Play Like Your Life Depends On It!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Play is what happy people engage in. Play is what children understand and love to do.  Yet, as people grow older we often forget that play is still a large part of our lives. Life’s circumstances and events can bog us down and create sadness, depression, and rigidity that precludes play.


In my research for play, I googled the word happiness. 334,000,000 people have googled happiness. Obviously, there is a thirst for this elusive thing called happiness. Since I reside in this
place of happiness, I will share with you my recipe for living in a state of joy and happiness. Yes, play is a large part of being happy.

Growing OLD Is Not An Option
We are ageless. Only our perception of aging or judgment of it is what makes us age. We can be young, with it, and playful till the day we die. This is how we maintain good health, and joy in our lives. Each year we have another birthday. The number of birthdays we have does not determine how we feel or even look. It is our judgment or feeling about aging that causes us to look old. 
Your Inner CHILD is REAL!
Each of us has an inner child. The sooner you forgive yourself and apologize to your inner child for any wrong-doing or hurt caused them, the better. This inner child is ageless and always present. Connecting with your inner child will help you get in touch and reacquainted with the ageless part of you. Your inner child wants to play with you. Ask your inner child what they want to do. Often it is a trip to the beach, playing hopscotch, laughing through games or movies, or just a suggestion of something FUN!
What Happens When You Connect To Your Inner Child?
Magic! You ignite the fire of passion for living, joy and happiness. Connecting to your inner child is what will light the fire under your butt and get you out of your easy chair complaining about your crappy life. 
When you stop complaining and begin to say thank you for being alive, you will also find other things that are wonderful to give thanks for. Instead of looking down, you begin to look up. Your spirits pick up. Depression lifts. A weight or burden will lift.
While in Canada, I worked with someone with an enlarged heart and diabetes. His heart was broken very early. His lifetime career was a tough one, which needed a closed heart to go to work each day. Now almost 70, he needed to forgive himself and some others. He didn’t want to. I assured him that this work was for him and him alone. He trusted and allowed me to work with him. In minutes a weight of a lifetime lifted and he began to cry. A man that had not cried in over 50 years! This crying allowed light in. It allowed stress to be released. It allowed him to tap into more joy, happiness, and LIVING!
There is so much more to this act of playing. With a closed heart, you cannot really play. Begin giving thanks. Gratitude will allow more light in so you can open up to receive more GOOD!
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