Why You Need To Plan Your Honeymoon First

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Girls fantasize about their wedding day from the time they are old enough to watch television. Cinderella and other Disney movies have given weddings a fantasy feel for even the most grounded of women. A woman’s wedding day is said to be the most amazing day of her life. But is it? When the focus is on the big day rather than the relationship, what happens once the wedding day is over? Is it downhill after that? 

For some, wedding plans can be a woman’s focus for a year or more, leading up to their wedding day. Once the remnants of confetti and wedding cake are removed, some brides feel let down, even depressed the day after.  

Why Is A Honeymoon So Important?

A honeymoon puts the focus where it belongs, on the relationship. After the wedding, a couple needs time to regroup and remember why they got married.  With the frenetic months of preparation leading up to the BIG DAY, a honeymoon offers opportunities to connect deeply, setting the tone for intimacy in the marriage. A marriage without intimacy is like a business without profit, it will fail. 

Honeymoons don’t have to break the bank. The important thing to remember is that you have quiet time alone. Taking a tour through a busy Roman city, might not allow you the time to stop and just enjoy each other. Think about the type of honeymoon you want. Do you want a two-week European tour on a bus, or a quiet romantic week romantic alone?

Use the time on your honeymoon to talk, looking into each other’s eyes in a beautiful setting without the interference of cell phones, family or work. Connecting through conversation, opens the door to expansive experiences in the bedroom. Remember this is the

beginning, your honeymoon can set the tone for your married life. Open communication outside the bedroom creates a more open loving connection in bed. On a honeymoon, you can spend a whole day in bed, feeding each other, massaging and focusing completely on each other. 

Skipping the honeymoon because too much money was spent on the wedding, places the emphasis on the wrong things. A wedding is only one day. A marriage could be a lifetime. 

Growing Together 

When we focus on mutual interests growing together a relationship will thrive. Remember what brought the two of you together. Focus on the relationship, rather than just the wedding day, so that your life together is just beginning to grow, rather than the pinnacle. 

Your honeymoon is for the two of you, alone. You can revel in the afterglow of your beautiful wedding while in Hawaii, or Fiji, even Botswana. These cherished memories might last a lifetime. Creating your life together is more than a ceremony. A deep bond is what keeps people together. When you look into each other’s eyes and feel the love, you remember why you tied the knot. Love changes and grows over time, make your honeymoon time to rest, and be intimate with one another inside and out of the bedroom. There will be plenty of time for rushing around once you are back at home.

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an author as well as a love and passion coach. She is available for private sessions. Here private e-mail is
JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com. She is working on her third book currently and a brand new program to heal your love story. Each person has their personal story about love. 

When we have had heartbreaks, rejections or losses, we often base our next relationship on the previous experiences, shutting out opportunities for love and connection. Many people reject relationship out of fear and live alone after divorce. Jennifer assists women and men to overcome the roadblocks we create out of fear that prevent opportunities for new love. Check out Jennifer’s radio show, All You Need Is Love, on BBM Global and Tune-In. Where over 50,000,000 listeners Tune-In. 

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