The Big Secret: Light Energy Peaks September 28th

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

03453-sunWe have been undergoing immense transformation since the dawn of time. There is no time in the history of our planet where there has been such an influx of light (photon) energy as this month, through September 28th. This energy will forever change our planet and every living being on it.

Why You Need To Be Clear
We have never had such an intense amount of energy for such a sustained period as during the month of September. This energy is shifting humanity, raising our vibration by eliminating the shadow material in each being. Whatever you have not dealt with will come up with a vengeance during this time. 
What Will You Feel?
Everyone is different. Those who have done deep energy work to clear their trapped emotions and blocks will have an easier time with this shift. Some may feel intense emotions of anger, resentment, sadness and even weep uncontrollably. For me, with all the energy work I have done since 2001, I have had deep sadness come up. Spontaneous waves of sadness have come over me for no apparent reason. I cried in the grocery store for no reason this week. There was no reason for me to feel sad. It was just a wave of unprocessed emotion.
Being Clear Will Help You
Whatever unprocessed emotions or energies you have in your body, DNA or molecules will come up during this time, be rooted out and released. Having your energy cleared will allow you to have an easier time with this next ten days.
The Big Secret
The Sun is tied to our evolutionary awakening. There is a powerful wave of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core. This intergalactic “WAVE X energy is already in full swing, and in maximum strength peaking on September 28th. You are already feeling the effects of this energy. This occurs every 3,600 years and is called “The Event Horizon.” This energy is the next step in human evolution. 
Have you noticed when you don’t see the sun for days that you get depressed? People in northern countries, like the Nederlands, suffer from depression during the longest nights of the year. Without sunlight plants die, we die. Think about it. 
Feeling SAD?
When I lived in Toronto, I found myself extremely depressed by February due to the overcast skies and shortened days. The sun rarely shone during the winter. The medical community has even created a name for it, “Seasonal Affective Disorder, ” SAD.
The Power Of Space Weather
Space weather guides and influences humanity. Looking at statistics there is a correlation between intense solar flares from space and stock market downshift one-three days later. These peaks in solar flares have also caused eruptions of violence between classes and races like the full moon effect. This is a natural phenomenon. The magnetic waves ultimately affect every living organism on our planet.

On a positive note, some people experience euphoria, calmness and ultimately peace during Coronal Mass Ejections – CMEs. CMEs are explosions of electricity and energy in the form of photons, electrons and protons says, NASA. The Ancients saw the SUN as a God and Source energy. The sun elevates consciousness levels. Staying out of the sun for extended periods closes your connection to Source energy and third-eye visions. 

My Predictions
Last Sunday I felt a tension in the earth. I told two friends I felt there was a BIG earthquake getting ready to happen. The very next day Chile experienced a devastating 8.3 quake. I have accurately predicted deaths, earth events, and now I am here to tell you that this time in our evolution, I am here for a reason to assist you with this shift. I know without a doubt that getting yourself cleared will help you more than anything. At the end of each clearing, we will also send love to the earth and all its beings. At the end of the clearing, you will feel calm, peaceful and lighter.

If you have wanted to work with me and wondered how you could afford my services, this is the perfect time!
Energy Clearings
When God speaks to me, I listen. I was told twice to offer clearings via podcast to my followers, readers and clients. This is to be a three-part low cost but powerfully uplifting event for you to assist you in advance of September 28th. Many people will choose to leave the planet rather than to stay and go through this shift. If you notice, many famous people left the planet within the last six weeks. I know of 6 people who died recently. My vision three years ago was people leaving their bodies where they stood. 

Don’t take my word for it. I recommend you do your research on the Internet. Search for WAVE X energy. See what you find. The truth is out there.
The Cost To You
My energy clearings are now $180.00 for 60 minutes. Three energy clearings would be $540.00. Because of my role in this shift, these three 60-minute clearings for FEAR, Worry, ANXIETY, Blocks to LOVE and ABUNDANCE is only $33.00. I only have a limited number of spots for this podcast. So sign up early and I will send you the information for the clearing events. If you pay and miss, you will still have the audio file to go back and listen to afterward.

$33.00 for THREE LIVE CLEARINGS. Beginning Wednesday, September 23rd at 5:00 PM PST, Friday, September 24th, at 5:00 PM PST, and Sunday, September 27th for the final event at 5:00 PM PST. Remember, there are only a limited number of spots available, due to the venue.
Sign up Early To Reserve Your Spot!
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