Wave Of Energetic Awakening For Everyone

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The Mayans spoke of the end of days. There were thought leaders who said we would all perish as the world ended in an Apocalypse in 2001. For many, there is disappointment that some earth-shattering disaster has not hit us destroying us all and our debts forever. I have something better for you!

I hesitated to share this information with you as many of you are not spiritual seekers and even non-believers. No matter. No one will be spared. What? Yes, you and I are being upgraded daily. A vibrant force is generating life-giving, energy uprading high-powered light energy. 

Can You Escape?

Many will choose to transition into the higher realms. Like Wayne Dyer and so many who have recently left us. 

When Did It Begin?

This energy shift has been written about for thousands of years. Each of us has changed radically over the last four years. Yet, this energy began over 300,000 years ago, gradually building to its pinnacle of this influx in September, 2015. 

How Long Will It Last?

A three week period ending on September 28th will bring in the most potent high vibrational energy to shift our planet and all it’s inhabitants into a love vibration. There will be continued energy that will be slightly less potent through November, 2015. This is much needed. Remember when destruction and Armageddon was the word of the day. We have bypassed that point and are here to stay. Although much will change with our governments, The United Nations, banking industry and all of humanity. For those who have gained from other’s poverty and illness, they will face judgment.

What Will It DO?

Each of us is undergoing a shift of vibrational energy. Our darkest energy (emotions, physical issues and challenges) that have been hidden away are being pushed, prodded and exposed to be released and healed. Love is flooding each of us. Acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude expedites this energy. The more forgiveness you have for yourself and everyone on this planet, the higher your vibration becomes exponentially. 

Changes You May Notice

As generosity and love flood your hearts and minds, compassion will increase for your fellow man and loved ones. As your hearts begin to flower with love you will begin to love without attachment. The voices inside your head that judge will diminish as ego and fears eventually drop away. Those with psychiatric illness or psychosis may choose to leave or heal. Most will choose the easy way. Those who are committed to healing and helping the planet will stay to guide those challenged by this energy shift. 

The more you fight, the more challenges you will create. Instead step into the flow. Allow. Be present and still whenever possible. Love one another. Let go of judgment and critism. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Some of what is moving away is the fear of what others might think. There is no place for competition in relationships or business. In the eyes and mind of Source energy there is enough for us all. Flow is the way. Be the river. Float.

I share with you a channeling from Archangel Michael:

We are currently experiencing a steady bell curve in gamma light frequency increase as we move into the most intense part of the photon belt so see if you can be aware of its effects on the body, mind and emotions over the next two months!


This intense gamma energy is coming in due to multiple celestial events all occurring at the same time allowing an incredible amount of cosmic light data to flow into this system!


As this new energy hits us there are a multitude of symptoms you may experience. For me personally, I have experienced extreme dizzyness, headaches for days and nausea. Flu-like symptoms, body aches an physical pains can also occur as your energy shifts. I have experienced all of the aforementioned symptoms more than once. 

Normally, I do not get headaches. I don’t take pain medicine for anything.

Healthy Food

Certain foods and alcohol have become off limits because they don’t suit my higher vibration. I have found that simple foods with few ingredients, give my body and soul what I need. Complicated recipes don’t work as they usually contain too many combinations. You will know because you will feel nauseaous and uncomfortable.

Fresh fruits, salads without dressings or naturally made dressings work best. I use lemon or lime, olive or grape seed oil and a little marinated artichoke on mine. 

Preservatives make me feel ill. I avoid high fructose, sugar substitues and artificial ingredients. 


Certain people – healers and spiritual teachers are begin targeted with a specific high vibrational energy to help guide others. When you receive a download, you may not be able to walk or even speak. Don’t be afraid. Stop what you are doing and sit down. Breathe.

This dizziness is different than your typical room spinning. You may feel that you are in the middle of a vortex spinning in a way you have never experienced before. Just know the feeling will pass, don’t try to avoid it or stop it. Be still and breathe. 

What the download feels like:

A wave of energy comes in through the top of your head or crown chakra. You may feel an intensity in your eyebrows or middle of your forehead (third eye). The third-eye chakra is being worked on. Your head may ache, you may feel pressure in your sinuses and dizziness begin. When this begins the best place to be is sitting down. Whatever you do, stop driving!

I have been getting these types of downloads since 2003. If I am driving, I have to pull over and stop my vehicle. If I am walking, or checking out of a grocery store, I have to sit down, before I fall down. Just know it will pass. You are not crazy. You are not ill. This is an energetic upgrade for your soul’s evolution.

The Bottom Line

The earth is a 3D hologram. It is the only place in the universe where you can experience the 5 (or 7) senses. Ascending into the 5th Dimension requires you to take on a light body. You will no longer be a part of the 3D world. Some may choose to take this route – leaving others behind.

I am here for the duration to assist you in this shift. If you have questions, concerns or would like a clearing to help you move through this energy, you can contact me through my private e-mail. 

Making Love

The more connected we can be with other humans the better. Sex with intimacy is a pleasurable way to receive needed touch and also connect with our Source energy. The Divine is involved when we make love. Sex is healthy, loving and wondrous when it is in its purest form. 


I am offering a distilled version of my six-week Love Yourself Fearlessly coaching program as a one-time offer. This program is being offered at a low-cost group program to assist a large number of people who want to work with me, but feel they can’t swing it financially.

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What you Get:

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If you sign up and pay in full by September 22nd, you also receive a FREE 30-minute private coaching session with me, prior to the start of the program on September 30th.

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Dates of Program:

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What are Jennifer’s credentials? Jennifer is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist and energy healer. She was trained in Bali Indonesia to channel The Ascended Masters and access and heal through The Akashic Records. She has trained with doctors, gurus, spiritual masters and famous authors.


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