The Beauty Inside You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Do you feel beautiful? Do you feel tremendous love for yourself and everyone in the world? If not…..  join me on a little journey inside your soul. 

Each and every one of us has a well inside us that is nothing but unconditional LOVE. Once you tap into this well, you will never feel alone, or lonely again. Love radiates out of you and people are magnetized by it. They adore you, wonder why you look so youthful, beautiful and radiant?

Most of us beat ourselves up with a baseball bat and focus on your lack, limitations and not being good enough. I used to do this also. Our past does not equal our future. What was true yesterday is not true today. It is time to step into this well of deep love, understanding and amazing wisdom.

After doing Spiritual Response Therapy training to clear people’s energy back in 2007, I met a couple through my teacher who taught me a meditation called Ascension. These teachers are Ishaya monks, who have dedicated their lives to sharing Ascension. Ascension has its roots in ancient Christianity, although it crosses all boundaries of belief and is not associated with a religion. It was apparently taught by Jesus to all his disciples. It was a secret teaching, one that they took a vow of silence on, and could not teach anyone else. I have vowed not to teach this process to any of my clients as well. After Jesus’ death, these Ishaya monks were kept cloistered on a Greek island to protect this teaching and sacred wisdom. It was recently re-released out into the world when the timing was right. Gomati and Vasestha Ishaya are two delightful and loving people who I am honored to say have been my teachers. Vasestha always wears white. Gomati always wore red, head to toe for years. She has recently opted for the newer updated vows to wear red in some way.

There are five spheres, each with a set of mantras that are repeated or recited silently, with eyes opened or closed. The mantras that are recited each take you deep inside to this place of peace. After doing Ascension for only 5 weeks, my mind chatter ceased. I have passed the energy of these mantras to you in my YouTube video of The Divine Presence Process Meditation. Several of my clients have witnessed life changing through this meditation. One, has found complete silence in her mind, just by doing this meditation daily.

Gomati and Vasestha drove up from Florida and stayed at my home. We waited till my daughter got home from school. She joined the workshop and did The Ascension class with me. On my first session, my daughter and I tapped into this deep well of incredible peace, on the first try. Ariel fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. We tried many times to wake her and eventually gave up. She needed this deep rest, obviously. I too went very deep into a dark place without boundaries. I had never experienced a place so vast, without limits and so incredibly peaceful. To think that place was inside me, rather than in heaven, was amazing to me. I have not been the same since. Jim Carey talks about having this amazing experience and wanting to get back there. Ascension is the way to this place.

The Ascension attitudes all have a purpose. Each one does something different to the brain. Our normal brain waves are sharp, pointy and incongruent. When we do the Ascension Attitudes, the brain waves become long, slower and congruent (or smooth). Doing the meditation above will offer you very similar results. It changes the brain patterns and makes them congruent and calms your senses. You feel a deep sense of inner peace. Over time, this meditation will cause profound changes in your thoughts patterns and nervous system.

This place inside you is infinite. It has no limits, no walls and no boundaries. It is deep, peaceful and filled with nothing but love and acceptance. Being in this space, allows deep healing to occur, sleep like you have never had before and a life-changing mind-blowing feeling of LOVE. When you feel this love, you never want to leave again. 

We all have this place. No one is omitted. Each and every one of you can go there. Often when I am doing energy clearings on my podcasts on Wednesday evening, the listeners go deep and only wake up at the very end when I am saying “Goodnight.” I feel that the exchange of energy that takes place is one of healing from the depths of my soul to yours from all the meditation and Ascension attitudes I have done over the years.

If you are ready for profound change in your life, to Love Yourself Fearlessly, Jennifer is the one to guide you there. Her gentle loving spirit and sense of humor helps to challenge you, push you onward and ever upward, to a place of inner peace and self love you only dreamed of having. She will encourage you, and help you shift quickly. When you love and accept yourself, fearlessly you will find your life becomes more peaceful, rather than one of battle and war with others. Events occur with ease and grace, like magic. 

Jennifer became enlightened in 2012. She is a beacon of light, love and wisdom. Her work is for anyone of any background or belief. Jennifer has suffered with pain, depression and illness in the past. Her body is now pain free. The love that you have inside of you is capable of healing everything. You just have to tap into it. Jennifer will help you get there. Whether it is sexual dysfunction, relationship challenges, or feelings of unworthiness, Jennifer is the real deal. Her wisdom comes from personal experience, doing the work on herself, to heal her past. She uses the tools she created for her own healing to help you move through the pain, trauma and negativity of past events, into recognizing the gifts and lessons in your life and loving acceptance for you. Connect with Jennifer Here

As a catalystic life coach, Jennifer innately brings up your inner most issues. It is a gift of healing which helps you move through your healing process more easily. 

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Jennifer has a weekly radio show on Wednesday nights at 5:00 PM PST and 8:00 PM EST. (605) 475-4000 PIN 939401# 
This week’s show is about how crazy women are. Yup, we’re freaking nuts! I am a woman and I speak for myself. Want to hear my take on just how crazy we are and why men can’t understand us? Join me this Wednesday. “WOMEN ARE CRAZY” is the title of this week’s show. This week promised to be fun, laugh filled and enlightening. The week following is entitled, “Men are Stupid!” Yup….  each sex has their day in court. Join me for fun. Life is short – live it up and laugh at yourself at the same time. 

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