Looking For Love?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When you have someone that you love and feel connected with, there is nothing like it in the world. Everything seems better. Food tastes better, the sun shines brighter, the birds seem to sing for you. Life is good. When you are alone and wondering when you will find the person of your dreams, you can feel alone, lonely and empty.


When you keep asking, “When will I find my Love? Where is he/she? When will they show up in my life?” all you are doing is pushing love away. You can’t find love when you feel lack. Instead begin to be grateful for having love in your life.


You attract what you are, not what you want. If you want love, you have to BE LOVE. You have to radiate love from within you, out into the world to attract it. If you feel empty, and try to attract your mate, you will find someone who also feels empty. They will not be right for you. You will not be happy.


If you attract what you are, how then can you be love? You have to give love first. The person you have to give it to is you. Love and accept all of you, first. When you think loving thoughts about yourself, and speak kind and loving words about you, consistently you are on the road to being able to attract love to you.

You have to radiate it out from your heart into the world. Raise your vibration with gratitude for all the wonderful things that you already have. Give prayers of gratitude several times a day. Whenever you think of your life, be grateful for it. Be grateful for your body, health, home, food on the table. Be grateful for all you have. Being grateful raises you up to the vibration where you can manifest.

You have to have your vibration at the energy of LOVE. How do you do that when you feel sad, depressed or guilty? Raise your energy up with gratitude. It is the easiest way to raise your energy. Be generous with your time, money, talents and gifts. This will also open your heart.

Feeling Angry?

If you feel angry, you must propel your vibration up passed it. Release the anger. Punch a pillow, hit some baseballs at a batting cage, but release the anger in healthy ways. 


I can’t speak enough about the power of forgiveness. If you feel resentment, anger or sadness about a past relationship, you have not let it go. Forgive yourself and your past mate. Let go of the feelings of sadness. Grieve, cry, emote. Let it all go. Holding onto sadness, anger and resentment will not get you the love you want.

I have had hundreds of women and men tell me that they love themselves completely. Yet when I asked them the following questions, they could only honestly attest to one or two. Here is how you can tell if you love yourself completely. 

Answer the following statements truthfully. If you can honestly say that YES to all but one or two, you are well on your way. If you can’t honestly answer the questions with YES, then it is back to the drawing board and perhaps you need to take my Love Yourself Fearlessly Group coaching program at the end of August.

How Do I Love THEE, Let Me Count The Ways
  1. I only say loving things to myself.
  2. I only think loving thoughts about myself and others.
  3. I accept all parts of myself  with unconditional love.
  4. I never judge anyone else, least of all myself.
  5. I never critique myself or others.
  6. I am always positive.
  7. I recognize that I am not perfect and do not strive to be perfect.
  8. I do not look for validation outside of myself, for anything. I feel full complete on my own.
  9. I never feel lonely.
  10. I am happy all the time.
  11. I feel joyful, peace filled and tranquil.
  12. My mind is quiet.
  13. I am prosperous and my bank account is never empty.
  14. I do not lie to myself or others.
  15. I am able to speak my truth in the moment with compassion.
  16. I have healthy boundaries.
  17. I am happy whether I am in a relationship or not.
  18. I can stand naked in front of a mirror and see myself as beautiful as I am.
  19. I am never needy or clingy.
  20. I feel full and complete as I am.
  21. I know my own power and feel secure, safe, strong and whole.

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