Let’s Talk Sex In The Bedroom!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Wanting to talk about sex, but don’t know how to broach the subject with your partner? When is the best time? How can you begin the conversation? Linzi Levinson, recently interviewed me about Orgasm For Life, on her show, Linzi’s Life Secrets, on Voice of America. Linzi brought out some interesting points of discussion from my book. We dig deep here. Listen in and find out how you can get what you desire in the bedroom, by talking about it.  Set yourself up for success in the bedroom and listen to this show! It’s Time To Talk Sex In The Bedroom!


Most of us don’t bring the most honest version of ourselves to the bedroom. We often do this because we want our partner to think they are doing a great job!

What you will learn by listening to this show:
Part I – Discovering Sex

  • Why is it so difficult to talk about sex?
  • What are we afraid of?
  • How can you move beyond the fear?
  • What can I do if I have been faking it?
  • What does honesty do for our sex lives?
  • Moving beyond silence about sex.
  • How can we make sex sacred?
  • Why does asking permission add trust and safety?
  • How can we build trust in our relationship?
  • How can we heighten our partner’s self esteem AND get what we want at the same time?
  • Becoming sex positive.
  • When and where do we talk about sex?
  • When we are on a date, when can we ask about STD’s?
  • How can we get what we want in the bedroom?
  • How can risking it all get you what you want?
  • How talking about sex can turn you both on and light your mutual fire?

Here is the LINK:

When we are happy with ourselves and our life, we stop trying to make things happen. We begin to allow life to unfold. If you want help moving beyond fears, perfectionism, life’s challenges, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, Jennifer can certainly get you there. 


She is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, Master energy healer and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner. She is wise, enlightened and certainly loves herself. She is totally fearless, and happy with herself and life. She assists others to do the same. She assists women and men to find the sacredness in sex. Jennifer is open, compassionate and understanding. She has a deep insight into the sex lives of both men and women. She helps you understand your partner. She helps you move beyond the fear. She helps men and women with sexual dysfunction, addictions and even becoming enlightened.


About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Today, I love myself fearlessly. Yes, I live every day happily in joy, without fear, anxiety or worry. YES, I can help you do the same. 

In the past, I have been unhappy and miserable in marriage and out. On a spiritual path since 1970.  I traveled to India, then Bali in 2011. I experienced a series of events that led to my awakening and self actualization. These events help my clients, as I am focused on them, rather than myself. My focus in my life coaching and energy healing practice is to keep marriages and relationships together. I have learned what it takes for a healthy relationship to succeed. I do this for all of humanity. Love is what is missing in most marriages. We blame, nitpick, critique our partners, when what we need is compassionate understanding and more love, rather than less!

It has been my experience that traditional therapy breaks the marriage apart. This is due to the fact that old hurts are brought up repeatedly and there is no clearing of patterns, beliefs that don’t serve or change behavior. Staying the same, does not bring healing. We have to shift our thoughts as well as communication style for healing to occur. Shifting thoughts and patterns is where the magic comes in of my work. If you are serious about being happy, making your marriage work, or discovering your path, Jennifer is your woman. Experienced, compassionate, understanding and committed to your healing, she will drill to the center of the issue, without blame, condemnation or judgment. She has been where you are and understands what it feels like to have:

low self esteem

lack of clarity
sexual dysfunction
sex addiction
loneliness (even within a marriage)
feeling broken
All of these are just some of the issues Jennifer has healed in her own life. Enlightened in 2012, she is a catalyst for your healing, through her Divine connection. No religion, or beliefs required. Just pure love and understanding.

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