Thriving Through Mercury Retrograde

You guessed it! We are in the second Mercury Retrograde of 2021, which began Saturday, May 29 in the mutable sign of Gemini ending June 22nd.

Those lucky enough to be born Geminis get Mercury in your chart for the entire year. What does this mean to Geminis? You will be re-thinking and reviewing what you could be doing differently all year long!

Mercury is the ruler of communication, transportation, and technology. This little planet is a powerhouse when it comes to getting us to be more watchful about how we communicate in all forms; verbally, non-verbally through body language, eye-rolling, texts, and email.

What Does Mercury Do?

Calls may drop, emails disappear, issues from our exes, partners and friends resurface. This little feisty planet wreaks havoc with travel plans, flights, delays, traffic creating arguments even causing anger to erupt quickly out of nowhere.

Three to four times a year the planet Mercury slows down and appears to rotate backward. This astrological event happens approximately 18 percent of the year. Take heart, dear ones, as it is not all bad.


Gemini is the sign of the twins, a dualistic personality that is quick often lightning fast, personable, chatty, flexible, and versatile. Those of you that are born under this sign can celebrate this Mercury Retrograde for the next 365 days!

This Gemini attribute makes this Mercury Retrograde feel more intense. You may feel an intense need to connect during this three-week period.

Old friends from the past often show up during a retrograde period. Repeating patterns with exes also might surface, do tread carefully. Tempers can flare up and miscommunications happen frequently during this period.

With all this seeming negativity how can a Mercury Retrograde help you? I have lived through many since my birth during a Mercury Retrograde I’ll give you my best suggestions to help you.

The Benefits Of Mercury Retrograde

Remember, the universe was set up to assist us, rather than hurt or harm. These astrological periods show up for us to clear out the old that we no longer need and eliminate.


  1. Reduce clutter. Papers build up very quickly. Use this retrograde to go through your papers saving only what you need.
  2. Recycle. How many glass jars and plastic containers does one need? Now is the optimum time to recycle those containers you have been saving for a rainy day.
  3. Clean out your closets. Every time I move I give away clothes that I haven’t worn in a year, though some things linger. Now is the time to eliminate those silk skirts you paid a fortune for and never wear and your Go-Go boots, they aren’t in style anymore!
  4. Renew. Microdermabrasion, facial treatments, and moisturizing masks will renew your skin getting you beach-ready! Now is a great time for self-care, manicures, pedicures, and facials.
  5. Re-think. Perhaps you have been considering a new business. Now is not the time to start, incorporate, or sign documents. It is a time to re-do.
  6. Edit your manuscript, but do not release or launch. Re-write, but don’t publish until after June 22nd.
  7. Plan.
  8. Look for a home. It is a great time to look for a new home, but do not sign on the dotted line. Do not sign a lease, contract, or paperwork to build a home. If you feel compelled to do so anyway, thinking there is no other way (false belief) you might feel you spent too much money, didn’t get your money’s worth or the project will take far longer than anticipated.
  9. Research.
  10. Redo a business plan or project.
  11. Remove junk.


  • buy a home
  • sign any type of contract
  • get married or engaged
  • date someone new and think they will be your everlasting love because it will end shortly
  • buy a computer
  • get your hair cut or colored in a new way (you won’t be happy)
  • move (you’ll have second thoughts or regret your decision)
  • get a new pet (as you’ll regret it) wait until after June 22nd.

Thriving versus Fearing

There is nothing to fear, except fear itself. Mercury Retrograde can be your biggest push each year to re-organize, renew, recycle and get yourself on track with papers and clothing.

Once you recognize the benefits of this Mercury Retrograde energy you discover the rhythm of nature works for your highest and best good. There are times to rest, times to move ahead and times to transform and introspect. Now is a fabulous time to journal about your past and look at what you want to work on to step into your best version of yourself!

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