Are You Truly Ready For Love?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Wanting love and being ready for love are two entirely different subjects. Many of us have longed for love, but ended up pushing it away when it was right under our noses. Sometimes we are totally unaware of how we say, “NO!” to love. I speak from experience. I can name countless times when nice men wanted to love me and did. Yet I rejected them for one reason or another. 

We often look for a specific type of person. Even when past history has shown us that this type isn’t good for us, we continue beating our heads against a brick wall anyway. When we don’t love and accept ourselves completely, we attract others who have similar issues, or are insecure also. Two people who don’t love themselves, can lead to disastrous results in relationships, or marriage. 

Often we are presented with opportunities we don’t recognize as good ones because the people who show up, don’t look like what we think we need. Sometimes, we need a mental and emotional shift to attract the type of person who will actually love and treat us well. There are certain criteria we need to have to be able to attract love to us. See how many you have already:

See how many on this checklist you have already. Wherever you are lacking, I can help you get up to speed. 

  1. Your root and sacral chakras are open. You feel hot and sexy!
  2. Your heart is open.
  3. You are in love with you.
  4. You have a clear vision of the relationship you want to create. You know what you want and what you don’t want, with clarity.
  5. Your life is in order and you feel happy with you and your life.
  6. You have healed your life story and all your past.
  7. Can you be authentic, open and take risks?
  8. Are you active socially? Love won’t be delivered to your door.
  9. Can you put yourself out there, without worrying about being heartbroken, or failing?
  10. Can you be ALL IN, no matter what?

If you have challenges on any of this list, I can help you. It is what I do. I help people get to the place where they are ready to love and be loved. If you have had your heart broken and are totally frozen in fear of that happening again, I can help you. If you keep attracting the same types that don’t support you, I can also help clear patterns, trapped emotions that continue to repeat this pattern for you.

The Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra

I hear lots of women say they want love, but not sex. This is an indication of the root and sacral chakra being shut down. You can’t have a connected lasting love without having a sexual chemistry. It is the foundation for a long-lasting passionate love. Thinking you can fake it till you are married is inauthentic, which sets you and the person you are trying to attract up for heartache and failure. 

If your first two chakras are closed, you are probably not interested in sex in the least. Our systems are meant to be in balance. An imbalance can create health and financial issues for you, as well as creative blocks. 

I can help you through various means over the phone, in a private session. Eating red foods, meditating on the root and sacral chakra is imperative. Having your sexual chemistry turned on is essential. In fact, I mention it first because 50 percent of marriage fail because many people think that they can trick someone into marriage and then not have sex afterward. 


You need to be able to express your emotions in a healthy way to have a healthy relationship. If you blame others, or feel like a victim, there is work to be done. I am offering a copy of my two books for those who sign up in July for private coaching. Mention July special to me.

Connect with Jenifer here to set up your discovery session. If you are already in a relationship, don’t feel you need to dump them. Not the case at all. When you love yourself completely often issues will then resolve themselves without you having to do anything. Jennifer helps you resolve mental chatter, chaos, drama, anxiety, depression, loneliness and longing. 

Jennifer helps you clear away the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have you stuck. She has been on her own healing journey of study, learning and growing for over 30 years. You can find out more about her on her website. 

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