Reading Between The Lines And The Bull Sh*t

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This is my rant….

I don’t often go off. Sometimes I have had it up to here and I just can’t contain myself any longer. This is one of those times. There are occasions that being an intuitive healer can really shine the light on life, the world and what others are trying to sell. Sometimes the bullshit is so stinky that the fumes irritate even those without a sense of smell!

Here are some things that really light a fire under my ass, not in a good way! I often talk about lighting a firecracker under your ass to get you out of your easy chair. But, this is different than that kind of fire under your ass. Some people are gullible and will buy anything that sounds good. 
As an honest and authentic person, maybe it is the fact that some people take advantage of those who are having a tough time with their development, journey and emotional state. Maybe it is that I feel those people are being taken advantage of…..

Just to catch you up, I wrote a post two days ago, about sexual desire being sacred. Couples are being taught how to digitally stimulate your female partner’s clitoris with a gloved hand, ala Michael Jackson? In pursuit of a “sense of orgasm,” rather than an orgasm itself. They use the buzzword “OMing” (which I feel uses the sacred OM in vain). One partner stimulates the clitoris and you are on the clock for 15 minutes, (it was formerly 13 minutes) without bringing you to orgasm. GASP!
Nothing bugs me more than when people overuse words thinking that they are cool, hip or current. Especially when someone is trying to get you to buy their product. Or swallow the hook, line and sinker. Using words like CONTAINER in the heading of a workshop really irks me. A container is something that I put leftovers in when I can’t eat all the roast chicken and veggies that I have cooked. It is NOT something that someone puts you in when you are masturbating. 

The OM CONTAINER? Now you need a larger container to masturbate in? What the heck? You need a container to masturbate in now? Maybe I misunderstood and they said, “chamber,”as in torture, chamber? Since you only have 13 minutes. Oh, they did add 2 more minutes to the timer for those that are more challenged. What about those who need 40. Is this just an exercise in frustration for them? If you need someone standing over your shoulder telling you must do it THEIR WAY. They may enjoy self torture, but do you have to?

It’s About Connection, But Isn’t Sex ?

Like I said in my book, if it involves genitals it is sex. It is not about connection when your partner sits fully clothed above you, looking down on you with a latex glove on their hand. Bill Clinton, again you come to mind. When a boy is rubbing your daughter’s clitoris will you also think that is all about connection, not sex? What message are you creating here for teens?

The Bigger Issue

Over 43% of women have a difficult time coming to orgasm at all. This type of “training,” further imprints the brain and body to stop before you get to orgasm. Most women need 20 – 40 minutes of manual stimulation to reach orgasm. So you can see where the no happy ending on a continual basis could perpetuate a problem that has had little education, understanding or knowledge.

It isn’t okay, that women continue to have issues with orgasm. It leads to frustrated women not wanting to have sex with their partners. Sex has been historically one-sided for hundreds of years. 

Having Someone Tell Me How or How Long To Masturbate

You know we are finally out of the dark ages where masturbation is actually accepted. Now to have someone tell me you must do it this way and for this time period, I guess I just don’t get it. To me, this seems pretty much like torture. If you want to pay someone to teach you to torture yourself and continue to deprive yourself of the ability to orgasm, that of course is your prerogative. My sense of this whole thing is that if you have difficulty having an orgasm, putting yourself on a timer is not going to bring you closer faster. It may raise your sexual energy doing it every day, but so would making love and be so much more fun for both of you! This is when Bobby Brown sings……


Yes, the views and opinions of the author of this rant are also the views and opinions of this blogholder. As a sex and passion coach, I can’t in good conscience continue to be mute. Not that I have held my opinions at bay, really. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an outspoken healer, teller of the truth and truth seeker. You can book your discovery session here. [email protected]

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