12 Ways To Get More Miles On Your Vehicle

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When was the last time you checked under your hood? 

Your car is representative of your physical body. How well do you take care of your vehicle? Do you love it? How do you show your love? Do you take care of it?


My last vehicle was a pickup truck. I loved my truck. Every time I got into it, I told her “I love you truck.” This truck was used hard for my landscaping business pulling a heavy loaded trailer five days a week or more. I got 165,000 miles on the same engine and transmission. I changed my oil regularly and only replaced spark plugs once. I feel that the positive energy I imbued my truck with, kept it going as well as it did for so long. I sold the truck (which I bought used) for $3,500. I was sad to see her go. She served me well.

I drive a lot of miles. I love adventures. This week I am driving from The Mojave Desert in California to Boulder, Colorado. This trip will add 2,179 miles to my vehicle’s already high mileage of 130,000. My car is only five years old. 

Last year I did five such trips across the country in my car. I prefer to drive than fly. Why? I have two dogs, and they are my family. I take them with me whenever I can. 

I put a lot more miles on my vehicles than most people. How do I get my vehicles to last? I take care of them, just like I take care of my physical body, Spiritual body, and Emotional bodies. I also love them. I love my physical body. I show my body how much I love and respect it by how I treat it. I don’t expect my body to last a long time without putting healthy fresh fruits and vegetables into it, meditation, exercise, and plenty of rest. 


Did you know that your vehicle is the representation of your physical body? 

It took me a lot of work to get to this place. It didn’t happen overnight. I do maintenance on my vehicle regularly. My vehicle for my soul is my body. The point is that we are not just a physical body. We also have to take care of the mechanical workings of our body, soul and our emotions. We need to eliminate things that don’t serve us like old patterns and belief systems. We need to show love and reverence for who we are. Our body is on loan to us. We need to take care of this vehicle that serves us.

1. Gasoline
Everyone knows that we need to put gas in our cars. Even those who don’t bother looking under their hood, put fuel in their vehciles, but what kind do you use? 
Without gasoline our cars won’t run. The same is true of our physical bodies. However, there are all types of fuel from cheap gas to high test. 
What octane fuel do you put in your body? 
Do you eat at fast food restaurants because you rationalize you don’t have enough time? Do you buy ready-made food that is full of preservatives you can’t pronounce? Or do you cook from scratch? Do you have aches and pains because you have candida and inflammation because you load your body up with sweets? 
Do you love your vehicle enough to take good care of it so that it lasts a long time? Do you drink soda? Do you kid yourself into thinking that diet soda isn’t bad?
I warned a friend four years ago if he didn’t quit drinking diet soda he would be diabetic. He didn’t believe me. Now he is on four shots of insulin a day. 
Insulin causes erectile dysfunction and a slew of other things. 
Do you still want to drink this crap?
Diet soda is worse than regular soda. Sugar of any type will cause acidity in the body. Diseases grow in an acid environment. Cancer is one of those diseases that thrives in acidity. Why not just switch to water? Water is far better for your kidneys and won’t cause obesity, diabetes or cancer. 
2. Battery
Without a battery, your car won’t start. If you leave your dome light on overnight, or your trunk opened, your battery will be run down the next day. Do you recharge your battery? Or do you run till your physical body is exhausted? 

Our body needs downtime. Our brains need to shut off. Our souls need silence. How much silence do you give yourself? We need time where we don’t talk to anyone without microwave technology plastered to our heads. Is your cell phone plugged in your ear all day? Are you texting until you shut your eyes? Are you on your computer till you turn out the lights? If so, you are not getting the real downtime your vehicle needs. 

3. Radiator

The radiator cools your vehicle’s engine. Without water and coolant in your radiator, your car will overheat. An overheated engine could mean your car dies on the side of the road.

Your physical vehicle needs water to be healthy. Water does not mean soda, coffee, tea or Monster drinks. Without water, your kidneys shut down. Without kidneys we die. Dialysis is something millions of Americans, especially black Americans live with daily. Black Americans make up a third of those waiting for kidney transplants. 

Kidney Pain

Your kidneys can be found at the top of your hips, protected in part by the rib cage. If you put your hands on your waist, your thumbs will be resting on your kidneys. If you have back pain in this area, drink water. The pain is felt radiating outward, and is called referred pain. You will feel pain elsewhere than on top of your kidneys when you have referred.

If you wake up with a headache, your body is telling you that it is dehydrated. Many people are so dehydrated for so long that they mistake thirst for hunger.  We need six to eight-ounce glasses of WATER daily. Yes, you can drink too much water. Drinking gallons of any fluid floods the organs, causing death.

Your body will tell you loudly, “GIVE ME WATER!” Pay attention to your body’s signs and messages. If you feel hot, your internal radiator is looking for water. We need water for good health and great sex. If you have been sweating profusely, you also need electrolytes not found in water alone. Oranges are an excellent source of electrolytes as are grapefruits, lemons, and limes. I don’t recommend sugary drinks such as Gatorade (diabetes and acidity). You can make your electrolyte drink as well. Don’t wait till it is too late.
4. Electrical
Does your radio work? Do all your lights turn on like they are supposed to? Do you have enough light in your life to bring a twinkle to your eyes? Are you happy with you? Are you inspired? Does your brain light up at the sight of a full moon, or a starlit sky? Your brain and your heart have electrical circuitry. Learning will keep your mind active. Never stop learning. It prevents Alzheimer’s.

To operate on all cylinders, we need to have a spiritual connection and faith. It does not matter what you believe. Faith and connection to Your Divine will expand your electrical circuitry in ways that will bring you great joy and a happy life. Without a spiritual connection, you may feel like something is missing – because it is. You may feel like you lost your GPS. 
5. Tires
How long have you been driving on your current tires? Are they worn on one side more than others? Perhaps you need to have an alignment? Or maybe it is time for a new set of tires? Have you checked the air pressure lately? Are you breathing deeply? If you don’t breathe deeply, it is a sure sign you suffer from low self-esteem. Oxygen is a requirement for your engine to operate efficiently. Without enough oxygen, the heart and lungs begin to falter and eventually fail. The oil of our vehicle – blood will be weak sticky and sluggish. 
6. Front-End Alignment
When your front end is in alignment, your tires wear evenly, last longer, and you get better gas mileage. Aligned with our higher purpose, we live our days feeling good about what we do. We need less to make us happy. Our health is better because we are in alignment. Are you aligned with your higher purpose? 
7. Interior
Is your interior of your vehicle clean? Or do you have maps from past adventures or gifts from boyfriends you no longer date or love? Do you throw things in the back seat and forget about them? Can you even see your back seat? Do you have emotions that you hold in and never release? If you hoard things, you also hoard emotions. Keeping emotions inside is unhealthy. Your blood pressure might be high, stress levels out of control and you probably suffer from depression and anxiety. Give your interior a once-over. Get your interior cleansed with an energy clearing.
An energy clearing would help you move out of the stuck place you are in emotionally. If you can’t afford a coaching session, maybe you should take advantage of my buy one, get one free. Six one-hour audios for half off: $98 for two complete audio courses and energy clearings. (Offer is good until November 31st.) Ask me.
8. Glove Compartment
Is your glove compartment stuffed full with receipts, papers and old napkins? Or is your glove compartment tidy and orderly. Your glove compartment should have current registration and insurance cards, and that’s about it.
9. Frequent Oil Changes

My father was big on oil changes and did them himself. Even after he transitioned over 25 years ago, I still hear him telling me, “For goodness sakes, change your oil!” I have many talents, but vehicle mechanics is not one of them. I get my oil changed before a long trip and every 5,000 miles what my Honda dealer recommended. An oil change is a must for extending the life of your engine. 

Most religions have some form of fasting. Fasting can be very positive for the body. (Though some individuals with health conditions like diabetes cannot fast without a doctor’s care.) 

I highly recommend at least doing a fasting cleanse once a year. Always check if you are under a doctor’s care. A homemade juice fast or colon cleanse gives your internal organs a rest. People of the western world are so addicted to food that the subject of fasting gives most people hives! I fast and cleanse my body twice a year. During the colon cleanse, I stop eating for seven to nine days. I use Blessed Herb colon cleanse following the BEST RESULT instructions. A healthy gut is imperative for engine life.

The trunk of your car represents your past. Can you look in your trunk and see remnants from last year’s vacation to Florida? Is your trunk full of beach umbrellas, dirty sports equipment, and towels? Or is your trunk tidy, orderly and clean? Do you let go of the past? Or do you hang on thinking you might go back with that ex that treated you like garbage?

Putting groceries in a trunk that is full of old energy doesn’t do you any good. Loading a brand new suitcase into a messy, dirty trunk will put old negativity onto whatever new you load up. Let go of the past. Clean out the old. 

11. Exterior

Is your vehicle clean? Do you regularly wash your car, or do you leave dust, mud, bugs on the hood and windshield for months? Do you care about how your car looks? I know when I wash my car and clean my windows I feel better about my car. It feels like it drives better and is happier.

If I go for days without showering or putting on makeup, I feel like crap. We feel better when we shower and fix our hair, shave for men and make-up for women. I do it so that I feel good for me. I dress to please myself. I wear colors that please me and fabrics that feel good on my body. Take care of your exterior paint your toenails, put lotion on your dry skin. Revere your body’s exterior. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Feed yourself with healthy food. Get a move on, your vehicle likes movement. 

12.  Are Your Windows Clear?

My little dog, Yoda, loves to shove his nose into my interior windows. It doesn’t feel good to have snotty nose prints on the glass. The past can color our view and taint our perspective. Clean up your past. Forgive those who have hurt you and stop being a victim in your life’s creation. When I did, I found I had so much more energy for joy, happiness, and love.

Get rid of the old and self-sabotage with an energy clearing. Or, take one of my audio courses or my manifesting course beginning on November 25th for $30 for each group session lasting 90 minutes. This is a series of three 90 minute group sessions. Teachings at the beginning, a clearing then Q&A coaching. There will be plenty of time at the end for each person to ask their questions. AphroditeEffect.com


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