5 Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we think life is hard, it will be. When we resist life and life’s events, we suffer. When we intend for our life to be positive blissful and  happy we are choosing something better for ourselves. 


When we encounter angry people in our world, it is because we are angry. Most of us are unaware of the emotions lurking in our unconscious mind. When we encounter people who complain, bitch or moan about their problems, it is because we complain about our own. Whatever we focus on expands, whether it is positive or negative. Our thoughts are magnified by repeating them.

Whatever is going on inside of us is reflected in our outside world. If we attract men who control us, it is because we are afraid of being alone. If people show up in our life that are angry, it is because we either have an intense fear of anger, or we have inner rage ourselves. 
Whatever we fear we attract. Whatever we think we attract. If we meet resentful negative people in our outside world, it is because we are resentful and negative. Energy moves in a circle. Whatever we send out comes right back to us. Often we are unaware of the energies we are putting out with our thoughts. Most of us are thinking unconscious thoughts without knowing or being aware of what they are. If we fear it, we will attract it. If we worry about not having enough money, The Universe will brings us more lack to worry about. 

There is always a gift and a lesson in everything that happens. Look for the silver lining in each event. When a marriage or relationship ends, there is always 
Life Is Happening FOR You Always
Thinking thoughts that life is not fair, do not serve you. Stop this madness! Life is always and in EVERY way, working FOR you, not against you. Life is being orchestrated FOR you, beautifully. It is your thoughts that are creating the havoc in your life.
Reprogramming Our Thoughts
It is easier to change our conscious thoughts than our unconscious ones. So let’s begin with what we are thinking. We have heard it all before, thoughts are things. If we think it, we create it. We need to think about our mind as a pristine proving ground. If we swear, we will lower our vibration and bring more negativity to us. If we think resentful thoughts about our ex, co-workers or children, people who are resentful will show up in our lives. These people are merely a reflection of what is going on in our mind.
Fitness For The Mind
Obsessing about a break-up, the ass hole that cut us off on the road, or the bank teller who seemed rude, all bring more of these things to us. Instead learn to NOT GIVE IT ENERGY. Let it go. When we think one particular thought over again we are obsessing. Sometimes a thought loops and plays like a broken record. This is particularly difficult to stop, but can be done. Coming to me for an energy clearing helps to clear the limiting belief or programming that is playing in your head. The more you think a negative thought about another, the more negativity you are bringing into tomorrow.
Like Attracts Like
Thinking positive thoughts will attract positive people, events and things into your life. Thinking negative thoughts, worrying or doubting yourself will bring you negative situations, lack and more to worry about.
Doing a drive-by to see what your girlfriends’ new boyfriend’s house is like, does not serve you and is like pouring acid on your heart. What is the point? You are only causing yourself more pain and perpetuating a thought. “She hurt me! Why is she doing this TO ME?….” or whatever you might be thinking.
Here are some suggestions to change your thought process into positive uplifting thoughts that will help you rather than hurt you. 
5 Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now
  1. Forgive yourself for attracting this situation into your life using the Ho’oponopono Prayer below.
  2. Let go of the negative past. Thinking about it is only giving it power. Each time you think a negative thought you are creating a ball and chain of negative energy which you are dragging around. This ball and chain gets heavier with each thought. It is not serving you. Let it go. Use a mantra to change your thought processes. I have some suggestions below.
  3. Replace the negative thought with a mantra pick one that works for you, use one for a week and then change it up: I LOVE ME! I AM SAFE. GOOD THINGS ARE COMING TO ME EVERY DAY. ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD. I AM BLISS. I AM LOVE. I AM BLESSED. I AM JOY. I KNOW THAT MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY AND I EXPECT MY MIRACLE TODAY!
  4. Meditate each day. 
  5. Raise your vibration every day. Guilt, shame, fear are all very low vibrating energies. Joy, peace, love and gratitude will raise your vibration. Gratitude is one of the easiest ways when you feel low to bring up your vibration. You have eyes that see, legs that move, a mind that thinks, food to eat, a roof over your head. The more you focus on the things you already have, the better your life will become. Gratitude gives everything fuel to manifest more good into your life.
The Ho’oponopono Prayer
This prayer although simplistic, is very powerful for healing the past hurt you have had. Always forgive yourself first for attracting the situation into your life. Then spend some time thinking about the other person. This does not mean you condone the other person’s behavior. But NOT forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you
Spend at least 20 minutes doing this prayer for you first. Then spend about the same time forgiving the other person. You will feel better as a result. It releases you from the resentment of the other. Resentment can cause cancer. It does not serve you in the least. Talking about how much the other person did to you with everyone you come in contact with does not serve you and perpetuates negative energy, creating the negative events of tomorrow.
Set An Intention For Each Day
If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you don’t intend, you can’t bring it forth. So each day, decide how you want to feel for the whole day. Make it BIG! Intend to feel one of the following:
Fully Alive
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Jennifer is an author, life, love and sex coach. She empowers men and women to love themselves fearlessly, creating positive loving, healthy and balanced relationships. Trust, intimacy, and respect are the cornerstones for a great relationship. But first you must give love to yourself. Without self love, you will attract lack: lack of respect, lack of love, lack of trust, lack of commitment. Self love is the cornerstone to all healthy realtionships. Loving yourself is the first and foremost focus for healing your life, your world and bringing you permanent lasting happiness.
Jennifer is a healed healer. Working with Jennifer will cause your issues to come up. She is a catalystic healer. It is natural for her. It is not anything that she does. It is who she is. 

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