Venus Retrograde Ends and Lessons Continue

By Cheney Hall

Cheney Hall is an astrologer as well as a friend of mine. I have known quite a few astrologers over the years. Cheney tends to put the emphasis on humor of the cosmic variety. I felt that this Venus retrograde ending and upcoming planetary energies were important enough to post his entire blog. You can connect with Cheney on FaceBook. 


Venus – the planet representing attraction, how you may give and/or receive love and affection, shows how each one of us perceives beauty and happiness, shows what we value and dictates our personal values, shows how you relate, how you create and appreciate harmony through social and artistic expression, shows how we earn and spend our money, and shows exactly what it is you like – completed its retrograde journey for 2015 and stationed back into direct motion today, 9/6, at 4:29 AM EDT …

As the weeks progress you may find little lights coming on in your mind as to decisions made in any of the above mentioned areas since the retrograde period began on July 25th … there are an abundance of possibilities within this scope … a lot of people will realize that a significant partnership or relationship ended, and some of you may now suddenly find yourself having changed your mind or questioning why you made that decision perhaps too hastily  … it is also possible the person may come back around and things might look entirely different with Venus moving forward again … however, if it was time for the relationship to end, then it MUST be let go of for you to grow personally and spiritually in order to move forward … for those of you who began significant new partnerships or relationships, especially of the romantic variety, you may discover that they will not have longevity as they were formed when the energy of love and relating was moving backwards … time will tell … marriages entered in to during these times often have an added sense of pressure – after all, Venus does naturally rule the 7th house of marriage and partnerships … unfortunately, also in this economy, this could have been the period where quite a few of you actually lost your job and are now job hunting once again!!! … and let’s not forget this little item – how many of you ended up shelling out money on something you had no intention of or no idea that you would be spending money on???

For those of you who made significant costly purchases, especially of the luxury variety, you may find yourself wondering why you spent so much money or simply realize that what you thought you really desired doesn’t hold much attraction (value) anymore or that you have over paid for what you got …

As Venus anatomically rules the throat, chin, cheeks and sense of taste, there could have been health issues arising in these areas of the body … or some could have had to go back and re-address an old issue concerning these areas … did anyone have cosmetic surgery during the last 6 weeks, hmmmm???? .. there is a chance that some of you who did may ultimately not be pleased with the results or feel that you didn’t get the enhancement you sought and here too, feel you may have over payed for the services rendered!!!

Keep in mind that since this Venus retrograde occurred in the sign of Virgo, very briefly, and then Leo … while there was about 7 days of Venus retrograde in Virgo there may have been an emphasis on the desire to seek even more perfection by picking apart relationships, cause the tendency to have been even more judgmental about people, and made one become rather obsessive about health and nutrition … and when Venus returned to the sign of Leo – which naturally rules the 5th house which addresses matters of the heart, creative endeavors, and how one spends their leisure time – for the remaining 38 days of the retrograde period romance, partnerships/relationships, creativity, and the pursuit of pleasurable experiences probably were put under the “cosmic” microscope very intensely !!!

Everyone should try and think back to the period between December 21st, 2013 until January 31st of 2014 … is there something you may have begun in regards to any of the above-mentioned areas Venus rules that became an issue for you during this Venus retrograde period ??? … it is very common for this to occur … to that end, anything begun during this current Venus retrograde period that just ended may yield problems in the days, weeks and months ahead, or lie dormant until the next Venus retrograde period which begins … anything begun from now until then may also become fair game as well !!!

Taurus and Libra born individuals, your period for inward reflection and review – especially of what has transpired in your life since the end of the last Venus retrograde on January 31st, 2014 – is now over and once again you start moving forward to pursue new avenues of personal and spiritual growth and maturity … there could have been some significant insight, if you were paying attention during the last 6 weeks, that enlightened you as to what, where or who was no longer serving you and was not truly reflecting who you are on the inside as well as preventing personal and spiritual growth … and this also is a possibility for all of us !!!
Venus stationed direct at 14 degrees and 23 minutes Leo today … although now direct, Venus remains in it’s retrograde zone –  the beginning degree at which Venus actually entered its retrograde journey on July 25th, which was 0 degrees 46 minutes Virgo, and must come back to – until October 9th … then Venus will be back up to full speed once again … but is this retrograde energy completely over yet ??? … and don’t forget if you had a birthday from July 25th through today, September 6th, yo will get this Venus retrograde energy for the whole year ahead per your solar return this time … however, those born on July 25th and September 6th may or may not get this in their solar return depending on the time your solar return actually occurred this year … now you can understand why it is so important to have a natal chart run for reference as to how the cosmic energy personally affects you on your journey through life !!!

Speaking of October 9th, Mercury is currently in its shadow point in advance of its third and final retrograde journey for 2015 beginning on September 17th which will be completely in the sign of Libra which of course is ruled by VENUS … so it could be possible that some of the issues that arose during the Venus retrograde may still be lingering or come back up again especially if they were ignored and not taken care of adequately … Taurus and Libra born you obviously have a lot to be processing during this time … but more apparent is the fact that the Universe is trying to get every one’s attention in regards to something in these areas that has to be addressed !!!

Venus now moves forward to complete its journey through the sign of Leo … below is a reminder of what this energy is all about in case you have been too distracted to remember :

THIS VENUS CARES – IT REALLY CARES, and will make darn sure you know it !!! .. this energy loves big entrances and high drama … ultimately, it just outright loves good  old-fashioned romance … it enjoys the limelight, attention, admiration and applause … it gives a natural magnetism and sex appeal … others often find the expression of this energy down right exciting … affection is expressed dramatically and wholeheartedly … it can make one magnanimous, loyal, playful and magnetic in love … the handling of money and possessions is usually generous, extravagant, and speculative … there is a desire for zest, enthusiasm and an adrenaline rush in ones love relationships … ones pride and urge for recognition affects ones capacity for closeness … clothes and appearance are also very important with this energy …

Venus in Leo teaches us about how we love through what we create … love “shines” … it is important to give some form of creative expression to your feelings and passion in relationships … and even though one is very  enthusiastic, there ironically may exist a deep-seated “doubt” of ones own ability to be loved which others cannot detect outwardly from you … here artistic sense is very strong … life is frequently viewed as an ongoing creative experience … at some point, one must ultimately go looking for their inner beauty … one thing you can be compared with is your self-respect … what each of us has to give is priceless … channel the larger than life energy here into larger than life pursuits or pastimes … love and allow yourself to be loved in return … this energy likes admiration, mutual respect, lavish parties, showing off ones partner,and old fashioned classic courtship … it dislikes even the slightest rejection, behavior that is insulting, being “shown up” by others, and a lack luster love … the energy of Venus in Leo can be expressed in the following ways:

POSITIVE: romantic, ardent, passionate, loyal, artistic, dramatic, entertaining, fun-loving, radiant, outgoing, warm, openly affectionate, charming, attractive, benevolent, gives a lot, social pride, personal pride, fun to be with

NEGATIVE: unrealistic, sexually obsessed, consuming, too loyal, prima donna, overbearing, demanding, inappropriate, self-centered, showy, brassy, flirtatious, seducing, flaunting, expects too much, snobbish, vain,  competitive, game-playing
Venus remains in Leo until October 8th, and in direct motion until March 4th 2017 …

So now we have all had about 6 weeks to think about what we value and whether or not what represents our inward personal values is being properly expressed outwardly to others; our money – how we earn it and how we spend it; and our partnerships and relationships both personal and professional … how many of you GOT the “message”, and how many of you remained complacent and unyielding and ignored what the Universe was trying to draw your attention towards ??? … sometimes the Universe speaks to each one of us in a whisper, and sometimes it literally gets in our face and screams 

– THERE WILL BE CHANGE!!! … for now though, it’s time to try to live, laugh and let your love flow … and hopefully Cupids arrows will now be flying back on target towards lovingly piercing your heartstrings instead of impaling you in ya BUM  !!!
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