Is Secondary Gain Keeping You Stuck?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Secondary Gain is a term known in psychology and the personal development field as the benefit that people get from NOT overcoming their problems. It is not known at a conscious level. The loss of holding onto a condition is far greater than the perceived gain. There is an emotional pay-off by staying where you are.

Secondary Gain keeps you stuck where you are.

Typically the word “gain” is a positive term. In this case it is negative. Secondary gain could be causing all kinds of problems in one’s life. From weight gain, depression, to financial issues or relationship woes these issues never get cleared up or go away until the secondary gain issue is resolved. 


The bottom line is survival. The ego mind forms relations with what is familiar. This ‘familiar’ is then considered safe to the mind. Even when the situation is considered familiar does not mean it is healthy or functional.


These patterns can remain for an entire lifetime even when they are dangerous, unhealthy or dysfunctional. Once these associations are formed and are no longer protecting the person, they remain in tact.  


What I have found with the people I have worked with that even after visualizing, affirming, treatments and manifesting that the wealth does not show up. Their situation can even become worse. Sometimes this has to do with an unconscious belief about what complications may arise from being wealthy.


Fear of responsibility can arise from beliefs about what will occur when the manifestation does show up. This fear can keep you stuck.  It is almost always unconscious.


Loss of love from family members and partners should you change, is another unconscious reason for a manifestation not materializing.


When we begin to break through old patterns we feel intensely uncomfortable. This threshold of discomfort then keeps us stuck from breaking free of a negative situation. Even leaving a relationship that is abusive can feel strange and uncomfortable, keeping people stuck in dangerous or debilitating patterns. This is often why women leave a relationship and then return a short while later, when no behavior has changed.


How do we determine if we have it?

If you have done everything right; all the positive affirmations and visualizations and your good still has not shown up? You probably have an issue with secondary gain. You may even have more than one.

Why is it that we have so much trouble breaking through the glass ceiling of success? Many get close but only 1% of the population ever achieve extreme wealth. WHY? Because 90% of what our unconscious mind believes to be true isn’t.  


How can you break through this ceiling?

Journaling, meditating and going within can help you uncover what the issue is. Do all the things you would normally do to heal a conscious issue. Being a super sleuth for your own issues can help. You may want to have this issue cleared either through hypnotherapy or energetically.


Join me this Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific and 8:00 PM EDT


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Jennifer is a Master Energy healer and hypnotherapist. Her ability to see through to the root cause of issues is uncanny. If you continue to have difficulties with manifesting schedule a treatment session with her to uncover and clear your Secondary Gain issue.


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