trump was at war with everyone.

The curtain is opening for the world to see. Who is it behind the curtain with the loudest voice imaginable? I’m wondering if we are in the Land of Oz?

My Worst Nightmare

To illuminate the impact of this energy, your anger and ire might rise, as the retrograde ended. My experience is that the end of the retrograde period is when we feel the greatest negative effects.

I don’t know if you like me, were feeling you got through this retrograde unscathed? A universal smackdown hit me on Monday evening while taking little Yoda out for his nightly walk. Sometimes it can feel as if the universe is laughing…… “I’ll fix you, my pretty!”

Yoda and I walked out of the elevator, our carefree demeanor dropped abruptly. We turned the corner toward the front door of the apartment building, a neighbor hit the auto-open on the exterior glass door. The door opened, his dog lunged forward hackles up. Off-balance, he lost control of the dog, dropping the leash.

Trauma Memories

I flashed back to New Year’s Day, 2017, as my 21-year-old dog, Karma, attacked by an off-leash Pitbull in Newhall, California. The Pitbull’s owner screaming at me! It is strange to me how someone obviously in the wrong takes the offensive and yells. Leash laws remain in effect. This particular man was over sixty miles away from home because he was banned from walking his dog in his home county.

His dog was off-leash and nearly killing my old dog. Had it not been for my dear friend, Meredith’s beautiful man by her side to strong-arm the pit with a chokehold, Karma would have been killed on that mountain. The event was a foreshadowing of what was to come in March. Her days were numbered.

Trauma and PTSD

We release trauma in layers. Incidents surface that replicates old memories. In our minds, we are often under the misimpression that no emotional memory remains. The universe reminds us to keep us straight.

In an instant, our subconscious can be triggered by the tone of voice. A screaming man or the sound of a train, taking us back in time. We become the terrified child in protective mode. Our angry parents screaming at us all over again.

Time stands still as this subconscious memory slams us into fight or flight. Trauma is an engram encapsulated in our cellular memory. The more we work on eliminating past trauma, the less it impacts our daily lives.

I Protected My Dog

I watched in horror as the Pit charged at Yoda hackles up. I blocked the big dog’s charge at Yoda with my left leg to cover my nineteen-pound, dog. The Pit’s hard-head whacked my shin leaving me with a huge bruise and nasty bump. The dog’s owner began screaming at me to not kick his dog. His screams triggered old memories of my raging father standing over me, red-faced hitting me with his leather belt. Though distant, the yelling had a ripple effect.

Our Shadow Work

It is imperative to do inner work on our shadow self. The shadow is where trauma is stored. The more work we do to eliminate the past the better our lives become. In ten years, there had been no evidence of old trauma. Now more than ever there is a push to work through whatever remains.

The month of December could be very bumpy for those who have not done deep inner releasing work. In my case, after thirty-six years of releasing and recovery work, the evidence of recurrence had not occurred in ten years.

  • my dog was on-leash
  • I had control of my dog
  • the Pit attacked us
  • I merely protected my dog from attack and death
  • I never kicked the other dog

The First Notes of A Song

Just like we remember the words of a song when we hear only the first few notes of a riff, the sound of an angry scary person yelling at us can trigger a negative memory just as quickly. The mind never forgets. Even if we don’t remember, it is stored deep in our subconcious mind.

Our brain is a super computer storing these encapsulated memories that are triggered with one note of the old refrain.

Cellular Memory

Trauma from our childhood is stored in our cells. Until an incident occurs that replicates the nature, sounds or sensory engram (encapsulated memory of the events from the past) triggers us. A triggering mechanism could be a word, touch, sound or emotion that takes us back to the original memory.

When trauma is triggered it can take hours to calm down and feel like our current self again. Finding a way to feel safe, is imperative.

The Good News!

December is a time of huge release. Prepare to do serious shadow work this coming month. Use the free energy clearings on YouTube to assist you. Or take advantage of the Black Friday sale coming up. I’ll have several opportunities that will lift your spirits and help you release.

What Can We Do?

  • journal about the past, burn the page to release it
  • learn to speak up for your rights
  • know that the universe is working for you, not against you
  • there is a Divine Plan
  • we are always taken care of
  • everything works out (maybe you are being directed to do something different)
  • get your energy cleared when an event occurs
  • remember we are not here to fight
  • do your best to resolve differences with a conversation
  • Usually, both individuals are reacting out of trauma-memory

Signs From The Universe

Everything happens for a reason. The universe supports us even when it looks dreadful. We have to look for the upside and the silver lining. We are meant to view things differently.

What is the message, I am meant to see? In my case, I see another move in my future, to a place where my animals will be safe. It’s all okay.

In the meantime, I will take precautions to go out another door and avoid walking my little guy, Yoda at the same time as my neighbor.

Everything happens for our highest and best good! We need to put our problem behind us rather than make it our focus. I am not here to fight with anyone.

I talked with the dog owner once the dust settled. They had their trauma too. We must do our best to shine the light of consciousness on every situation no matter how dark or bleak it appears. Something good comes out of every situation even if it is a lesson.

The problem’s not the problem!

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