Firey Spanish and Hot Swiss Enjoy Sex Far More Than The US

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Michelle Hunziker

Maybe it is because I grew up in Canada, where the winters are cold and long. Maybe it is because in spite of my mother’s puritanical views about sex and men, I still managed to enjoy sex. Or maybe it is because my grandparents were from The Ukraine, which is so close to Russia? Or maybe it is because it is my calling. Living in the US and married to three different American men, I have had plenty of opportunity to do my own research. (If you haven’t yet, please take a few moments to take my survey to serve you better. )

I have to agree with the statistics. Although some are progressive most Americans are pretty puritanical for when it comes to views on sex and sex-education.

Americans could certainly learn a thing or two about our foreign neighbors. The US is known for puritantical views about sex. Christians and right wing politicians have fought hard to keep this puritanical rating, lobying against gay marriage, abortions and even sex education. 

Interestingly, with those puritanical views we have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world and one of the lowest rates of sexual satisfaction. We could possibly take a page out of Russia’s book, where 80% of the population have sex once a week. 

NOTE: Countries that are more relaxed about sex have lower rates of STDs and teen pregnancy. Teaching abstinence is not the answer.

Statistics tell a sad tale about sexual dissatisfaction in the US citing that Americans are only 48% satisfied with their sex lives. People in other countries have sex 70 times more frequently than Americans. That is enough to make Mr. Winky shrink! It is my mission to improve this statistic, with education and better communication. 

What is the underlying reason for the dissatisfaction you ask? RESPECT. Mutual respect must be in place for sex to be amazing. Trust is the other issue that plays a large roll in sexual satisfaction. If you don’t trust your partner to have your back, you won’t completely allow them into your inner sanctum. Deep intimacy needs both respect and trust to exist. Without it, your sex life will be robotic, cursory or perfunctory at best.

How was sexual satisfaction measured? According to Durex global research, the criteria include: mutual love and respect between partners; freedom from stress; ability to orgasm; freedom from sexual dysfunction; good mental and physical health; and frequency of sex and foreplay. Oh… and having an exciting sex life! This 2014 Durex study also revealed that socio-economic status also impacted levels of sexual satisfaction. 

The top 12 most sexually satisfied countries are:
1. spain: You have got to give it to the hot blooded Spaniards! My first topless beach I ever visited was in Spain over 25 years ago. Their world’s best lover list surveyed 15,000 women around the world and the Spanish men have got it going on with the testosterone of the running bulls! The response of the Spaniards? A study of 9,850 Spanish people found that 90 percent of both men and women were sexually satisfied. Their satisfaction improved over time with a stable partner versus casual sex.

2. Switzerland: Is it the legalized prostitution, licensed brothels, liberal pornography stance, or beginning sex education in kindergarten? Or is it that the Swiss are so scrupulously clean with duvets so incredibly soft and warm? The Swiss are smiling for more reasons than their beautiful Alpine valleys. 21 percent of Swiss reported that their sex lives was consistently, “excellent.” 32 percent said that they had sex in public places (a huge turn-on for non-puritanical folks). Even with all the schtuping the Swiss have the lowest teen pregnancy rate in the world. The United States teen pregnancy rate is almost ten times higher than Switzerland. 

3. nigeria: Nigeria was actually rated number one for sexual satisfaction, most claimed that sex lasts for 24 minutes on average. After reading the explanation that Durex mentioned that there apparently was some mis-communication about some of the questions that were mis-translated or misunderstood or not answered honestly. Given the prevalence of Islamic extremism, the fact that they recently banned same sex unions, this rating is questionable. It might be a case of “misunderstanding?” Nigerian women were ranked the most unfaithful in the world, at 62 percent saying they cheated on a partner. If sex is so great, why would you cheat? Maybe it’s just me.

4. italy: Maybe I need an Italian man, with the emphasis on food, sexual satisfaction that begins at the dinner table with good food and wine. I have to say, I love good food and good wine! The two are inextricably linked. Perhaps this is the reason Italians are considered some of the best lovers in the world. Italian women are quite content with their love lives. Those women who consume two glasses of wine a day apparently enjoy much greater sexual satisfaction than those who don’t drink. (Wine increases oxygenation in the blood, relaxes inhibitions and allows wild abandon…..  well it certainly does for me!) 64% of Italian men and women rated their sex lives as satisfying. A third of Italians say that their trysts last more than 10 minutes.

5. brazil: We’ve seen the gorgeous Brazilian women half-naked on the beach, with the best asses in the world. Brazilian men are second to the Spaniards as the world’s best lovers. Depending on the stats you look at most Brazilians are doing the horizontal mamba times a week! As a nation the Brazilians are smiling for other reasons than their successful Brazilian blowouts or waxing. These Latins lose their virginity earlier than almost any other nation. Hot hot hot!

5. greece: Uptight and outta sight is not a phrase given to the Greeks. As a nation they are far less uptight about communicating sexual desires. When you research history, the Greeks have been talking about sex for centuries. In the fourth century BC, Hippocrates considered to be the father of medicine,  discussed sexual desire openly: “In the cases of women when during intercourse the vagina is rubbed and irritation in the womb … produces pleasure and heat in the rest of the body.” 

Greeks talk about sex at work, with friends and certainly with their lovers. Which as you know, I can’t stress enough. If you aren’t talking about it, you aren’t doing it right. The Greeks have the most sex on the planet, 164 times a year on average. Diet, fresh air and climbing all those stairs plays a large part in sexual health. These gloriously relaxed uninhibited people are 51 percent satisfied. Did I tell you I am going to Greece to write a book?

6. the netherlands: With a reputation as one of the most pro-sex countries in the world, open sex education, nude beaches and its famous red light district is only part of their sexual satisfaction. 64 percent of Dutch men and women are confident about asking what they want in bed during sex. They are also more open about sexual expression in general. By comparison, only half of American are able to ask for their needs to be met or talk about sexual desires. What is surprising is that Holland has a very low teen birth rate of 5.3 per 1,000 where the US is at 39.1 per 1,000. Holland also shines more brightly when it comes to HIV, and abortion rates. 22% of their population rates their sex life as EXCELLENT!

7. mexico: You wonder why Mexicans have so many kids? They are a horny lot! Mexicans rank as the second most sexually satisfied nation in the world. 63 percent claim a fulfilling sex life. Over 700,000 sex-ed textbooks were distributed in Mexico City in 2008 to high schools that cover birth control, abortion and homosexuality. Maybe it is because sex work has been decriminalized. (Sadly, decriminalizing hasn’t curtailed Mexico’s human trafficking problem, as Mexico is one of the most prominent for child sexual exploitation in the world.)

8. india: With arranged marriages and the fact that Indians wait the longest to have sex (22 years old on average), this country has been rated the most satisfied nation for years. (Maybe it is due to the Kama Sutra, or that Tantra originated here over 4,000 years ago.) Slow sex seems to be in their dhotis. Apparently Indians enjoy prolonging pleasure (a Tantric trait it is about the journey rather than the destination.) Indian men spend more time on foreplay and seduction that other countries. Once the act begins, Indians are the quickest performing in the bedroom, 13 minutes. A dichotomy of sorts: slow then fast. No wonder we see so many beautiful smiles in India, they rate their sex lives quite high: 61 percent are satisfied.

11. Australia: Of the Aussies I have met they all seems to be smiling pretty smugly for a reason. Is it because they go “walkabout?” 75 percent of Australians have had sex on the road. Road warriors they are, enjoying more than just driving in their cars. Cosmo reported that 27 percent of Australian women “wouldn’t change a thing” about their sex lives. Australians are more promiscuous than most, 25 is the average number of partners for men, compared to their American counterparts. Women fared almost equal to the American women at 10 for the Sheila’s and 9 for the US women.

11. GERMANY: Strangely the Germans were downgraded for being too smelly which gave them the moniker  “worst lovers the country does have an excellent progressive sex-ed program and is known for progressive political policies for sex workers. There is plenty of sexual excitement in Germany, maybe it is their incredibly engineered vehicles? One-night stands are frequent with 32 percent of German’s admitting to getting on and going. Those BMW’s and Volvos (did the name come from Vulva?) must be a turn on as 30 percent have had sex in a public place. German’s rate their sexual performance as excellent. The fact that German’s might avoid deodorant shouldn’t be that much of a deterrent, as they rate far better than the US with sexually transmitted disease; one sixth that of the US

12. CHINA: Can you say, Jiànzi anyone? The Chinese may not be satisfied, but they sure do use their shuttlecocks a lot. One of the most repressed and conservative societies in the world, behind closed doors they are having sex more frequently than any other nation. Seventy-eight percent are getting down at least once a week. Men politely follow up a great date with a tasteful e-mail. China is the world’s leading supplier of sex toys and games supplying seventy percent of the world’s sexual products. Sex toy purchases have boomed on line over the past ten years. You might be surprised to know that China hosts SEXPO each year in Shanghai.

Top 10 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries

  1. Nigeria 67%
  2. Mexico 63%
  3. India 61%
  4. Poland 54%
  5. Greece 51%
  6. Holland 50%
  7. South Africa 50%
  8. Spain 49%
  9. Canada 48%
  10. USA 48%
Sadly, Japan ranked last with only 15%, due to the fact that they have little time for sex. 
World’s Best Lovers – Oh Canada!
1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
10. Canada

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Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a love and passion coach,guiding women to a love and life they are passionate about. Curious about a channeled session or an Akashic Records reading? Jennifer opens your Akashic Records during your coaching sessions so that a healing automatically occurs. E-mail Jennifer here. 

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