Manifesting The Perfect Parking Spot

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jam packed parking at the beach

On a beautiful, clear, sunny Friday afternoon in Santa Barbara, I landed at Hendry’s beach. The parking lots were packed with family vehicles loading and unloading. I had difficulty in the past finding a parking spot even in the overflow parking lot. 

Today, I tried an experiment. Just as I made my first pass through the lot closest to the beach I asked the parking angels to assist me in finding a spot in the prime beachfront location.  I was by myself, with two dogs, my beach blanket, and beach bag. I always carry water for my dogs, which can get heavy if you have to lug it very far. I did not want to have to park in the overflow lot, with all my gear. 

I am happiest at the beach
As I drove past each person who looked as if they might be getting ready to leave, I asked them politely, “Are you getting ready to leave?” When the answer was, “No,” I put my hands together in prayer position and thanked them, with a smile as I spoke, I told each one that I was hopeful. I silently sent each person love from my heart to theirs, then drove off slowly. The response I received in response to sending them positive, loving energy was just as positive as what I was sent them. People even joked with me in return.

After I thanked and smiled at 4 carloads of people, sending each group the energy of love silently, I drove around one more time. As I passed the beach front and slowly edged barely three spaces beyond that, I asked the 5th group were they were leaving? A young mother was helping her children into the car. She turned to me and said, “Yes.” They were getting ready to head out. I smiled and said, “Thank you.” Again placing my hands in prayer position and blessing them with love.

I have been to Hendry’s Beach, just outside of Santa Barbara, at least eight times. I have only been able to get a parking place in the first lot once during the winter months. 
You just might make someone feel elated!

Not only was I elated that I got a spot so close to the beach, but I was delighted that I had the opportunity to bless each group of people with love. They were all very pleasant when they responded to me. I attributed their response and reaction to my positive energy and love flowing to them, rather than sending impatience or irritation, I sent them each love. What a difference! 

Author’s Note: August 13, 2016

A year later I have a different system, I just ask for the parking angels to find me a perfect parking spot and two open up within minutes. I always find a spot in the premiere location because I know I can.

Why not try this yourself the next time you arrive in a crowded lot. Instead of getting impatient trying to find a spot, ask the parking angels to go ahead of you and locate a spot for you . Smile and send love to each person you feel might be leaving. Just see what happens. I would love to hear your experiences below!

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach. She helps women and men find love inside themselves and in all their relationships. People don’t have to change, just their focus does. Jennifer is a master energy healer, hypnotherapist, certified life coach and reads the Akashic Records. 

Her coaching is unique in that she is dialed into your guides and The Divine. She is able to get to the root of your issues quickly and help you shift your energy so that you are more expanded, open and accepting. Self-love is the foundation for self-mastery and permanent happiness. Listen to Jennifer’s radio show, All You

Need Is Love, on BBM Global on Thursdays, live at 5:00 PM PST or 8:00 PM EST. The archives are also available after the show airs. Jennifer offers a FREE discovery session for you to see if her work is a good fit for you. 

Jennifer’s own awakening and healing sexual trauma, negativity, depression, anxiety, fears gives her insight into your issues. Jennifer is the real deal. Her books are available on

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