Vulnerability The Key To BLISS

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We live on planet earth between the sun, moon and the stars. As events in our solar system intensify, so do the events and situations in our lives. Knowing how to navigate these days will assist you to feel more comfortable, certain and grounded.

Vulnerability The Key TO BLISS

We know the moon effects the tides of the ocean, that the solar flares cause changes here on earth for us. Having a series of strong Astrological events in one month causes us to feel deeply. This month we have a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse and a Grand Cross all in one month. April 15th has been heralded as Judgement Day by many. This is not an apocalyptic event, but rather one of great change of the earth’s vibration and ultimately humanity’s as well.

April has already been an intense month. Tonight’s full lunar eclipse is the beginning of a two week volatile time for us. Upheaval, uncertainty and great change is coming for us all. Freedom and Independence will be the result. Issues from our past that have been long forgotten are resurfacing to be looked at from a different perspective and healed. 

Tonight’s lunar eclipse marks the beginning of strong Astrological events that culminate with the Grand Cross between April 20 – 24th. I have provided a link below to further information regarding this month’s planetary events. 

Many of my fellow healers and light workers have had accidents, serious health issues as well as deep emotional issues bite us in our butts. If we are feeling these things we know everyone is subject to this deep unearthing and excavation. I was not immune.

For me, I experienced a deep excavation of issues from my very early childhood. Memories that I had stuffed deep in the recesses of my brain, and not remembered have come to light for me over the past two months. I am a fearless woman. Strong, resilient and powerful. Yet last Wednesday night, I became extremely vulnerable, which offered deep insights into what was going on with me. The following day, I felt fragile, broken hearted, open and emotional. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Photo by Sarah Perkins Photography, Denver, CO

I have done almost 30 years of deep inner work on myself through various modalities, which led me to become a hypnotherapist, energy healer and life coach for women. I help suicidal teens, women and men. I assist strong business women and men work through their deepest issues. Yet, here I was feeling like I was crumbling before my very eyes. What is important to note is that when we are at our most vulnerable, our deepest insights come to us. If we look within with faith, hope and trust, we will be guided through the melee and the debris to a higher level. We become stronger,  more resilient and open as a result. We begin to recognize that our minds often play tricks on us. We question our insights and poo-poo them, thinking, “that couldn’t be true, could it?” We find that the truth is there under the subterfuge. We have known it all along, but have avoided going there because it was too painful.

What is important to know, is that on the other side of feeling broken, crumbling and fragile is BLISS. We find a deeper understanding of ourselves which leads to more love, compassion which in turn opens our hearts to greater love, joy and happiness.

Avoidance and denial keep us stuck in a paradigm where bliss and happiness barely touch us. The deepest happiness comes from going beyond; walking through the pain into truth.

I am softer today than I was last week. I feel more open, centered and grounded. I hear other people and their issues much more clearly because I have allowed the truth in for myself. Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable with another human being reaches the deepest depths of our soul and touches our truest selves. This is where the light shines. This is home.

Full Moon Eclipse Process from Selacia:

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is the author of Orgasm For Life: A no holds-barred guide to BLISS launching on May 20, 2014. This book is not just a book about sex. It is a light-hearted and often humorous look at ourselves. It bridges the chasm between men and women where we make each other wrong. It crosses the lines of hate, mis-understanding, bringing us closer to who we truly are. Self Love is the foundation for healthy, loving supportive relationships, SEX is the glue. 

Sex helps us to connect with another deeply through our mind-body and spirit to raise our vibration and bring us closer to God/Allah/ Source/ Higher Power. This is where BLISS is. Sex is not dirty or wrong it is spiritual. Sex was after all, created by God. 

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