What Blocks Orgasm

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I knew I was not the only one with this issue. 80% of women fake orgasm because they feel it takes them too long to get there. Most men have no idea. Most women don’t tell their partners. When sex is better for women, men will have more opportunities for frequent sex. Most women get into their 50’s and are so tired of being unfulfilled during sex, that they just say, “NO!” To get more YES’s and fewer NO’S you need to read Orgasm For Life to find out how to get your woman there consistently. When a woman begins to have orgasms each time you have sex, you will find her much more willing to have sex. 

Think of it this way, how would you feel as a man if you were married for 59 years and never had an orgasm? Seriously, ask yourself this question.


I had an issue most of my life. I was non-orgasmic into my fifties. Sure I had the odd orgasm every now and then, but it was a rare occurrence. Unlike my partners, I did not have an orgasm each time I had sex. I found it frustrating. I often cried after sex out of frustration and anger. I even masturbated in the bathroom, unbeknownst to my husband.  When I began writing my book, Orgasm For Life, I found that I was not the only one that had this issue. I heard from women married 59 years who never ever had an orgasm. Some women younger than me married over 35 years also had issued. One woman was beaten up by her husband for telling him that she wasn’t having orgasms. He put a pillow over her head and punched her repeatedly. Every woman I talked to had an issue achieving orgasms at some point in their lives. Most men didn’t know,  and their women weren’t talking about it. 

When we focus on other things that the sex act, we are not in the present moment. Being present in the moment through deep breathing will help you connect with the present. Opening your mouth, makes noises, there are many things that can assist you to get on the orgasm road. Here are suggestions that worked for me.
  1. Breathe deeply through your mouth.
  2. Stay connected with your partner through eye contract.
  3. Talk to each other. Encourage each other. “That’s it! That feels good…”
  4. Move your hips. Opening up your hips with movement can get the kundalini moving, which is what moves during orgasm. Pelvic thrusts up and down, squeezing your glutious maximus muscles (butt cheeks) helps also.
  5. Make sounds. Vocalizing can get you both excited.
  6. Do kegels. Squeezing the pelvic floor muscles and muscles along the vaginal walls rhythmically will help you get there.
  7. Tell your partner what you like. There is nothing worse than stimulating someone without any appreciation or feedback. Let him or her know when something feels really good, “Oh ya baby!” or “I really like THAT!”
  8. Get your hormones checked. If you have NO sex drive, your hormones are probably really low. Without hormone levels being sufficient, sex can feel impossible.
  9. Take a natural supplement to assist you. Horny Goatweed really works. Damiana, Don Quai, Macca, all are options. Do your research. Find out what you need. But don’t just lie there! Do something! 
If you are not having sex in your marriage or relationship – understanding can take you so far. After a sexless relationship goes on, issues arise, anger, resentment and other issues become problems. Talk about it with your partner. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Get some professional help and get your hormone levels checked. 

Buy my book. It will assist you in so many creative ways to ignite the fires of passion. This book will make you laugh, make you cry, ignite the fire of passion for both of you and help you create deeper intimacy and better sex. When the sex is great, you become more connected. Your relationship becomes stronger and you have the foundation to weather the storms of life. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a healed healer, author, sex and life coach. She has a large tool chest of healing modalities to work with no matter whether your issue is self esteem, sexual dysfunction or communication. Her website is: http://www.JenniferElizabethMasters.com

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