Sex Keeps You Young!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

This past weekend, while attending an art exhibit in Santa Monica, I spoke with several couples about my book. There was one couple in particular that had my attention. They were married for 37 years. 

David was interested in my book and shared his insight about staying connected through sex with his wife. We talked for over an hour about how they continued to have regular sex. While most of Anita’s friends thought them crazy! All of her female friends were in sexless marriages and had given sex up long ago.
To look at David and Anita, you would never think it possible they could be married to each other for 37 years! They didn’t look old enough.
Neither Anita nor David had wrinkles. They were happy, relaxed and alive. David shared with me that there were amazing things about relating to someone you knew well. You could share your interest in trying new sexual positions that you hadn’t tried before. You are comfortable with someone you have been with for thirty-seven years. You move beyond the fear of asking for something kinky or different.
Look at couples who have stayed connected and sexually active, like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. There are others of course. Goldie told The Daily Mai that “marriage has nothing to do with relationship success.”
Science has proven that we stay young, vibrant and alive by continuing to have a healthy sex life. Couples who have sex three times a week, look ten years younger than those who have sex once a week or less, says Dr. David Weeks, who has studied the benefits of sex and anti-aging for over ten years.
We Try Harder To Stay Fit and Healthy
Dr. Weeks says that couples who are loving are more inclined to keep themselves looking good for their partner. They are more fit, healthy and vibrant. There are psychological benefits as well. Chemicals are released in women that provide anti-aging benefits: The Human Growth Hormone – naturally. What’s not to like?
Regular, loving sex came second to physical and mental activity as the factors most important to retaining youth.
The study concluded that people who continue to have regular loving sex as more confident, altruistic and intelligent.
Much Love to you!
I invite you to visit my new website: it is all about radiance, love, sexuality, being youthful and beautiful at any age. E-mail me if you have questions or would like to work with me. 

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