My Message of Miracles and Healing For You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have been experiencing a tremendous influx of joy and amazing energy today. I have several ideas I am working on for videos, which I will be sharing with you, my lovelies tomorrow. The most important message I can give you today is to love you. Love yourself the way you are, as you are, with all your bells and whistles. You are already loved by God, The Universe, ME! You are already accepted my everyone otherworldly, like your angels. So why not drop your baseball bat and magnifying glass and love you just the way you are?

Today, I am laying low. Resting. I am nurturing my soul. I was about to go to the gym and do a Zumba class. I asked my high self, Zumba, write or rest……? The answer was REST!

So that is what I am doing. I urge you to have a beautiful day. Enjoy nature. Get outside, but take it slow. Be kind and loving to you. Be sweet to the flowers that are blooming. Smell them. Stop and enjoy each moment of this day. Too often we rush through life without seeing the beauty of each moment, when we do we miss the absolute miracles of life. Unless something falls out of the sky and hits us in the head we don’t even see it. Miracles happen every day. Expect yours today!

By the way, I am looking for feeback about what you want more information on. What do you want to know about. You can post below this post, or send me an e-mail here. E-MAIL ME!

Much Love,

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