You Have The Power

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Many people feel or think that life is unfair, difficult and a big pain in the behind. We often struggle. It seems like a fight to keep our heads above water, our bills paid and hopefully have something in the bank to retire on. When our hard work doesn’t pay off, or we are unhappy and alone, we may wonder what we are missing. 

I recently worked with several different women struggling with similar issues. Although the subject appears to be a departure from my usual fare, I will offer what I have learned along my path. I will debunk the common limiting beliefs that get people stuck. When we clear these beliefs life becomes easier and we recognize that we are not powerless, but powerful beyond measure.
Life is not supposed to be hard. Society, religions, churches and governments have tried to seduce us into thinking that life needs to be difficult. We have been led to believe only certain people can be rich, wealthy and successful. There is some mystery, surrounding the wealthy. We think that there is only so much money to go around. Leaving only a limited number with all the power and money while so many have little. I am here to tell you that is utter Bull pies! Life is not supposed to be hard. We THINK it is – so it is. The more often you repeat this refrain, the more difficult life will be for you.
Instead, think:
Life is effortless and easy.  
Make this your mantra for one week. Watch and see what happens. Instead of thinking life is hard. Think that life is easy. At first, your ego might tell you that you are full of the brown stuff. Ignore that voice. Listening to your ego is what has gotten you into this mess in the first place. Your ego will eventually give up the fight, after you recognize that voice is hurting you rather than helping.
This one, I believed for the longest time. When we believe we are victims, we will attract situations where we will be abused, cheated on and lied to. Everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon when we believe we are powerless victims. When we start recognizing that we are responsible for what happens to us, we shift our paradigm. No one is a victim. You are not a victim. 
Instead take responsibility for your health. Take responsibility for your life. Recognize that you are creating this hell on earth simply by thinking negative thoughts. Telling your story of woe over and over again is like shouting into a megaphone. Then the Universe sends us more of what we are complaining about. We re-create our past by talking about it. Which brings more negative events to your door. Even thinking that you are powerless and a victim brings a conveyor belt of crap to your door. 
When you begin to change your thoughts and think positive thoughts, your life will change. Use the mantras below daily. Repeat them often, especially when you are driving, standing in front of the mirror, or in the shower. When you are doing mindless activities, your mind is in what I call neutral. This is how you get past the gatekeeper of the unconscious mind.  Use these mantras daily. Watch and see what happens.



I love this one. I certainly struggled with feeling not good enough for more than half of my life. We are told by teachers parents, clergy, “Try harder!” “You can do better!” When is enough enough? When are we ever good enough if we are constantly striving for perfection? 

First of all, in spite of what some think, we will never be perfect. When you let go of that, you recognize that you are already enough. God didn’t create JUNK. You are not JUNK. So therefore you are already ENOUGH. You are Perfect AS YOU ARE. No matter what weight you feel you need to be and are NOT, no matter how much you feel you need to have in the bank, and don’t, no matter who you need you feel you need to be married to or have in your life – all that does not matter. Having stuff or things is not what life and success is all about. As I have witnessed with several close friends who have died, they left all their stuff behind. None of your material belongings matter when you die.

I have seen people drag furniture, statues, closets full of clothes across the country. People fight over their belongings when they divorce. Yet none of this matters one bit when you die. One woman recently moved, had 15 boxes of towels. How can you possibly use all those towels?

What does matter is the contribution you made to humanity, or to the earth. What did you contribute to the children you raised? Did you raise healthy confident children who are sharing their light in the world? Then you have succeeded. Are you sharing your wisdom and gifts with others? Then you are a success in my book.

What Is Success?

My definition of success is being okay as you are where you are. Success to me is being happy with who we are, loving our lives and feeling passionate about what we are contributing to humanity. The Universe loves win-win situations, helping others in some way, helps you to manifest your desires.

Money is just energy. I have had tons of money, a beautiful home, with oodles of shoes, clothes, gorgeous furniture, silver table settings, three sets of bone china, 2 BMWs in the driveway and I never felt so lost, unhappy and lonely. Money does not make you happy. You make you happy. What you do makes you happy.

Thinking that only certain people can be rich and you aren’t one of them is one of the biggest limiting beliefs that people have. Wealthy people are focused. Most people focus on the wrong things, like activities that waste time and don’t make you any money. A clear focus is so important. Most of us are so fragmented, focusing on children, friends, neighbors husbands, bills, payments, work, laundry….  we are not focused on our DESIRES! The way people get rich is by clear laser focus and not spending their money on frivolous things. Wealthy people are good stewards of their money. They don’t waste. They don’t fritter money away on things that don’t matter. They are careful with their money. Anyone can be wealthy. Even you.


Being a good person is important. However, it will not put bread on the table and money in your bank account. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. If you don’t INTEND, you don’t get. If you expect nothing – you get NOTHING.

Many people miss the power of Intention. When we expect good things to happen – they do. When we expect bad things to happen they do. We have to Intend how we wish to feel. We have to intend what we wish to receive. We have to Intend what we want from The Universe. How do we do that? We have to ASK and EXPECT. Not beg. Begging gets you nothing. Begging is not appreciated by The Universe. It is like groveling. 


Albert Einstein said that intellect is nothing without imagination. Envisioning your desires and what you want to create is the key to having your desires fulfilled. 

Your imagination is the key to your success. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Listening to people who put you down for your dreams will get you off track. I remember hearing all sorts of criticism about my book, Orgasm For Life. I was told it takes 4 years to write a book and that mine couldn’t possibly be any good because it only took me 3 months to write it. Horse hockey! I was also criticized by Spiritual people for writing a book about sex. Who created sex after all? God did. You can’t get more spiritual than that!

Don’t listen to others. Stay focused on your dreams! People often will discourage or mislead you. 

When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to have superhuman powers. The Master Key System, by Charles Haanel

Lie #7 Happiness is Found in THINGS.

Happiness is found in DOING, not having. Things do not bring happiness. A relationship will not bring happiness if you are not already happy. Money does not bring you happiness either. Being happy comes from inside of you. 

Happiness is found within. No one can make you happy. You make yourself happy. You are the one that makes you laugh. Sometimes laughing at ourselves is the greatest gift of all.

Lasting happiness is not found in the material. Lasting happiness comes from within YOU.

Lie #8 There is Only So Much Money To Go Around

This is the biggest lie of all. There is unlimited abundance. Money is energy and energy is unlimited. You must never think that the supply is limited. The supply will never run out. Nature is formed for the advancement of life. The Universe and nature are both abundant. There is plenty for everyone. It is our belief in lack that creates lack.

Lie #9 You Are Powerless

Most people are afraid of their own power. Most of us were raised to believe that power was only reserved for certain Holy men who walked on water and turned water into wine. 

Even the Bible talks about it. That the Spirit of God resides in each of us. That we have the power to do what Jesus did AND MORE! 

How you tap into this power is by stepping inside. Most people have no idea the depths of wisdom and knowledge that resides within each of us. We are powerful beyond measure, capable of manifesting with a thought. We just need to be present, connected, focused and there you go! The fastest way to manifest is by asking questions.

How can I effortlessly and easily receive ________?
How can I effortlessly and easily have _________?
How can my life get any better than this?
How can my webinars be filled effortlessly?

Ask and you will receive. There was a reason this was said. All you have to do is ask. The problem is, that most people state rather than ask. When you make a statement – The Universe will make it true. Because The Universe is always and in EVERY WAY working FOR YOU!

If you state: I AM POOR. The Universe will make it so.
If you state: I HAVE NO MONEY. The Universe will make it so. 

Get it? Don’t make closed-ended statements, because The Universe wants to make you RIGHT! 

Remember to ASK questions. The Universe always makes you right.

LIE # 10 God (and The Universe) Doesn’t Answer Prayers

Read number 9 again. Then look back at all the times you have made statements about what you did not have. Remember all the times you stated: “I don’t have the money for _______” 

Each time you open your mouth you are making a prayer and sending it out like shouting into a megaphone…..   “HEAR MY PRAYER: I DON’T HAVE MONEY!”   The Universe will make that statement so. You won’t have money. The Universe will always make you right. It will rush in and give you what you asked for whether it is positive or negative. Instead, focus on your desires and begin to say THANK YOU in advance. Thank God and The Universe for what is on its way. 

Giving thanks is showing the Universe your faith. Faith is an absolute must in order to receive your desires. I remember watching a YouTube broadcast of Jack Canfield talking about The Law of Attraction. He said, “You don’t order a pizza and then keep calling them back to see if they are making it. You don’t keep calling to check in to see if they got your order right. You have faith that they will make it and deliver it, as asked.” The Universe and God are the same way. You have to believe it is already taken care of! You have to believe it is on its way. The act of faith is giving gratitude for what is already on its way to you now!

The law of gratitude is absolutely necessary. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do. You must form a clear and definite picture of what you want. All you need to know is what you want, and to want it badly enough.

Great achievement is formed by great sacrifice. Most people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

Answer the following questions:
A. How much time do you spend every day focusing on what you        wish to create? 
B. How much time do you spend on FaceBook, Linked IN, 
     Pinterest or talking on your phone? Most people spend an average of 4 hours a day on FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined.
C. How much time do you spend answering or reading e-mails that
    are not moving you forward in life?
If the total of B+C = more than A, there is your problem. You are spending time on activities that do not get you further down the road. You are fragmented and unfocused. To manifest your desires, you have to focus on them – every day, at least once a day. The stronger you are with your focus the faster you will manifest your desires. Your focus must be crystal clear, uncluttered and laser sharp.

Do you have a clear image of what you DESIRE?


You have to know what you desire
  1. You must know what you DESIRE.
  2. You must have clarity about your DESIRE.
  3. Write down what you DESIRE. Make it BIG.
  4. Your desire must be strong enough.
  5. Feel how it will be to have this desire manifest in your life. How will this change your life? How will you FEEL to have your desire manifested? Feel it. Envision what it is you desire upon awakening, before going to sleep and anytime you can during the day. Do not deviate. Do not change it. Do not bring it back and think that The Universe doesn’t know how to bring it to you. 
  6. Be grateful for your desire. Give thanks for it every day.
  7. Know that you have the power to manifest your desires. You do it every day with the negative thoughts you have focused on. 

Other Keys To Success and Affluence

ACT AS IF you already have money. Dress well. You have nice clothes. Wear them instead of your sweats. Shower, do your makeup and your hair, you will feel better. When you feel better, you vibrate higher and you magnetize good things to you. The higher your vibration is the better. 

Raise Your Vibration to Love or Above

You want to get your vibration above 500 – which means feeling Joy, Peace, Love and Gratitude. Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration. The energy of Gratitude will help you manifest your desires. If you are in fear, worrying about lack of money, focusing on your desires won’t get you what you want. Your vibration is too low. Jump up and down! Exercise. Sing. Dance. Do whatever will help you raise your vibration to LOVE. 

You have to take RIGHT ACTION. Don’t sit around with your fingers in the OM position and expect money to fall out of the sky into your lap. I was married to someone like that. Believe me, it never happened! You must take action. You must persevere. You must never give up!


Remember you are POWERFUL beyond measure. Everything you need is right inside of you. You don’t need to go outside of yourself to find happiness. Inside of you is a deep well of LOVE. You just have forgotten.

Action, is the real measure of intelligence.

Good thoughts and good actions bring results.You are made and unmade by yourself, by your choices. You hold the key to every situation.

You have to aspire to achieve.

Begin with your imagination. Imagine yourself in the new car, home or relationship. Feel how your life will be different. Experience every little detail in your mind. Get excited about your desire. First thought, then organization of plans, then  the transformation of your plans turns into reality.

Patience, persistence and self-control are key to success. 

A genius is simply one who has taken full possession of their own mind and directed it towards objectives of their own choosing without being discouraged by outside influences.

If you don’t see great riches in your mind, you will never see them in your bank account. 

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. 

Right thought is mastery.

The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.

There is no such word as impossible.

As a catalystic life coach, Jennifer innately brings up your inner most issues. It is a gift of healing which helps you move through your healing process more easily. 

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