5 Ways To Recognize Resistance to Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I have performed over 10,000 clearings since 2007. One of the biggest issues that I have encountered is resistance to love.Resistance is something that we all have to some extent. Here are some ways to help you recognize if you are resistant to love and your own good.

  1. Someone offers you a new opportunity, your first reaction is, “NO!” or “This couldn’t work!”
  2. When a loved one does something your first reaction is irritation and judgment.
  3. Your wife, lover, husband or partner walks up to you and attempts to put their arms around you to give you a big hug and kiss. You push them away and peel their arms off you. In your brain, you might be saying, “EW!”
  4. When someone walks by that is different than you and you judge them for the way they dress, their lack of style or their weight.
  5. When driving with a loved one, you direct them on the road to choose, the way to drive or tell them how they are doing it wrong.

We push love away with our judgment of others. We push love away by saying no to sex. We push love away by not allowing

others to love us. We push love away when we have self-loathing and low self-esteem. I know, because I used to do this too. Pushing love away means YOU have the issue, not the other person.

Clear Your Resistance

Over the next week, I am offering (because I was guided to) three energetic clearings to remove negativity, resistance and blocks to love, fears, worries, anxiety, looping thoughts, mind chatter, and a lot more. I am doing these clearings at an affordable price only $165.00 per one-hour session and $77.00 Each session will be LIVE. 

Following is some of what an energy clearing can do:
  • your heart will be more open
  • you will feel more positive
  • you feel lighter
  • you feel more focused
  • mental clarity improves
  • eliminate mental chatter
  • eliminate anxiety
  • eliminate depression
  • eliminate insomnia
  • eliminate addictions (one woman had a clearing and 30 days later her addiction the meth was gone.)
  • eliminate attached negativity
  • clear old patterns that don’t serve you
  • clear blocks to love
  • clear shame
  • clear guilt
  • clear trapped emotions
  • clear the blocks in your heart
  • raise your vibration
  • give you a sense of calmness and peace
  • help you find your true self
  • clear blocks to abundance and wealth


Working with Jennifer has helped me to realize my own actual power first and foremost. That I am beautiful and purposeful and strong. I began to realize through her authenticity that I had the power to make the changes I was desiring.  She helped me to clear past Karmic imprints and allowed for my own energy to blossom.  As I began to unfurl she was incredibly supportive through the process and even in the times of shadow, helped to bring out the light.  

I learned to take the time for myself, create my roots, which are essential for informed decision making and productive thought. Her tools and modalities are effective, precise, and thoughtful. Her energy work is authentic,  as she has done the work herself, she is able to show the way to others who have opened their heart to grow in love. Jennifer opened the door, and shared her love and knowledge with me. My growth was facilitated through her knowledge, but supported by my own efforts. This was key for creating the lifestyle change.  Doing to work to create the change I wanted to see, Jennifer made this possible by offering the right questions, mantras, and personal homework, guided meditations, guided thought deep into myself and most of all a sincere gratitude for her extraordinary gift. 

I most recently did her love yourself fearlessly course and it has become something i continue to go back to and continue growth in myself through. I appreciate the material and has helped me to become whole, holy, grateful and able to receive. 

My relationship through the work with Jennifer has become stable, one of growth and love, authenticity and beauty. I have even been able to help my partner through my own awarness that was facilitated through Jennifer’s Course work. I have been able to make peace with my past, my parents, face myself with truth and honesty, and develop my own inner strength that others have noticed within my inner circle. My ‘patterns’ have been brought to light and with the awarness i have been able to transform my life, working closer towards my tangible goal which seemed like a pipe dream! Crystal Colantino, Colorado

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event. During the next 10 days I am offering to assist you three clearings for $33.00. This is a $540.00 VALUE! My individual clearings are $180 for 60 minutes.  This is a great opportunity for those who say they want to work with me, but can’t afford it. 

Wednesday, Sept. 23 5:00 PM PST
Friday, Sept. 25, 5:00 PM PST
Sunday, Sept. 27, 5:00 PM PST

I will send you the information to log in on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you have issues or problems signing up send me an e-mail here: JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com

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